Chapter 921 Fallen City

The Fallen Abyss was located southwest of Hunyuan Heaven.

The Fallen Abyss was very well known throughout Hunyuan Heaven because it was said to be one of the forbidden places filled with extreme danger, as well as an ancient battlefield where countless experts, including Law Domain experts, had perished.

The fall of many Law Domain experts and the scattering of their Law Domains had distorted space and changed the rules within the Fallen Abyss.

Therefore, the Fallen Abyss was always in a sealed-off state in normal times, and it was only when the nine regions tournament came that Law Domain experts of the nine regions would join hands and tear open a channel to let their Divine Dwelling experts in to search for opportunities.

An imposing city stood in a remote black plain in the Fallen Abyss' outermost periphery. It was called the Fallen City.

Although it required more than one Law Domain expert to tear open a channel and venture into the Fallen Abyss, anybody brave enough could explore the outermost periphery.

With some good luck, one could even find Genesis treasures and inheritance left from the great war. This was considered a great opportunity for many cultivators.

Therefore, the Fallen City was home to many treasure hunters.

As the nine regions tournament had drawn closer, countless people in Hunyuan Heaven had placed their focus on the Fallen City. Many forces had flocked to the city, turning the little desolate city into a buzzing place.  

In a short period of time, it had become a place filled with all kinds of people.

This atmosphere reached its peak when the major forces of the nine regions successively arrived in Fallen City. 

In the center of Fallen City was a large manor with nine tall pavilion buildings. This was the most striking symbol of the city.  

These nine pavilion buildings, built by the nine regions, were specially used to accommodate the many disciples during the nine regions tournament, and the other forces were not allowed to enter. This clearly highlighted the status of the nine regions in Hunyuan Heaven.  

The manor was known as the Nine Regions Manor.

Under the leadership of Zhou Yuan, 2,000 members of the Tianyuan Region's four pavilions arrived at Fallen City.

They were all elites of the four pavilions. Four hundred of them were at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage, and the other sixteen hundred were at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage.   

An army of this size, of course, attracted the attention of countless people in Fallen City.   

Their gazes turned even more curious when they learned that they were people of the Tianyuan Region. After all, Zhou Yuan had recently risen to fame in Hunyuan Heaven.   

Of course, some people’s eyes took on a ruminative gaze. After all, they were forces of the same level as the Tri-Mountain Alliance, and if they wanted to go up a level, they should start from the weakest of the nine regions, the Tianyuan Region. 

Under the watchful eyes of the countless people he saw along the way, Zhou Yuan led the large army to the huge manor in the center of the city.

A butler at the manor's gate hurriedly greeted him.

“Haha, this must be chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, right? I have heard a lot about you.” The butler spoke amiably.

Zhou Yuan talked to him briefly with a gentle expression and learned that the butler was surnamed Liu and was responsible for managing the manor.  

Butler Liu respectfully presented him a silver medal with both hands. Zhou Yuan immediately noticed the silver medal was engraved with the character ‘nine’, which was the building number that they would be staying in.

Zhou Yuan didn’t understand at first, but he saw Lu Xiao and Yi Qiushui both scrunch their brows in a frown.

“Butler Liu, is this right? In the past nine regions tournaments, our Tianyuan Region was always in building no. 6. Why did you change our location for no reason?” Lu Xiao asked.

Zhou Yuan found it a little strange when he heard Lu Xiao's tone of voice.

Miu Liu leaned closer to him, whispering, “Each of the nine regions occupy a building of the nine pavilion buildings in the Nine Regions Manor. Although there are no clear rules to say which region has which building, our Tianyuan Region has always been in building no. 6.”  

“Also, building no. 9 is in the worst location with the shortest height.”

Understanding dawned on Zhou Yuan’s face. They were robbed of their usual building and left with the worst location.

Normally speaking, it wasn’t a big deal where they lived, but they now represented the Tianyuan Region, and any difference in treatment could be easily magnified. It was unknown how many sects and factions had gathered in Fallen City. If this matter were to spread, it would inevitably attract unnecessary criticism.

After all, for the nine regions, face was sometimes more important than anything else. 

“Why is butler Liu treating our Tianyuan Region unfairly?” Zhou Yuan frowned.

Beads of sweat visibly dripped down butler Liu’s chubby pale face. “Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, how would I dare? I’m just a little butler.”  

“Who will be occupying building no. 6 then?” Zhou Yuan fixed a stare at butler Liu for a good while and knew that he wouldn’t dare to create any trouble given his identity. 

Butler Liu wiped his sweat and uttered submissively, “It's the Yaogui Region. They said that building no. 9 is a bit old, and they insisted on going to building no. 6. How can I stop them with my little arms and legs?”

