Chapter 925 Beauty Brings Disaster

The atmosphere in Fallen City seemed a little strange.

Countless people stared at the manor’s gate with all sorts of complex emotions. They originally thought there would be a good show between the Tianyuan Region and the Yaogui Region.

But who would have thought that Su Youwei and Wu Yao would appear, one after the other, and create an uproar?

These two women were incredibly popular in the Hunyuan Heaven, and it was unknown how many heaven prides admired them and did everything possible to impress them. In the past few years, however, there had never been any rumours about the two women being with other men. 

This only made their radiance even brighter.

The two had grown more and more remarkable over the years, and ultimately, they became a true peerless pair of Divine Dwelling stage experts in Hunyuan Heaven. Even people of earlier generations and those that made it onto the Heavenly Sun List paid great attention to them. From this, it was clear how amazing the two women were in Hunyuan Heaven.

They were goddess-like entities in many people's hearts.

But today…

At the Nine Regions Manor gate, Su Youwei didn’t care about angering Xu Ming or the Yaogui Region to help Zhou Yuan. From the look on the two’s faces, it was obvious that there was a story between them.  

And after Su Youwei, Wu Yao had also appeared.

Her one sentence, ‘no wonder you are always against me’, stirred up stormy waves in countless people’s hearts.

Everybody in Hunyuan Heaven knew that Su Youwei had a gentle nature and was very polite when talking to others, but whenever she saw Wu Yao, they were always hostile.

Many people thought it was just a rivalry between two equally outstanding women.

But now it seemed that it was all because of Zhou Yuan?!

Why would Su Youwei go against Wu Yao for him? Could there be something between Wu Yao and Zhou Yuan?!

The curiosity in countless people’s hearts was about to explode.

Of course, not only the people within Fallen City were shocked, even the top heaven prides in the tall buildings within the Nine Regions Manor fell silent for a brief moment. 

In the tower where people of the Wanzu Region were located.

Liu Qingshu couldn’t stop his mouth from opening wide. She hadn’t expected that day’s good show to turn so exciting. 

“Both Su Youwei and Wu Yao know Zhou Yuan?

“And from the looks of it, there are most likely a lot of stories between them.”

As she spoke, she cast a sidelong glance at Zhao Mushen, whose expression was calm and indifferent. Having known him for years, she knew that he was a proud and confident person, and in the entire Hunyuan Heaven, the women whom he attached importance to were only Wu Yao and Su Youwei.

This might not be the affection between men and women but the admiration and approval of their strength. But this kind of appreciation might at some point turn to affection.

This made her very envious, but she dared not show it.

Now that the relationship between Wu Yao, Su Youwei and Zhou Yuan was surfacing, there was no doubt that Zhao Mushen was not as indifferent as he appeared to be.

But Liu Qiushui was secretly glad to see this. Although Wu Yao and Su Youwei were both outstanding, their vision wasn’t good. It was stupid of them to be involved with Zhou Yuan. 

In her opinion, only Zhao Mushen was the king of the Divine Dwelling stage in Hunyuan Heaven. The gap between Zhou Yuan and him was like the moon and a firefly!

Su Youwei and Wu Yao were both talented and beautiful, but their vision didn’t seem good.

Zhao Mushen wore an indifferent expression as he peered down at the three figures at the gate  that were watched by countless people. His eyelids drooped, and he uttered, “Having a beauty’s attention is sometimes not necessarily a good thing. 

“For an incapable person, it would only bring about disaster.

“Zhou Yuan has already made many enemies before the nine regions tournament has even begun.”


The teacup in Jiu Gong’s hands dropped and shattered, but she didn’t seem to care. Her beautiful eyes were filled with curiosity as she watched the disturbance in the distance.

“What exactly is Zhou Yuan’s background? He is connected to both Su Youwei and Wu Yao?!” Jiu Gong exclaimed. She had always thought of Wu Yao and Su Youwei as enemies because their presence meant that she had always been suppressed although she was outstanding. It was inevitable that she felt a little bitter.

But because of this, she felt a little uncomfortable when she found that the two women were connected to Zhou Yuan.

That feeling was as though the perfect opponents in her heart showed some flaws because of Zhou Yuan. Even if she defeated them in the future, she wouldn’t feel satisfied. 

She knew she felt like this because she felt that Zhou Yuan wasn’t qualified. If Zhou Yuan were replaced with someone like Zhao Mushen or Wang Xi, then perhaps she wouldn’t have that uncomfortable feeling.

Jiu Gong bit her lips, took out a handkerchief to wipe the water stains on her little hand, and finally grumbled, “What is Zhou Yuan’s background?”

The top floor of the Wushen Region’s building.

“What's going on? How would junior sister Wu Yao know Zhou Yuan?” Lan Ting’s face reddened with anger as he watched the happenings, his voice filled with rage.

Zhao Yunxuan suddenly smiled. “Don't worry. It’s not what you think. Zhou Yuan and junior sister Wu Yao have some sort of relationship, but it’s one between enemies.”  

Lan Ting was taken aback. “You also know Zhou Yuan?”

“I met him when I went to Cangxuan Heaven with junior sister Wu Yao. I launched a palm strike at him, but he was able to luckily survive,” Zhao Yunxiao nonchalantly responded.

“Junior sister Wu Yao said that I have to leave that man for her to deal with, so I had to let him live. 

“I didn't expect that guy to come to Hunyuan Heaven or even become the Tianyuan Region’s chief pavilion master. Haha, he is indeed a little impressive.”

Although Zhao Yunxuan said this, his expression wasn’t sincere. He was ranked 19th on the Divine Dwelling List, which was much worse than Zhou Yuan’s ninth place, but the ranking showed nothing since he and Lan Ting were both two of the Wushen Region’s secret powers. In terms of strength, he felt that Zhou Yuan wouldn’t be much stronger than him.  

Lan Ting’s expression finally relaxed. “I overthought things. How would junior sister Wu Yao have a special relationship with that person?”

“But junior sister Wu Yao is a little too impulsive. Her appearance will most likely start rumors.”

Lan Ting’s eyes flashed coldly. This was directed at Zhou Yuan. Wu Yao was perfect in his heart, but Zhou Yuan was like a toad that gave her a flaw. This was absolutely unforgivable.

Lan Ting turned to say to Zhao Yunxiao, saying, “In the nine regions tournament, if there is a chance, it’s best to get rid of him.”

Zhao Yunxiao smiled. “Then let’s make a bet to see who will get rid of him first and who will stay with junior sister Wu Yao for the next year.” 

“It’s not necessarily useful to stay by junior sister Wu Yao’s side,” Lan Ting said indifferently. “But I accept this bet.”

The two smiled at each other. It seemed they had decided Zhou Yuan’s end.

On the other hand, in the Zixiao Region’s building, Xue Jingtao’s face was livid when Su Youwei appeared. He stared at Zhou Yuan with dagger-like eyes.

The Zixiao Region disciples remained silent as anger similarly flashed in their eyes.

It was a kind of anger that appeared when the swan of their house flew into the arms of another.

Xue Jingtao took a deep breath, suppressing the anger and jealousy that caused a burning pain in his heart, and his eyes turned icy cold. 

He turned to his junior and senior brothers. “If you have a chance, get rid of that man.”

No matter what story Su Youwei had with Zhou Yuan in the past, he couldn’t tolerate the pair’s close relationship. Therefore, Zhou Yuan had to die!

As Zhao Mushen had said, although Zhou Yuan had received countless attention from that day’s incident, it also created many enemies for him.

If he wasn’t strong enough, this beautiful thing might indeed become a curse.

It seemed it is true that a beauty brings disaster.

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