Chapter 915 Great Rivals

As the after-effects of the battle between Zhou Yuan and Chen Xuandong created more and more waves in Hunyuan Heaven, Zhou Yuan, as the instigator, once again kept a low profile and rarely showed himself in Tianyuan Utopia. This disappointed many people who had recently come to Tianyuan Utopia.

The chief pavilion master’s residence.

Zhou Yuan was leisurely lying on the roof of the building and basking in the sun, but his expression wasn’t relaxed because he was reading a scroll in his hand.  

It was the latest version of the Divine Dwelling List, and the only change from the previous one was that he had risen to ninth place.  

The nine regions tournament had become the most popular topic in Hunyuan Heaven. It was a true grand event that countless forces across the Hunyuan Heaven would be paying attention to. After all, it was, in a sense, a competition among the nine regions. Although it was a competition of only the Divine Dwelling stage, it was a competition of the pinnacle of the Divine Dwelling stage.

Perhaps the Divine Dwelling stage wasn’t worth mentioning compared to the Nascent Source stage and the Law Domain stage, but everyone was aware of its importance because it represented new blood. 

A stronger Divine Dwelling expert had a higher possibility of advancing further in the future. They were the most fundamental foundation of every sect and faction. Even the nine regions dared not underestimate them.  

To cultivate the heaven prides who were now ranked at the top of the Divine Dwelling List, the nine regions presumably invested a lot of time and energy into them.

For example, Su Youwei. To collect seedlings with remarkable talents, the Zixiao Region had sent people to the Cangxuan Heaven to find them. From this, it was clear how much effort they had invested. 

Zhou Yuan carefully studied the eight names ranked above him. In truth, besides the name, the Divine Dwelling List didn’t reveal much information. But for some reason, he vaguely felt a sense of oppression. Although he didn’t want to admit it, he felt that the Tianyuan Region had indeed been separated from the other eight regions over the years.

This was clearly shown on the Divine Dwelling List.

As for the Heavenly Sun List and the Nascent Source List, the situation was a little better. After all, anyone ranked on those lists had been training for an extended period of time, and once they occupied a position, they would most likely keep it for decades, or even hundreds of years. The Divine Dwelling List most frequently changed, and from that, the weakness and deteriorating state of the Tianyuan Region could be clearly observed. 

Wanzu Region, Zhao Mushen.

Wushen Region, Wu Yao.

Zixiao Region, Su Youwei.

Xuehai Region, Wang Xi.

Shengwen Region, Li Tongshen.

Xuanji Region, Jiu Gong.

Yaogui Region, Xu Ming.

Yushou Region, Yuan Kun.

These were the people ranked in the top eight. Every one of them had established a remarkable reputation in Hunyuan Heaven. They were the heaven prides carefully cultivated by the other eight regions. Even Chen Xuandong was incredibly lacking compared to them.  

They were the great enemies that Zhou Yuan would face in the nine regions tournament.

After all, Zhou Yuan's goal was to win first place. In truth, he didn’t want to show off, but he had no other choice because he had to get his hands on the Ancestral Dragon Lantern.

“It's so troublesome.” Zhou Yuan sighed. Even he felt pressure facing those eight people. Even if he had refined the four runes and discovered their second form, it still wasn’t enough to defeat them.  

Especially the top three.

Although he didn’t know what Su Youwei felt towards him now, he would clash with Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao in the nine regions tournament.

However, it wasn’t that Zhou Yuan didn’t have any strong points. He still hadn’t unlocked his true potential in the Divine Dwelling stage. Those ranked in the top had already connected all nine Divine Dwellings, allowing them to possess tyrannical strength. But this also showed that their potential in the Divine Dwelling stage had reached its limit. 

To further improve their Genesis Qi foundation after opening up all nine Divine Dwellings, they would need a greater opportunity, which meant investing greater effort and energy.

