Chapter 929 Drawing Lots

As Zhao Xiansun's voice reverberated around the manor, he flung his sleeve, and the huge square at the center of Fallen City violently quaked. 

The ground bulged and cracked. In just a dozen breaths, a stone platform hundreds of feet tall emerged.

Countless people within Fallen City fixed their gazes on the stone platform. Their eyes were blazing with excitement.

Zhao Xiansun flicked his finger, and rays of Genesis Qi light gathered above the stone platform. The Genesis Qi brought up some soil and turned it into a clay cylinder holding eight sticks. Each stick was glowing brightly, making it impossible to see their markings.

“The Wanzu Region won the previous nine regions tournament, and according to the rules, they will be allocated the first path.” 

Already aware of this, everybody nodded.

Nobody felt that this was a bad thing for the Wanzu Region. Even if the strongest major forces blocked the top path, they wouldn’t be much of a threat to the Wanzu Region.

Moreover, the Wanzu Region had a powerful person like Zhao Mushen.

With him in charge, the top experts would fear the Wanzu Region before the fight had even begun.

“It is said that there is a total of six top forces guarding the first path. But it is unfortunate that they will have to face Zhao Mushen.”

“Yes, the Wanzu Region has grown stronger over the years, and they have even begun to show signs of becoming the nine regions’ leader. Even if the six top forces are extraordinary, the gap between them and the Wanzu Region is still too great.”

“Haha, I think the Wanzu Region will pass through in less than one hour.”


Countless people in Fallen City were whispering to each other, but it was clear that no one felt the slightest danger for the Wanzu Region taking the first path.

After all, the Wanzu Region possessed extraordinary strength.

“The leaders from the other eight regions, come on stage,” Zhao Xiansun said with a smile.


As his voice faded, several figures who had been standing atop the manor’s tall buildings landed on the towering stone platform one after another. 

And with their appearance, cheers and applause rang out from across the world.

“Chief pavilion master, good luck. It's best to get the sixth path or above, so it would be easier to break through,” Han Yuan said to Zhou Yuan.

“You're not ambitious at all. Even if we get one of the lower numbers, so what? What does the Tianyuan Region have to fear?” Mu Liu pursed his lips.

Han Yuan chuckled, “Our Tianyuan Region only has 2,000 people this year. If we are allocated the fourth path, there will be three different forces joining hands, which means they will have more than double our number of people. It is said that the top forces are going to exert all their strength to attack the Tianyuan Region this year.

“People like Chen Xuandong might even show up.”

Mu Liu scrunched his brows in a frown but didn’t say anything else in the end. If they were to face someone like Chen Xuandong, it would be difficult even for him. Of all the people present, only Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao could deal with someone like Chen Xuandong.

After all, Lu Xiao’s strength had greatly improved in the past two months.

Zhou Yuan smiled. “I’ll do my best.” 

He didn’t say anything more, and he soared into the air with Genesis Qi and landed on the stone platform. 

At this moment, eight figures were standing tall on the stone platform, attracting countless gazes within Fallen City. 

As Zhou Yuan descended on the stone platform, he could feel the other seven people cast over their gazes, their eyes containing inexplicable emotions. 

In those eyes were hostility, curiosity, joy and playfulness.

But there wasn’t a ripple of emotion on Zhou Yuan’s face. He exchanged a glance with Su Youwei, who immediately smiled brightly at him. Her smile was like a warm winter sun, able to ease the tension in people’s hearts.

Zhou Yuan nodded before shifting his gaze to Wu Yao, who was ten steps away. Dressed in a bright red dress, she looked stunning, and she radiated a fierce and domineering aura like an empress.  

But Wu Yao didn’t even glance at Zhou Yuan. Instead, her eyes drooped slightly.

Not far from Wu Yao was a tall young man with dazzling blood-red hair who caught Zhou Yuan’s attention. His face was pale, and he wore a harmless smile. 

But when Zhou Yuan saw him, he felt a dangerous aura from him.

Wang Xi of the Xuehai Region.

He turned to look at Zhou Yuan and revealed a smile, but that smile sent a chill down Zhou Yuan’s spine.

Next to Wang Xi was a man in white who was graceful and extraordinarily beautiful. He held a folding fan in one hand and looked like a scholar. 

Li Tongshen of the Shengwen Region.

Zhou Yuan’s gaze hovered over him a little longer because the Shengwen Region was the region specializing in Genesis Runes. The region was somewhat similar to the Spirit Rune Peak of the Cangxuan Sect, but obviously, the Spirit Rune Peak couldn’t compare to them.  

Li Tongshen's spirit cultivation and mastery in Genesis Runes must be quite terrifying.

Zhou Yuan suddenly felt that someone was staring at him, and he immediately twisted around to see a beautiful woman. The woman was dressed in a black robe, but even the large robe couldn’t conceal her beautiful and slim figure. 

She was carefully studying Zhou Yuan.

Jiu Gong of the Xuanji Region.

Seeing Zhou Yuan turn around, Jiu Gong swept an indifferent glance over him and turned back around slowly to avoid meeting eyes.

Zhou Yuan didn’t care about her attitude and continued to look at the other leaders.

His gaze collided with Xu Ming of the Yaogiu Region, whom he had met yesterday.

And Yuan Kun of the Yushou Region was a chubby and pale man. His face was greasy, and he was constantly wiping away the sweat on his face with a handkerchief. His round body was like a ball. 

He cast a sidelong glance at Zhou Yuan, revealing an envious expression, and then turned to look at Su Youwei and Wu Yao not far away.

Zhou Yuan withdrew his gaze. Although he had only swept a glance over them, he could feel the dangerous aura they were exuding. They weren’t ordinary. Zhou Yuan knew that if a battle broke out, he would have trouble defeating half of them even if he fought with all his strength—unless he could open up the ninth Divine Dwelling.

“Get ready to draw lots,” Zhao Xiansun's voice sounded from above.

The seven people all came forward one after another and stretched out their hands to draw a stick from the clay cylinder. 

The buzzing city fell utterly silent all of a sudden.

Zhou Yuan stared at the stick in his hand as the intense Genesis Qi gradually dissipated and revealed a number.

His pupils shrank.

The character ‘two’ was clearly visible.

How was he so unlucky as to draw the path almost as difficult as the first path?! 

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