Chapter 928 Sever nine dragon

The next day.

When the morning light flooded down onto the earth, Fallen City, which hadn’t rested that night, was buzzing again. 

Everybody was rolling up their sleeves and readying for battle. That day was the opening day of the nine regions tournament.

The nine regions tournament was originally a competition among the nine regions, but as time passed, many top forces wanted to participate and obtain a place in the competition because the Alpha Spiritium born in the Fallen Abyss was an incredibly rare treasure for Divine Dwelling stage experts. 

But the nine regions originally didn’t pay attention to their requests. However, as the top forces gradually became stronger, the nine regions finally made a compromise in order to maintain balance and stimulate their heaven prides.

The so-called compromise was to create a good opening scene to the tournament, and it formed the so-called three trials.

The first trial included people from Hunyuan Heaven’s many top forces, and it was called the Sever Nine Dragon.

The people from the nine regions would each attempt to pass through a path.

But the other top forces would block every path. Of course, if the top forces acted alone, it would be impossible for them to compete against any one of the nine regions. So, they had to fight in a joint manner.

And the nine paths were decided by drawing lots.

They were divided into nine levels, with the first level being the most difficult and the ninth the easiest.

But according to the rules of the past years, the first path was reserved for the winner of the previous nine regions tournament, which was the Wanzu Region. This meant the hardest path was left to them.  

The remaining eight regions had to draw lots to decide their path.

If they couldn’t overcome the trial, the force guarding the path would take away their eligibility to participate in the tournament. The guarding force would then take their place in the tournament.

It wasn’t considered a huge loss for any one of the nine great regions to lose the eligibility to participate in the nine regions tournament, even if there was an opportunity to obtain Alpha Spiritium. But the loss would be enough to make them lose all face.

This was something that the nine regions absolutely wanted to avoid.

Of course, this rarely happened. Ever since the three trials were established, there had never been a year when one of the nine regions’ eligibility was taken away.

But this year, many of the top forces were ready to act because their eyes were on the Tianyuan Region.

In these years, because of supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disappearance, the Tianyuan Region had gradually weakened, and some people keenly felt this. It seemed that a tremendous hand from the other eight regions was also trying to suppress the Tianyuan Region.

This year the Tianyuan Region was the weakest in years!

Therefore, if they wanted to find a breaking point in the nine regions, the Tianyuan Region would be the easiest to deal with.

The many top forces gathered in Fallen City were like wolves watching an aging male lion. The second he showed any signs of fatigue, they would pounce and tear him to shreds.

The competition in this world was always cruel, and even the nine regions couldn’t escape from the law that the weak were prey to the strong. 


When the first light of dawn rose over Fallen City, the void above them began to twist violently, and the Genesis Qi between heaven and earth began to pulse.

Countless people fixed their eyes on the distorting void in awe. They knew that this phenomenon was a sign that the Law Domain experts from the nine regions would soon appear.

They were the leaders of the nine regions tournament.

The void grew increasingly distorted, and the Genesis Qi of the universe was crazily gathering above Fallen City. It was at this moment that everybody felt a terrifying pressure descend onto the world.

Under that tremendous pressure, even the grand Fallen City seemed to tremble slightly.

Mighty Genesis Qi accumulated in the void as silhouettes emerged one after another.

In the center were nine figures, and around them were several others, all exuding terrifying power.

“Paying respect to the Law Domain lords!”

Countless people in Fallen City bowed respectfully.

At the top of building no. 6, Zhou Yuan was similarly watching the terrifying figures emerging in the void, and then he unexpectedly noticed Chi Jing’s figure.

It seemed that the Law Domain expert from the Tianyuan Region was her this time.

Zhou Yuan scanned the other eight figures. The first to catch his eye was a white-haired man with long, loose hair. He was very handsome and radiated an extraordinary imposing aura.  

Between his eyebrows was a vermilion mole that seemed to be glowing with a faint brilliance, and it seemed extremely mysterious.

