Chapter 926 Great

At the gate of the Nine Regions Manor.

Of course, Wu Yao could feel countless complicated gazes staring intently at them from around Fallen City, but she paid no attention to them. She had always ignored gossip. 

Her eyes, like those of a phoenix, were fixed on Su Youwei. In truth, she admired her a little because she was the only woman in the entire Hunyuan Heaven that was qualified to be her enemy.

“You know Zhou Yuan?” Wu Yao asked.

“I am also from the Great Zhou,” Su Youwei answered calmly.

Wu Yao was taken aback.

“Wu Yao, what the Wu family has done to His Highness was too much,” Su Youwei said lightly.

“The world is like that. There are only winners or losers; there is no right or wrong. The Wu family can’t be blamed for what they had done. In the same way that he destroyed the Great Wu and wiped out the Wu family, I won’t hate him because of it,” Wu Yu said indifferently. “This is fate. It's either a win or a loss, the survival of the fittest. So, no matter who survives between him and me, nobody can be blamed.”

Su Youwei shook her head. “That’s the logic of a robber. I might not be qualified to say anything, but if you want to do anything to His Highness, I will be your opponent.”

Following her statement, countless heartbreaks seemed to sound throughout Fallen City.

Wu Yao was silent for a good moment. She evidently didn’t expect the relationship between Su Youwei and Zhou Yuan to be so good that Su Youwei would even be willing to be her opponent for him. It should be said that even Zhao Mushen wouldn’t be able to make such a decision so easily.

After all, Wu Yao shouldn’t be messed with.

“If that's the case, I'll have to accept it.”    

Wu Yao spoke indifferently, shifting her phoenix eyes to Zhou Yuan, who hadn’t uttered a word. “I really don’t know where you got such good luck.”

Back in Cangxuan Heaven, Zhou Yuan always had that mysterious and unfathomable girl beside him. Even Wu Yao feared her a little. But now that he had come to Hunyuan Heaven, he had the protection of an outstanding girl like Su Youwei, whom she admired. 

This made Wu Yao, who had always been indifferent to everything, a little indignant. Did this guy really have such great charms?

Looking Wu Yao in the eye, Zhou Yuan smiled. “Don't worry. That thing you have, I'll get it back myself.”

“Is that right? Then I'll wait, but you have to be prepared for failure.”

The two gazes collided, sparks sputtering.

The many people watched in bewilderment. The love and hatred between the three had become increasingly incomprehensible.

Wu Yao didn’t plan to stay any longer. She swept a glance over Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei and vanished.

Xu Ming of the Yaogiu Region glared at Zhou Yuan. After Wu Yao left, however, he was a little fearful of him because he couldn’t understand the relationship Zhou Yuan had with Su Youwei and Wu Yao.

Although he was contemptuous of Zhou Yuan’s behavior of relying on women, he had to say that he was also very envious. Xu Ming naturally coveted outstanding women like Su Youwei and Wu Yao, but unfortunately, he knew that the possibility of this happening was very low.  

“Hmph, let’s go!”

In the end, Xu Ming snorted and quickly left with his people.

He had undoubtedly lost face after that day’s incident, but it didn’t matter too much. The nine regions tournament was about to begin, and he would have the opportunity to regain his face then. Su Youwei couldn’t always be around to protect Zhou Yuan.

When he found the opportunity, he would make everybody know how incapable Zhou Yuan was. Would Su Youwei want to protect trash like him at that time?!

Zhou Yuan didn’t care that Xu Ming left. He turned his head to find that Lu Xiao, Yi Qiushui and the others were staring at him strangely.

Lu Xiao and the others were still in shock.

It never crossed their minds that Zhou Yuan would have a relationship with both Su Youwei and Wu Yao, Hunyuan Heaven’s peerless pair.

So, looking at Zhou Yuan, they suddenly felt that he was somewhat unfathomable.

“There is nothing between us,” Zhou Yuan explained.

Everyone silently nodded. Some members of the four pavilions were filled with admiration, which made Zhou Yuan speechless. He simply didn’t know how to explain it to them.

He could only order, “Tidy up, and get ready to move into building no. 6.”

Everybody responded with a smile.

Zhou Yuan felt helpless. Immediately after, he saw everybody make eye signals as they glanced behind him. He also smelled a familiar fragrance coming from behind. His body stiffened, and he slowly turned around to see the beautiful Su Youwei standing behind him.

She grinned at him. Her bright eyes, rippling like autumn water, mesmerized everyone. The people around them could not shift their gaze away from her.

“Your Highness.” Su Youwei stared intently at Zhou Yuan and pursed her lips. Very quickly, a bright smile bloomed on her face. “I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

Zhou Yuan scratched his head. “Youwei, long time no see.”

Su Youwei took two steps forward and was only one step away from Zhou Yuan. From that distance, Zhou Yuan could even smell her sweet-smelling body and feel its softness. He looked at her fair face and smiled. “You really are too beautiful. If you were still in the Great Zhou, you would be the most beautiful woman.”

Su Youwei smiled. “When I left the Great Zhou, Your Highness said you would come find me, but why haven’t you come to Hunyuan Heaven in more than a year? Did you forget?”

The girl in front smiled faintly and seemed to be asking casually, but Zhou Yuan felt a little interrogating intent.

This made beads of sweat accumulate on his back, and he gave a hollow laugh, “Of course I didn’t forget! I just wanted to become better before I saw you. You are now too remarkable. How would I dare come see you without any achievements?”

Lu Xiao, Mu Liu and the others all deeply felt Zhou Yuan’s overwhelming desire to survive.

“Is that right? Then, why didn’t you look directly at me earlier?” Su Youwei questioned again. “Is it because you’re guilty? But why would you be guilty? Did you think I wouldn’t want to remember the past? That I wouldn’t want to meet you? Do you think I am that kind of woman?”

Zhou Yuan's body stiffened. He didn't expect Su Youwei to have gotten so smart. Just from the fact he evaded her eyes, she could analyse his inner thoughts so well.

Too terrifying!

The gentle and cute Su Youwei has changed!

And just when Zhou Yuan was shuddering inwardly and was about to admit it, Su Youwei chuckled and her voice turned soft. She said, “Your Highness, I won’t blame you this time, but you can’t do it again! 

“The memories I have in Great Zhou are my best memories, and if I have a choice I would rather give up coming to Hunyuan Heaven than to give up my memories of Great Zhou.”

Hearing the soft voice of the girl before him, Zhou Yuan felt somewhat emotional.

So he nodded solemnly. “I won’t do it again!”

“So my guess was right!” Su Youwei’s eyes widened, her eyes somewhat crafty.

Zhou Yuan immediately froze, and his face went numb.

Su Youwei, what are you playing at?! When did you become like this!

“Keke!” Su Youwei couldn't help but giggle out loud when she saw Zhou Yuan's expression, her face bright and radiant like the sun.

She took another step forward and stood on tiptoe, whispering in Zhou Yuan’s ear.

“Your Highness, it’s great to see you again.

“Also, what I said just now, I meant it.”

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