Chapter 927 Conversation at night

Darkness shrouded Fallen City.

“What does Zhou Yuan have to be so close with Su Youwei!”

“Zhou Yuan isn’t good enough for Su Youwei!”

“Haha, don't think too much about it. From what I see, Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei are acquainted, but their relationship isn’t what you think it is.

“Also, Su Youwei is the true heaven pride of the Zixiao Region and is highly valued. It is said that even supreme sovereign Zi Xiao thinks very highly of her and has mentioned that she has a boundless future. Supreme Sovereign Zi Xiao even said she could take charge of the Zixiao Region in the future.” 

“Zhou Yuan doesn’t know what’s good or bad for him. Even if they are acquainted, he should have maintained a distance from Su Youwei to avoid attracting trouble.”

“Also, Wu Yao said that Su Youwei always targeted her. I wonder what the story is there?”

“Hey, given Wu Yao’s personality, I don’t think anybody can subdue her. I don’t believe there’s something between Zhou Yuan and her.”

“But in any case, Zhou Yuan is really hateful. Does he think his strength is strong enough for him to act so arrogantly? Hmph, when the nine regions tournament begins tomorrow, he’s probably going to suffer.” 

“If Zhou Yuan performs badly in the nine regions tournament, he will cause Su Youwei to lose face.”


Fallen City was particularly buzzing that night.

Almost all the discussions were centered around Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei and Wu Yao. Zhou Yuan’s fame was so great during this period that it almost surpassed Zhao Mushen’s. 

But, being tangled up with two pearl-like women, the majority of Zhou Yuan’s evaluation was negative and most likely caused by jealousy.

After all, to the Divine Dwelling stage heaven prides in Hunyuan Heaven, both Su Youwei and Wu Yao were goddess-like beings. If Zhou Yuan was replaced by Zhao Mushen, their reaction would have been very different, and countless people would have felt it was a beautiful and pleasant thing.

After all, heroes and beauties always complemented each other.

They wouldn’t feel any jealousy towards Zhao Mushen.

In many people's view, only Zhao Mushen and Wang Xi had the qualifications to match Su Youwei and Wu Yao. As for people like Zhao Yuan, even if he was outstanding, there was still a huge gap compared to figures like Wang Xi.

Many knew they weren’t as good as Zhao Mushen, but could they be worse than Zhou Yuan?

The strength of the person ranked ninth on the Divine Dwelling List could be considered tyrannical, but how many dark horses cultivated by the super forces were hiding in Fallen City? 

In Hunyuan Heaven, there would always be dark horses who would amaze the world with a single brilliant feat.

Therefore, in many people's view, Zhou Yuan's present strength and popularity were not enough to convince them.    

On the top of building no. 6.

Gazing at the brightly lit city, Zhou Yuan smiled. “I wonder if many people in the city are scolding me.”

During his one year in Hunyuan Heaven, Zhou Yuan had already understood how famous Wu Yao and Su Youwei were and how many times stronger they were compared to him.

Su Youwei looked very apologetic. “I'm sorry, Your Highness. I came too recklessly.”

When she learnt that Zhou Yuan had arrived, she, who was always rational and sensible, could no longer hold back her excitement, joy and impulse. 

Zhou Yuan smiled, shaking his head. “I am not afraid of such things. The nine regions tournament is full of competition, and there are opponents everywhere. So, even without you, there would still be many people wanting to squeeze me like a persimmon.

“There's nothing wrong with their thoughts. I may be a country bumpkin, but if anyone thinks they can squeeze me like a persimmon, they should be careful of piercing holes into themselves.” 

His smile was kind and gentle, but his voice contained great self-confidence.

The heaven prides of Hunyuan Heaven were indeed superior to Cangxuan Heaven’s, but it was impossible to make Zhou Yuan fearful of them.  

Seeing the confident smile on Zhou Yuan’s face, Su Youwei also couldn’t help smiling brightly. She nodded repeatedly. “As long as Your Highness wants to, you will rise above the others in the nine regions tournament.”