“That’s Lord Zhao Xiansun of the Wanzu Region, a direct disciple of supreme sovereign Wan Zu,” Yi Qiushui whispered. “Lord Zhao Xiansun’s strength is extraordinary. His ranking in the Law Domain is most likely in the top three.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed. In the Hunyuan Heaven, there was the Divine Dwelling List, Heavenly Sun List and the Nascent Source List, but there wasn’t a Law Domain List because anybody that had reached that level was already at the top of the world, and it wouldn’t be easy to rank their strengths.  

But there had been some vague assessments done in the Xuanji Region, and Zhao Xiansun was one of the candidates who could enter the top three. 

“What about Lady Chi Jing?” Zhou Yuan asked.

Yi Qiushui said with a smile, “It is said that Lady Chi Jing is ranked in the top ten.”

Zhou Yuan nodded. From his previous conversation with Chi Jing, he learned that she was the youngest Law Domain expert in the Hunyuan Heaven. This already showed her talent, but at the same time, it also revealed the flaws in her foundation. Even so, she wasn’t ordinary to be ranked in the top ten.

“I wonder who the strongest Law Domain expert in Hunyuan Heaven is,” Zhou Yuan said curiously.

Yi Qiushui revealed a hint of pride. “Do you want to have a guess?”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered, but in the end, he just smiled. “I can't guess.”

“In the Hunyuan Heaven, the no. 1 position in the Law Domain stage belongs to our Lord Zhuan Zhu.”

“Zhuan Zhu...”

Zhou Yuan smacked his lips. It was indeed him.

His senior brother!

Before him, master Cang Yuan had two other direct disciples. One was Chi Jing, and the other was Zhuan Zhu.

It was just that Zhuan Zhu had been in closed-door cultivation for many years, and nobody knew his current situation. Zhou Yuan previously didn’t have much feelings for his senior brother. But now he learned that his senior brother, whom he had never met before, was the no. 1 Law Domain stage expert in Hunyuan Heaven!

Zhou Yuan couldn’t help but admire him greatly.

Senior brother is too outstanding! Zhou Yuan exclaimed in his heart, and then his eyes continued to sweep across the void. He was stunned to see a somewhat familiar figure.

It was a grey-robed old man with white hair and a lazy temperament.

He was the old man who had taken Su Youwei away from the Great Zhou Empire!

“That's Lu Xuangang of the Zixiao Region.” Yi Qiushui continued to speak like an encyclopedia.

Zhou Yuan nodded. Indeed, a Law Domain expert of the Zixiao Region.

And when Zhou Yuan looked at him, Lu Xuangang seemed to notice, and he cast a glance in Zhou Yuan’s direction. A smile that was not a smile came to his face when he saw Zhou Yuan.

He evidently recognized Zhou Yuan, but he quickly retracted his gaze, and his eyes drooped as though he was dozing off.

Zhou Yuan quickly looked away and saw a golden-faced bald man. He was tall and burly. His face seemed particularly thick, and his skin was glowing with a golden hue.

The corners of Zhou Yuan’s eyes twitched when he looked down at his body. Zhou Yuan had cultivated bodily strength, so he knew that the golden glow came from the bald man’s blood.

In other words, the burly bald man’s blood had long turned into golden blood.

It was a sign that his bodily strength was extraordinary and that the man had entered sainthood.

“That's Lord Jin Zhong of the Wushen Region. Among all Law Domain experts in Hunyuan Heaven, his bodily strength can be said to be one of the best.” 

Zhou Yuan nodded solemnly. To refine his bodily strength to such a level, the Wushen Region’s Law Domain expert had to possess terrifying combat strength.

Zhou Yuan sighed, then admiringly scanned the Law Domain experts once again. After all, it wasn’t easy to see so many Law Domaine experts gathered together.

He found that there were a total of 14 Law Domain experts standing in the void. Nine were from the nine regions, and the other five were from some other top forces in Hunyuan Heaven.

The many Law Domain experts briefly exchanged greetings with one another, and then Zhao Xiansun, from the Wanzu Region, stepped forward with a smile and ran his eyes over them. His voice resounded in everyone's ears.

“The time has come. The nine regions tournament will begin.

“Leaders of each region, prepare to draw lots to choose your path...”

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