Chapter 924 What relationship?

Under the dark red sunset, the girl wearing a purple dress stood atop a tree. Her beautiful face was smiling, and her clear eyes contained inexplicable emotions. The scene was as beautiful as a painting and made many people feel suffocated.

Zhou Yuan also felt a little suffocated.

He stared at the vaguely familiar figure. Su Youwei was undoubtedly more mature than before, and even her temperament had changed.

Back then, Su Youwei, who always followed Zhou Yuan around, was bright and cute and had a girl-next-door charm. Now, she still had the same smile as before and gave off a gentle nature, but the self-confidence and radiance she exuded were enough to make many outstanding men feel ashamed of themselves.

The young and inexperienced girl from before had become dazzling.

Her radiance dazzled even Zhou Yuan for a moment, and his heart trembled when he saw the clear eyes with which she stared at him.

He had thought about the scene of meeting Su Youwei once again. He would understand even if she chose to keep a distance from him because the change in her identity and status was too great.

When a person became dazzling, they wouldn’t like to think of their humble and ordinary times.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan had thought that if Su Youwei really didn’t want to have anything to do with her past memories, he would pretend not to know her. They could act like strangers. He wouldn’t think that Su Youwei owed him anything. Back then, it was just a moment of sympathy when he had kicked the door to the hospital under the heavy rain. He really didn’t do anything for her.

What Su Youwei had sacrificed for the Great Zhou was already enough to repay him, and he wouldn’t ask Su Youwei to do anything for him.

But when he saw the emotions in Su Youwei’s eyes, he couldn't help smiling bitterly in his heart because he saw the same emotions as he had back then.

There wasn’t the slightest change, and with time, it had become more and more intense.

This made Zhou Yuan feel even more ashamed because he had thought the worst of her, but she still thought the best of him.

So, he evaded Su Youwei's eyes and, in an unusual occurrence, lost his composure.

But Su Youwei's clear eyes were still fixed on Zhou Yuan's body, persistent and tough, just like her character.

After a moment, Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, raised his head and met her gaze.

Under the setting sun, within the clamorous Fallen City, the two locked eyes, and time seemed to freeze for a moment.

Countless people were also aware of the strangeness because Su Youwei, besides shooting a glance at Xu Ming at the beginning, had kept her eyes fixed on Zhou Yuan.

Now, with them gazing at each other, the scene gave messages of love no matter how they looked at it.

This made countless people feel heartbroken and disbelief at the same time. They had never heard that Su Youwei and Zhou Yuan were acquainted.

What is this?

It was during this time that Xu Ming finally recovered from the shock. Scanning across the white jade fragments all over the ground, the corners of his eyes twitched, and he asked while suppressing his anger, “Su Youwei, what do you mean by this? Why did you destroy my puppet beasts?!”

Su Youwei's long eyelashes fluttered as she retracted her gaze and turned to Xu Ming, speaking in a somewhat apologetic tone, “I already told you the Genesis Qi in my body is a little out of control today.”

Xu Min fumed inwardly, Who do you think you can trick with that!? Who would believe this reason?!

Xu Ming drew a deep breath and said, “Is that right? I have other puppets. Surely your Genesis Qi won't get out of control again, will it?”

Su Youwei smiled. “I feel like my Genesis Qi will always be out of control today.”

Xu Ming felt the veins throbbing on his forehead. “Is the Zixiao Region going to intervene in the battle between my Yaogui Region and the Tianyuan Region?”

“I'm representing myself,” Su Youwei stated.

Gasps and exclamations erupted from the crowd. Su Youwei's words clearly indicated that she was going to help the Tianyuan Region, or maybe she wanted to help Zhou Yuan.

What's the story between these two people?!

Even Yi Qiushui, Lu Xiao, Mu Liu and the others looked at Su Youwei in surprise, and then they turned to look at Zhou Yuan.

They were also clueless about the situation.

