Chapter 930 There’s Me

The clearly visible ‘two’ on the stick made Zhou Yuan knit his brows in a deep frown. He shot a glance at Zhao Xiansun’s figure in the void above. He had drawn the worst of the eight; was his luck really that bad?  


But drawing lots like this wasn’t fair because Zhao Xiansun controlled everything. Perhaps someone with his status and identity wouldn’t do such a thing, but who knew?  

Seeing that everybody had drawn a lot, Zhao Xiansun said with a smile, “Please show the stick in your hand.”

Everybody on the stone platform held up their stick.

Su Youwei was number five, Wu Yao number three, Wang Xi number four, Li Tongshen number eight, Jiu Gong number nine, Xu Ming number six, and Yuan Kun was number seven.

Zhou Yuan also held up his stick expressionlessly.

The character ‘two’ suddenly caused a commotion in Fallen City.

However, gloat laced the majority of the voices. Who would have thought that Zhou Yuan would actually draw the worst number for the Tianyuan Region?

The second path was only slightly easier than the first path.

If the Wushen, Zixiao, or Xuhai Regions took this path, perhaps it wouldn’t be a big deal. But who would have thought the path would fall to the Tianyuan Region?

Who didn’t know that the Tianyuan Region had only brought 2,000 people to the nine regions tournament and that they were regarded as the weakest in terms of overall strength? What would the outcome be when the Tianyuan Region met the several top forces guarding the second path?

Would their eligibility to participate in the nine regions tournament be taken away?

Lu Xiao’s, Yi Qiushui’s and the others’ expressions changed dramatically when they saw the ‘two’.

“How could his luck be so bad?” Yi Qishui uttered suspiciously.

Lu Xiao, Han Yuan and Mu Liu didn’t utter a word. Their luck was so bad that it made them wonder if someone was secretly targeting the Tianyuan Region.

After all, drawing lots might seem fair, but there were a lot of loopholes.

Despite the possible problems, they didn’t question the fairness because that meant questioning Zhao Xiansun, a Law Domain stage expert. The wrath of a Law Domain expert wasn’t something a little Divine Dwelling stage expert could withstand. Therefore, no matter what suspicions they had, they could only swallow them in the end. 

The several other figures on the stone platform also looked at Zhou Yuan in surprise.

Only Su Youwei raised her eyebrows and revealed a look of worry.

“Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, it seems that your luck is terrible,” Xu Ming remarked with a mocking smile.

“The Tianyuan Region has to be careful. There are five top forces on the second path and many super dark horses like you. If the Tianyuan Region can’t break through, your eligibility to participate in the nine regions tournament will have to be taken away.

“At that time, your Tianyuan Region will ruin the face of the nine regions.”

Zhou Yuan cast an indifferent glance at him. “You should take care of your own matters. You don’t need to worry about my Tianyuan Region.”

“Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan is really courageous. I look forward to seeing what happens.”

Zhou Yuan didn’t respond. He instead turned to look at the void above because whatever they said was useless. Only Law Domain experts were qualified to change the outcome.

Countless people shifted their gazes to the void where a figure was exuding terrifying power.

There, Chi Jing shot a look at Zhao Xiansun as she asked, “Is the luck of my Tianyuan Region really that bad?”

Zhao Xiansun said with a smile, “It is a little bad.”

He then tilted his head slightly. “From what grand elder Chi Jing said, it seems you think I rigged the outcome?”

“Only you will know.” Chi Jing smiled coldly.

Zhao Xiansun gave a helpless smile. “If grand elder Chi Jing really thinks this way, the Law Domain experts present can vote for a redraw.”

“What does everybody else thinks?” He looked at the other Law Domain experts in the void.

The other six Law Domain experts remained silent. They didn’t support Chi Jing or Zhao Xiansun.

But in addition to the six Law Domain experts from the nine regions, there were also several other Law Domain experts from the other top forces. They smiled slightly and stated, “There is no problem with the draw, and there is no need to redraw.”

Of course, they were glad to see the Tianyuan Region having bad luck because that meant they would have an opportunity.

If the Tianyuan Region failed to pass through the trial, its reputation would be greatly impacted. And that impact would be greater than the previous provocation from the Tri-Mountain Alliance.

Chi Jing cast a cold look at the Law Domain experts. She knew that, given the present state of the Tianyuan Region, everybody would want to push them down, the collapsing wall. All this was because the Tianyuan Region didn’t have a Saint expert. If supreme sovereign Cang Yuan was around, how would the forces of Hunyuan Heaven dare provoke the Tianyuan Region?

“Zhao Xiansun, when my senior brother Zhuan Zhu comes out of his closed-door cultivation, I will ask him to come to greet you.”  

Zhao Xiansun's smile froze on his face for a moment. He then said with a smile, “I heard he has been in closed-door cultivation for many years, and nobody has heard anything from him. Would he have perished inside?”

“Coward, you have no chance of winning in a face-to-face confrontation, so you used such a contemptuous tactic,” Chi Jing said contemptuously.

Zhao Xiansun's face finally darkened. He coldly stared at Chi Jing, who didn’t reveal a hint of fear. She instead sent him back a cold glare. “What? You want to fight? I also want to see whether you have improved over the years after my senior brother defeated you.”

And just when the two were about to break into a fight, the grey-robed old man from the Zixiao Region, Lu Xuangang, cleared his throat and said, “You two shouldn’t delay the nine regions tournament.”

Zhao Xiansun’s eyes were icy cold as he said, “Chi Jing, don’t think that your pestering can change anything today. The result of the draw remains the same. If you aren’t satisfied with it, your Tianyuan Region doesn’t have to participate!”

When he finished speaking, he ignored Chi Jing and ran his eyes across Fallen City. His voice rang out, “The draw has been decided. Everybody get ready!”

Low voices could be heard from Fallen City. The Law Domain experts standing in the void above had decided not to redraw after much deliberation.

The Tianyuan Region was indeed not as good as before!

Of course, if they were still as tough as they used to be, there was nothing to worry about even if they had drawn number 2.

The audience sighed as though they could see that a huge mountain was about to collapse.

Zhou Yuan’s face remained expressionless when he heard Zhao Xiansun’s voice. He didn’t care about the gloating look of other people, and he instead lifted his head to look at Chi Jing. Her cheeks were covered with frost, and it was obvious that she had had a dispute with Zhao Xiansun, but in the end, she had been unable to change the draw’s outcome.  

Zhou Yuan nodded to Chi Jing with a smile.

Don't worry, senior sister; I will handle everything.

Do they think it’s that easy to knock down the Tianyuan Region?! 

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