Chapter 916 Alpha Spiritium

Alpha Spiritium?”

This name sounded somewhat unfamiliar to Zhou Yuan. He pondered for a moment before he responded, “I heard that when all Divine Dwellings are unlocked, they will form a connection with heaven and earth and draw upon a special substance. That substance is called Spiritium.

“Anyone who wants to break through to the Heavenly Sun stage will need to absorb this substance”

He looked at Chi Jing and asked, “The Alpha Spiritium should be something similar, right?”

“You do know a little.” Chi Jing smiled.

“In the way of cultivation, every stage is divided into different grades. Even the Qi Nourishing stage, the opening of the sea of qi, is divided into grades.

“Then there is the Divine Dwelling stage, which is divided into nine levels and ranks.

“There are numerous difficulties on the path of cultivation, and to reach the pinnacle, one must reach the limit in every cultivation stage. 

“The so-called Heavenly Sun stage is when the Divine Dwellings within one’s body are perfectly polished, and the Genesis Qi stars are gathered in the Divine Dwellings to form a Genesis Qi sun. It is boundless and extremely fierce and is therefore called the Heavenly Sun.

“But to form this heavenly sun, one needs the natural substance of the universe known as the Spiritium.”

“The Heavenly Sun stage is also divided into different grades. The highest is the glass Heavenly Sun, which symbolizes purity and flawlessness, followed by the purple-gold Heavenly Sun, the silver-snow Heavenly Sun, and of course the most common crimson-red Heavenly Sun.”

A look of surprise crossed Zhou Yuan's face. He didn’t expect there to be such a grading system in the Heavenly Sun stage.

“Once the crimson-red Heavenly Sun is formed, one’s Genesis Qi foundation, in terms of Genesis Qi stars, will reach 100 million!

“The silver-snow Heavenly Sun is 200 million, the purple-gold Heavenly Sun is 300 million, and the glass Heavenly Sun is 400 million!”

Zhou Yuan was indeed a little dumbfounded. Four hundred million Genesis Qi stars? What a terrifying foundation. Even the worst of the Heavenly Sun stage had a foundation of 100 million Genesis Qi stars? A new Heavenly Sun stage expert was that much more powerful than a Divine Dwelling stage expert?  

Chi Jing cast a glance at Zhou Yuan and said indifferently, “Why do you think Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao, top heaven prides, would stay at the pinnacle of the Divine Dwelling stage for so long? It’s because they are too ambitious, and ordinary Heavenly Suns can’t satisfy them. Therefore, their goal is at least the purple-gold Heavenly Sun. If it weren’t for this, they would have broken through to the Heavenly Sun stage long ago.” 

Zhou Yuan's expression grew solemn. He was familiar with this kind of operation because back in the Cangxuan Heaven, the Chosen of each sect would also constantly accumulate strength at the peak of the Alpha-Origin stage in the hope of opening up more Divine Dwellings once they stepped into the Divine Dwelling stage. They did so in the hope that their potential in the future would be greater.

“If you want to refine a purple-gold Heavenly sun or glass Heavenly Sun, could it be that you would need this kind of Alpha Spiritium?”  

Chi Jing nodded. “You also must have opened up nine Divine Dwellings. Otherwise, even if you have the Alpha Spiritium, it will be useless.”

Zhou Yuan shuddered inwardly. If he couldn’t open up nine Divine Dwellings in the Divine Dwelling stage, it would mean his future cultivation path would narrow and eventually be blocked. He would be unable to see the next cultivation stage unless he found some heaven-defying opportunity.

To reach the pinnacle state, you must ensure that you reach the limit in every cultivation stage. Once you missed a step at any level, it would be difficult to remedy the mistake.

The difficulty was too great, and the journey of cultivation was indeed too cruel.

Fortunately, although Zhou Yuan had faced numerous difficulties during his cultivation training, he had never made a mistake, whether it was in the Qi Nourishing stage, Alpha-Origin stage or the Divine Dwelling stage. 

He felt very fortunate. All this was because Yaoyao had strict requirements for him. Otherwise, his foundation wouldn’t have been so stable.

Chi Jing continued, “Alpha Spiritium is extremely rare. It is a substance formed from the accumulation of the essence between heaven and earth. In ordinary times, it would be difficult to find even a little in 100 years.”  

Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed. “Could there be Alpha Spiritium at the nine regions tournament?”

Chi Jing smiled. “Yes, the venue for the nine regions tournament is called the Fallen Abyss, an ancient battlefield from ancient times. Countless experts have perished there, and even dozens of Law Domain experts have lost their lives there!

“When Law Domain experts fall, their Law Domains crumble between heaven and earth, causing chaos to the rules of the world. As for the Law Domains that crumbled and interwove in the Fallen Abyss, they eventually formed an extremely dangerous forbidden land. But it is in such a forbidden land that a great opportunity is born— Alpha Spiritium. 

“Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao and the others are most likely waiting for this day. As long as they get enough Alpha Spiritium, they can use it to refine a purple-gold or even a glass Heavenly Sun and set foot into the Heavenly Sun stage!    

“They're all incredibly ambitious people because their goals are most likely not just the Heavenly Sun stage. They are aiming for the Nascent Source stage or even the Law Domain!”

“If you are also ambitious, you can’t miss this rare opportunity in the Hunyuan Heaven,” Chi Jing reminded.

A glowing light surged in the depths of Zhou Yuan's eyes. In the way of cultivation, one must seek the ultimate at every cultivation level. Only then could one get rid of their countless competitors and step foot onto the lonely wooden bridge to refine the Nascent Source and open up a Law Domain!

Therefore, even without the Ancestral Dragon Lantern, he had to do his best in the nine regions tournament.

Seeing the blazing battle intent rising in Zhou Yuan's eyes, Chi Jing nodded in satisfaction. She raised her beautiful hand, and two jade boxes appeared in front of her.

She pushed one of them towards Zhou Yuan and lifted the lid.

It was a blue-green fruit the size of a fist, and it exuded a jade-like luster. An aroma filled the air that caused even the Genesis Qi within Zhou Yuan’s body to surge.

“This is?” Zhou Yuan asked, puzzled. He could feel the desire of his Genesis Qi.

“Divine Dwelling Immeasurable Fruit. The Tri-Mountain Alliance had lost years of supply, but such fruits only have a one-time effect on the Divine Dwelling stage, so I only brought you one. If you use it, it can help you connect another Divine Dwelling.” 

“Amazing!” Zhou Yuan's eyes lit up. The nine regions tournament was fast approaching, and the Divine Dwelling Immeasurable Fruit could save him a lot of time.

Chi Jing smiled and opened up the other jade box, which contained a small spatial bag.

“The materials you asked me to find for you are all here.”

Zhou Yuan's face lit up, and he could no longer conceal his joy.  The materials he had asked Chi Jing to search for were to evolve Silver Shadow. With these materials, his Silver Shadow that had gathered dust for a long period of time would be able to shine again.

Once Silver Shadow evolved, it would undoubtedly give Zhou Yuan another trump card.

He reached out to hold the spatial bag and couldn't help laughing.

“Looks like I'm going to be busy for some time.”

But he was looking forward to it.

No matter how difficult it was to make Silver Shadow evolve, Zhou Yuan would have to achieve it. He wanted Silver Shadow, which had accompanied him to command the wind and clouds in the Alpha-Origin stage, to fight alongside him once again.

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