This was particularly so for Yi Qiushui. She knew about Zhou Yuan's identity in Cangxuan Heaven, and Zhou Yuan had always been with her after coming to Hunyuan Heaven, so how could he have met the famous Su Youwei? And from both their expressions, their relationship didn’t seem so simple!

Xu Ming wore a cloudy expression. He hadn’t expected Su Youwei to suddenly appear. Facing her, he was indeed a little fearful. Among the Divine Dwelling experts in the entire Hunyuan Heaven, in terms of Genesis Qi foundation, Su Youwei deserved to be called the strongest.

Xu Ming knew that his chance of winning wasn’t high against her.

More importantly, Su Youwei represented the Zixiao Region.

The Yaogui Region couldn’t care less about the Tianyuan Region, but they couldn’t view the Zixiao Region as nothing.

Could it be I need to swallow this humiliation today?

Xu Ming cast his eyes on Zhou Yuan and suddenly sneered, “Zhou Yuan, are you just going to hide behind a woman?”

Before waiting for Zhou Yuan to speak, Su Youwei said calmly, “If you really want to fight, I can accompany you.”

Countless people shifted their angry glares to Zhou Yuan’s face. They hated the fact they couldn’t burn him to death. They couldn’t understand what he had done to make the elegant and gentle Su Youwei protect him so fiercely.

This scene was too painful for them!

Su Youwei was a goddess in countless people’s hearts!

Why would she protect him?

Zhou Yuan also felt a little helpless, but in the end, he didn’t deliberately show his manliness. He didn't want to reject Su Youwei's kindness. After all, he felt a little ashamed about how he had thought about her, so he let her do what she wanted.

Xu Ming’s face darkened, but in the end, he swallowed his anger because he couldn’t really battle against Su Youwei here.

“If you don't want to fight, can I ask the Yaogui Region to return building no. 6?” Zhou Yuan asked with a smile. Since others thought he was hiding behind a woman, he might as well continue to do so.

Xu Ming almost exploded in rage. This guy is really shameless! He only relies on the fact that Su Youwei is here; that is why he dares to be so impudent!

But Xu Ming wasn’t an ordinary person. He drew in two deep breaths, then gritted his teeth, glaring at Zhou Yuan. “Fine, fine. My Yaogui Region will accept defeat this time. Zhou Yuan, don’t be so happy yet. We will have plenty of chances in the nine regions tournament! I don’t believe that you can always rely on a woman!

Zhou Yuan said indifferently, “I will accompany you to the end.”

After his words, everyone knew that the day’s battle was over and that a serious enmity had formed between Zhou Yuan and Xu Ming.

Zhou Yuan didn’t care, however. He withdrew his gaze from Xu Ming, but then his whole body shuddered. He felt an extremely dangerous aura coming from someone more dangerous than Xu Ming.

He abruptly turned and saw that not far away was a figure in a bright red dress standing on a tall roof.

Wu Yao!

Seeing the eye-catching bright red dress, Zhou Yuan instantly recognized who she was, and his eyes grew fierce.

He hadn’t expected that she would also come.

With Wu Yao’s appearance, the atmosphere tensed up even more and almost exploded.  

Hunyuan Heaven’s two most dazzling pearls had both shown up!

As Wu Yao stood on the high roof, her red skirt billowed out around her, and her phoenix eyes locked onto Zhou Yuan with a strange look.


Extremely terrifying Genesis Qi suddenly erupted from Su Youwei's body. Her clear eyes became icy cold, and purple qi pulsed around her body as she stared at Wu Yao.

“Wu Yao, if you have any thoughts, I want you to put them away,” Su Youwei warned.

Wu Yao tilted her head, her eyes hovering between Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei. After a while, her red lips opened slightly. “Su Youwei, it's no wonder why you always targeted me. It's because of him.”

When her voice rang out, the tense atmosphere in the entire Fallen City exploded, and countless people felt a little crazy. Their eyes pierced Zhou Yuan like needles.

Everybody roared in their hearts, Who can tell me the relationship between Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei, and Wu Yao?!

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