Zhou Yuan couldn't help chuckling, “Why are you nodding? You are the remarkable heaven pride ranked third on the Divine Dwelling List, which means you’re also a boulder blocking my path.”

Su Youwei smiled sweetly. “No way.”

She looked Zhou Yuan in the eye and said loud and clear, “Your Highness, Youwei will never be your opponent. If there is anything you want, I can always help you.

“Even if I can't help you  under the name of the Zixiao Region, I can help you do anything in the name of Su Youwei.”

Her incredibly serious gaze stunned Zhou Yuan. He smiled helplessly and reached out to stroke the silly girl’s hair as once had, but he suddenly stopped halfway. 

Su Youwei was no longer the little girl who always relied on him in the Great Zhou Empire.

In terms of strength, identity and status, she was in no way inferior to him. Perhaps, she was even superior.

But when he hesitated, Su Youwei stood on her tiptoes and touched Zhou Yuan’s palm with the top of her head. A faint blush came to her cheeks, but she continued to stare at Zhou Yuan. “Your Highness, perhaps you thought that when you kicked the door of the medicine store in the storm, it was nothing but sympathy, but to me, you saved my life. 

“Without you, the present Su Youwei wouldn’t exist.”

Zhou Yuan gently stroked Su Youwei’s hair, which exuded a sweet smell. He gave a bitter smile. “Little girl, you are too honest.”

It was just that in the depths of his heart, a warm current was bubbling up.

Su Youwei pursed her lips and suddenly asked, “By the way, where’s Yaoyao and Tuntun?”

The smile on Zhou Yuan's face went stiff.

Su Youwei immediately noticed something strange and whispered, “What happened?”

Zhou Yuan remained silent for a brief while, then finally said: “It’s a long story.”

He told Su Youwei about what had happened to Yaoyao and him over the years after Su Youwei had left.

The two had gone to the Saint Remains Domain, joined the Cangxuan Sect, and then countless things happened. 

Then, finally, they experienced the battle between the Sacred Palace and the Cangxuan Sect.

“When Yaoyao was protecting me, she was severely wounded, and she is now in an unconscious state. I came to Hunyuan Heaven to look for a way to revive her.

“Tuntun went to an unknown place to train.”

The cold moonlight fell on Zhou Yuan, and his face, which was always filled with self-confidence, revealed hints of loneliness and self-blame.  

Seeing this, Su Youwei couldn’t help but clench her hands tight, and a heart-wrenching feeling arose in her heart. Zhou Yuan’s experiences were wonderful, but they were also filled with difficulty. When he had to face a powerful and tremendous enemy like the Sacred Palace, he must have felt very weak and angry, right?

Su Youwei whispered, “Your Highness, I regret leaving Cangxuan Heaven.”

If she had stayed in Cangxuan Heaven, she would have accompanied Zhou Yuan through everything.

However, she knew she wouldn’t have been much help to Zhou Yuan even if she had stayed. After all, she wasn’t as mysterious and powerful as Yaoyao.

Su Youwei shook her head, looked at Zhou Yuan and reassured in a soft voice, “Your Highness, don’t worry. We will find a way to make Yaoyao recover.

“I couldn’t accompany you before, but if you want to return to Cangxuan Heaven one day, I will certainly come with you.”

Standing on a tall building in the brightly lit Fallen City, even Zhou Yuan was speechless for a moment when facing the beautiful girl and her gentle voice.

Su Youwei smiled and made a cheering gesture at Zhou Yuan. “Your Highness, you have to do well in the nine regions tournament. I know you are very capable. Even if you’re in Hunyuan Heaven, I know that you’re the strongest. 

“Make them know that the people from the Great Zhou Empire are not pushovers!

“I will go back now!”

She waved her hand reluctantly, leapt down the tall building and disappeared into the distance like a rainbow.

Watching her slim and beautiful figure disappear, Zhou Yuan smiled slightly. He then scanned the other eight tall buildings and the brightly lit Fallen City. He didn’t know how many dark horses were hiding in Fallen City, but he felt a sense of pride. 

If the heaven prides of the other factions find me an eyesore, they can speak to me at the nine regions tournament!

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