Chapter 922 Xu Ming

When Zhou Yuan's voice sounded, the surrounding area fell silent for a moment, and many people widened their eyes in surprise. 

No one expected Zhou Yuan's bearing to be so tough.

They originally thought that Zhou Yuan would choose to calm the situation down and keep the peace, given the fact that the Tianyuan Region was the weakest of the nine regions and that the nine regions tournament was about to begin. If the Tianyuan Region were to anger the Yaogui Region, there was bound to be retaliation when they entered the Fallen Abyss.  

Thus Zhou Yuan’s choice wasn’t the wisest for the Tianyuan Region.

Qiu Jiu and the others were also taken aback, and their expressions turned icy. “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, do you want to start a war with my Yaogui Region?”  

Zhou Yuan simply ignored him, turned to Lu Xiao and the others, and commanded, “Do it.”

In truth, Lu Xiao and the others were taken aback by Zhou Yuan’s tough stance. They at first thought Zhou Yuan was joking, but when they saw the look in his eyes, they knew he meant it.

“You're the chief pavilion master.” Lu Xiao gave a wave of his hand.


The next second, more than a dozen advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts pounced towards Qiu Jiu and the others like wolves.


Genesis Qi erupted at the manor gate, and very quickly, Qiu Jiu and the others were completely surrounded. With an ashen face, Qiu Jiu roared, “Zhou Yuan, did you eat a leopard’s guts? The people of my Yaogui Region are going to destroy you when they come to the Fallen Abyss!”

Expressionless, Zhou Yuan remained indifferent to his threat.

In less than ten seconds, Qiu Jiu and the other three were captured and humiliated, yet they didn’t reveal a hint of fear. They glowered at Zhou Yuan ferociously. “Chief pavilion master of the Tianyuan Region, do you want to make your Tianyuan Region suffer a huge loss this time?”

Zhou Yuan stamped his foot, and a stone wrapped in Genesis Qi shot into Qiu Jiu’s mouth. Qiu Jiu immediately let out a shrill cry, and blood dripped down his mouth.

“Get someone to inform Xu Ming that if he doesn’t appear in five minutes, everybody here will be hung naked at the city gate.”

One of the four people captured was released, and he shot a furious look at Zhou Yuan before turning around and rushing away.

Even the many people watching the conflict in the distance revealed looks of shock. 

Was Zhou Yuan not worried about offending the Yaogui Region and Xu Ming?

Could it be that he’s planning to fight the Yaogiu Region here?

“Well, there is going to be a good show. Given how arrogant and vengeful Xu Ming is and how Zhou Yuan treated the people of the Yaogui Region, I’m afraid it won’t end well today for Zhou Yuan!”

“Hurry, tell someone to come over!”


The news rapidly spread throughout Fallen City. In just a short while, the wind whistled and cut through the air as people rushed to the Nine Regions Manor’s gate.  

No one thought that a good show would start before the nine regions tournament.

Zhou Yuan stood calmly at the manor gate with 2,000 members of the four pavilions behind him. Zhou Yuan’s strength and tough stance made them a little excited. After all, none of them wanted to swallow their pride.

Since their chief pavilion master was so fierce, they should listen to his order.

The incident at the gate of the Nine Regions Manor spread not only throughout Fallen City but also to the other tall buildings within the manor. Within the buildings, people cast over their gazes to the gate.

In the tall building where the Wanzu Region was located.

Clasping one hand behind his back, Zhao Mushen peered at the manor gate, watching the conflict.

Behind him was a beautiful and charming woman in green. It was Liu Qingshu. She smiled. “I heard that the chief pavilion master of the Tianyuan Region is very dissatisfied with the fact that the Yaogui Region occupied their pavilion building.”

“It seems that the Tianyuan Region’s chief pavilion master has a very fiery temper.”

“The Tianyuan Region is the weakest in terms of strength. If they show weakness, others will take advantage of the situation to attack them, but if they stand tough, the Tianyuan Region will instill some fear in others. The Tianyuan Region’s chief pavilion master has a very scheming mind,” Zhao Mushen explained.

The corners of Liu Qingshu’s little mouth twitched. “But unfortunately for them, Xu Ming is not easily frightened. Zhou Yuan found the wrong target and will most likely perform badly.”

“If he can’t clean up the mess, the Tianyuan Region will become a laughingstock before the nine regions tournament even begins.”

Zhao Mushen gently nodded, staring indifferently in the direction of the manor gate where the young figure stood at the forefront of 2,000 people. Zhou Yuan’s tough stance—does he have the strength to back it up, or is it just a bluff? 

If it was the former, it would be a little interesting. If it was the latter, then, as Liu Qingshu said, he was going to lose face. This was because, although Zhou Yuan was fierce, Xu Ming was even fiercer.

On another tall building, Wu Yao narrowed her eyes as she gazed at the manor gate. Staring at the familiar figure, she could feel the sacred dragon qi surging in his body. 

“This Zhou Yuan is such a showoff.”

Her phoenix eyes flashed, and her beautiful body moved, vanishing in the blink of an eye.

“I'd like to see how much you have grown.”

“Haha, it’s going to be a good show.”

Surrounded by many figures, Xue Jingtao peered into the distance with a grin. He was also excited to see the good show.

They were already aware that Xu Ming had led people to occupy the Tianyuan Region’s pavilion building, but they thought that, even if the Tianyuan Region knew about it, the Tianyuan Region would have kept quiet and swallowed their anger. After all, it wasn’t good for them to anger the Yaogui Region.

But who would have thought that Zhou Yuan, the chief pavilion master of the Tianyuan Region, wouldn’t let it pass and would even capture Xu Ming’s people?

Given Xu Ming’s personality, there was no way he would leave the matter at that.

“Zhou Yuan is too arrogant. Does he really think that he is qualified to be on the same level as the heaven prides ranked in the top eight just because he defeated Chen Xuandong?” Xue Jingtao shook his head, a mocking glint in his eyes.

He suddenly swept a glance around and asked, puzzled, “Where is junior sister Youwei?”

The other disciples also shook their heads strangely. “She was here just now.”

Within the Nine Regions Manor, all people fixed their eyes on the manor gate.

At the manor gate, Zhou Yuan maintained a calm expression, as if he hadn’t noticed that everyone in the manor had turned their focus to him.

Qiu Jiu wiped the blood from his mouth. His teeth were broken, and he couldn't speak, but he continued to look at Zhou Yuan with a chilling stare.


Suddenly, countless people shifted their gazes toward the Nine Regions Manor.

Hundreds of figures were piercing through the air, landing on the several towering trees at the gate.

A figure slowly descended before them, causing the Genesis Qi across the world to ripple.

The person in front, clad in black, was a thin young man with strings of beads around his wrists and neck. His eyes were cold, and they contained an unconcealable sinister intent.

He landed on a treetop, scanned the manor gate, then finally fixed his gaze on Zhou Yuan.

His eyes narrowed, and an indifferent voice sounded.

“Release them and apologize to Qiu Jiu; then, I won’t pursue today’s matter any further.”

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