“The Yaogui Region?” Lu Xiao, Mu Liu and Han Yuan all scrunched their brows in a frown.

“It’s just a small matter to change the building. If they really like it they could have discussed it with us when we arrived. Our Tianyuan Region isn’t that petty,” Zhou Yuan said calmly, “but it’s unacceptable to take it without asking. That’s something the Tianyuan Region cannot accept.


“Butler Liu, tell Xu Ming of Yaogui Region to come explain it to us.”

Zhou Yuan spoke calmly. As the chief pavilion master of the four pavilions of Tianyuan Region, as well as the leader of the Divine Dwelling stage, he knew that he had to say something. If the Yaogui Region wanted the building, they needed to first ask for permission.

He knew that this wasn’t a matter of a building but that they weren't giving them face.

A bitter look crossed butler Liu’s face, but after seeing Zhou Yuan’s gaze, he knew that it was useless to say anything. He could only respond and quickly turn away. 

Zhou Yuan and more than 2,000 people were gathered at the gate of the Nine Regions Manor. Their formidable appearance naturally attracted countless people. Many people were even aware of the reason after a little inquiry. 

As a result, their gazes turned curious. Who would have thought there would be a dispute between the Tianyuan Region and the Yaogui Region the moment they arrived at Fallen City?

The news quickly spread and attracted the attention of many sects and factions.

At the entrance to the manor, Zhou Yuan kept a calm expression, whereas the 2,000 members of the Four Pavilions behind him were immediately filled with indignation after learning what happened.  

The Yaogui Region had gone too far.

Time slowly passed, but the people of Yaogui Region still hadn’t shown up.

Lu Xiao, Mu Liu, Han Yuan and the others all grew increasingly annoyed. The people of the Yaogui Region knew that they were waiting for them, but they deliberately came late.

And just when they became visibly angry and even a little impatient, several figures finally strode out from the manor.   

Next to those figures, butler Liu was sweating profusely and seemed to want to walk faster but was held back by a youngster smiling mischievously.  

Under the cold gazes of the 2,000 people from the Tianyuan Region, the several people finally arrived at the gate.

“Haha, I am Qiu Jiu. I wonder what everybody of the Tianyuan Region wants?” 

The youngster swept his glance over the crowd and said lazily, “If there’s something, you can talk to me.” 

There was an icy cold expression on all 2,000 people of the Tianyuan Region. Lu Xiao, Mu Liu, Yi Qiushui, and Ye Bingling’s eyes even glinted angrily.

The people of the Yaogui Region were really too disrespectful!

Two thousand people from the Tianyuan Region had been waiting at the gate, including Zhou Yuan, the chief pavilion master and the leader of the Divine Dwelling stage experts of Tianyuan Region, but the Yaogui Region had dragged their feet for a long time. In the end, only a few nobodies from the Yaogui Region had come!  

This wasn’t a slap to only Zhou Yuan’s face but also a slap to the faces of the 2,000 people present!

The other side’s move clearly showed that they looked down on the Tianyuan Region!

This was simply humiliation!

Even if my Tianyuan Region has deteriorated over the years, we are still one of the nine regions!

“I have long heard that Xu Ming of the Yaogui Region is arrogant. It is indeed true,” Lu Xiao coldly remarked.   

Zhou Yuan glanced at Qiu Jiu relatively calmly and asked, “Where is Xu Ming?”

Qiu Jiu chuckled. “Senior brother Xu Ming is very busy. If there is something, you can just tell me.”

There was a glint of mockery in his eyes. Of course, they all knew what Zhou Yuan and the others wanted, but so what? 

The Tianyuan Region had worsened over the years, so it was only right they lived in the worst place. 

Zhou Yuan really doesn’t know what is good for him. He thinks he’s qualified to be on an equal level with senior brother Xu Ming just because he is ranked ninth on the Divine Dwelling List? Did defeating Chen Xuandong give him such great courage?

It was obvious that they didn’t think Zhou Yuan would dare do anything to them. After all, given the strength of the young generation of the Tianyuan Region, they didn’t have the qualifications to challenge their Yaogui Region.

Behind Zhou Yuan, the 2,000 members of the four pavilions almost spewed out fire from their eyes when they saw Qiu Jiu’s arrogant attitude, but they didn’t dare to erupt because they knew the Tianyuan Region was indeed the weakest in terms of overall strength.

Countless people cast condescending gazes at Zhou Yuan, who had recently risen to fame in Hunyuan Heaven. They wanted to see what the leader of the Divine Dwelling stage experts of the Tianyuan Region planned to do. 

Zhou Yuan glanced at the arrogant Qiu Jiu without a hint of anger on his face. He simply nodded and gave a wave of his hand.

“Capture him, and tell Xu Ming to come collect him. If he doesn’t come, hang him naked at the city gate.”

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