Chapter 917 Evolution of Silver Shadow

In a training chamber.

The room was spacious and bright, with high ceilings inscribed with ancient and intricate Genesis Runes.

At this moment, mighty Genesis Qi of the universe was bubbling up endlessly from the numerous holes in the ground and walls, causing mist to linger in the room. This was a sign of the richness of the Genesis Qi in the room. 

Zhou Yuan was sitting cross-legged on a gigantic jade boulder. Many precious treasures and materials were required to maintain a training room of this level every day. Therefore, only elder-level experts of Tianyuan Utopia could enjoy such a room. Before being promoted to chief pavilion master, Zhou Yuan was far from qualified.  

But he was qualified now.

Zhou Yuan wore a very solemn expression on his face, and in front of him was a silver ball quietly suspended in the air. The surface of the silver ball was as smooth as a mirror, but upon a closer look, numerous Genesis Runes as subtle as dust were within it.

Even Zhou Yuan was amazed by the subtleties of Silver Shadow.

Silver Shadow was considered the pinnacle masterpiece of Blackwater’s most ancient sect. It was unknown how many generations of effort were infused into the masterpiece.   

Unfortunately, the sect had suffered a disaster before they could thoroughly develop such a masterpiece.

With a thought, Silver Shadow slowly melted in front of Zhou Yuan, becoming a bubbling pool of silver liquid. Its depths shimmered like a starry sky as though it had some sort of life force.

Zhou Yuan slowly closed his eyes. His Spirit rose from the top of his head and sat cross-legged in the air.

On the fingertips of the Spirit, a Spirit Flame took shape.

It was at this moment that the spatial bag at Zhou Yuan’s waist opened itself, and several treasures exuding strange light floated slowly into the air.

Zhou Yuan's Spirit power spread out, wrapping some treasures and dragging them into the Spirit Flame.

The Spirit Flame blazed, rapidly melting the treasures. Their impurities were all purified, and they gradually became liquid.    

Zhou Yuan's Spirit was fully absorbed in the process and dared not relax. The materials were all fairly rare, and it took Chi Jing a while to source them. Now that the nine regions tournament was imminent, he didn’t have time to wait for the next batch of materials to arrive. 

His Spirit Flame continued to melt the treasures and materials, extracting a clump of thick liquid that emitted a colorful light.

Zhou Yuan's Spirit power was constantly fusing and breaking down the materials. 

This process alone was enough to consume three days of his time.

When the fourth day came, the thick liquid fused from numerous treasures and materials started giving birth to countless dazzling crystal particles.


Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath, a look of exhaustion in his eyes. But very quickly, he regained his energy because he knew that smelting the materials was only the first step.

The evolution of the Silver Shadow was more difficult than he had thought, and now that Yaoyao wasn’t with him, he could only depend on himself for everything.    

Zhou Yuan unreservedly released his Spirit power, pouring it all into the dazzling liquid. The tens of thousands of crystal particles within the liquid slowly began to rise under his Spirit power’s manipulation. In the end, the dust circled his Spirit like a planetary ring.  

Spirit power wrapped around the crystal dust, and subtle markings appeared and formed several mysterious Genesis Marks.

Yaoyao had once mentioned that Silver Shadow wasn’t complete and would only be useful in the Alpha-Origin stage. If Zhou Yuan wanted to continue to evolve it, he would need to make it internally complete. 

Even the present Zhou Yuan wasn’t able to figure out the mystery of Silver Shadow, but fortunately, Yaoyao had helped him and had given him the method of derivation.

Zhou Yuan needed to inscribe the Genesis Runes that Yaoyao had derived onto the dust-like crystals one by one.

This required very strict control of his Spirit. Fortunately, Zhou Yuan’s Spirit, which was at the initial Transformative stage, was strong enough to do so. 

But inscribing the runes was a slow process and would take a long time.

Zhou Yuan was very calm and patient as he operated his Spirit and inscribed Genesis Marks on the dust-like crystals one by one.

This process continued for half a month.

Half a month later.

When Zhou Yuan inscribed a complete Genesis Mark on the last grain of crystal dust, he almost collapsed from exhaustion. His Spirit, sitting cross-legged in the air, grew much dimmer than before. It was evident that the process had taken a toll on his body.

Zhou Yuan didn’t continue but activated the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method and began to restore the consumed Spirit power.

After a good while, his Spirit was glowing brightly once again.

Once recovered, Zhou Yuan's eyes blazed.

He looked closely at the crystal dust surrounding his body in a ring formation and saw that each particle was completely covered in complicated Genesis Runes. 

“Yaoyao truly does have a terrifying mastery of Genesis Runes.” Zhou Yuan couldn’t help but marvel. Those Genesis Runes were like countless tiny gears in a machine, and once integrated into Silver Shadow, they could fill up the incompleteness and allow Silver Shadow to undergo evolution! 

“The Genesis Runes have all been inscribed onto the crystal particles. The next step should be the last step, which is to integrate them with Silver Shadow!”

Zhou Yuan adjusted his state to its peak, and then, with one thought, the tens of thousands of crystal particles lit up and poured into the silver liquid.


Zhou Yuan wore an unprecedented solemn expression. His Spirit power was unleashed without reservation, and even the veins on his forehead were throbbing. Furthermore, constantly rays of dazzling light were released from the Spirit sitting cross-legged in the air.  

Dust-like crystals floated up and down in the silver liquid.    

The Genesis Marks inscribed on the crystal dust exuded a bizarre power in an attempt to fuse with the silver liquid.  

The two were constantly coming into contact with each other, causing wisps of stunning light to shoot out from the silver liquid. The light made the training room appear incomparably strange yet beautiful.

But as time went on, Zhou Yuan's forehead began to bead with cold sweat.

He found that no matter how the crystal dust and silver liquid came into contact, they couldn’t truly integrate.

“My Spirit isn’t strong enough! It is impossible to integrate the crystal dust into Silver Shadow at the initial Transformative stage!”

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed abruptly. He couldn’t help but cry bitterly in his heart. Yaoyao, you underestimated the difficulty of Silver Shadow’s evolution. After several attempts, he realized that this wasn’t something that someone of the initial Transformative stage could achieve. After all, not everyone could have a near-perfect control of the Spirit like Yaoyao. Even Zhou Yuan, who had remarkable talent in Spirit cultivation, wasn’t able to do so.  

But everything was prepared, and he was only one step away. Could it be that he had to give up now?  

If the crystal dust couldn’t integrate with Silver Shadow in time, the dust would soon dissipate.

Zhou Yuan anxiously asked himself, What do I do?

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