Without enough opportunities, their Genesis Qi foundation would only increase a little or remain the same for a long period of time!

To move forward one step at the end of a hundred steps was always the most difficult!

But at this juncture, as long as one could make further progress, the return would be ten times, or even a hundred times, greater once you reached the Heavenly Sun stage. 

Fortunately, Zhou Yuan hadn’t reached his full potential in the Divine Dwelling stage. Once he opened up the final two Divine Dwellings, his strength would undoubtedly skyrocket, and the gap between him and the others would be pulled infinitely close.    

While Zhou Yuan was studying the names on the Divine Dwelling list, the void in front of him rippled, and a formidable figure emerged.

“Senior sister Chi Jing.” Zhou Yuan stood up with a smile.

“You're so relaxed. You’re now a celebrity in the Tianyuan Region,” Chi Jing said.

Zhou Yuan pursed his lips. “What celebrity? If I don’t perform well in the nine regions tournament and we still rank at the bottom, I will instantly fall from the clouds and be condemned by everyone.”

The higher you climbed, the more painful it would be when you fell.

Chi Jing smiled. “You’ve read the situation thoroughly, and you don't seem too arrogant.”

She glanced at the Divine Dwelling List in Zhou Yuan’s hand and fiddled with her short burgundy hair. She jokingly said, “What? Scared of your opponents? It’s not too late to regret it now.”

Zhou Yuan smiled. “Didn’t I come to the Hunyuan Heaven for this?”

It had been more than a year since he came to the Tianyuan Region. He hadn’t rested at all during this period of time and had been constantly working hard.

Tired? He must be tired. But Zhou Yuan had never thought of giving up. Whenever the thought of Yaoyao lying in that cold glass ice coffin came to his mind, the piercing pain in his heart covered up all the fatigue.

In the past, it had always been Yaoyao who protected him, but now it was time for him to do something for her.

Looking at Zhou Yuan's face, Chi Jing could feel the emotions in his eyes. She witnessed all of Zhou Yuan’s efforts, so she knew there was a story behind it but didn’t ask about it.

“Since the Tri-Mountain Alliance dared to provoke the Tianyuan Region, they must have someone powerful leading them.” Chi Jing’s beautiful jade-like face grew solemn. 

The smile on Zhou Yuan’s face faded. To command a top force such as the Tri-Mountain Alliance to act as pawns, the person had to be incredibly powerful. But there were only a handful of people who had such an ability in the entire Hunyuan Heaven. 

“Do you know who it is?” Zhou Yuan asked.

Chi Jing shook her head. “It's hard to guess. Their actions are nothing more than attempts  to force our master to appear.”

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. If they wanted to force their master to show up, there was a high possibility that Yaoyao was involved since he knew that the biggest reason for master Cang Yuan to hide for many years was Yaoyao.

Yaoyao’s identity was too mysterious and involved a great deal. Even supreme existences in Hunyuan Heaven were plotting because of this.

“It seems that I must win first place in the nine regions tournament and get the Ancestral Dragon Lantern.” 

His identity shouldn’t have been exposed yet; otherwise, those powerful beings would have done something to him already. After all, he was just a little Divine Dwelling expert. Therefore, he needed to win the nine regions tournament and the Ancestral Dragon Lantern before anybody realizes!

As long as the Ancestral Dragon Lantern was in his hands, his first mission of coming to Hunyuan Heaven would be considered successful. If there was any danger, he could ask Chi Jing to send him out of Hunyuan Heaven first. 

Chi Jing nodded. “I am just worried that since their plan failed this time, their future attacks will be even more intense.”

“It's inevitable, so senior sister has to be prepared and be more careful in the future,” Zhou Yuan calmly said. In such a level of struggle, they wouldn’t give up easily.

The two looked at each other, their expressions solemn. They obviously felt a great deal of pressure. Even Chi Jing, an expert of the Law Domain, felt a little powerless in a game of this level, let alone Zhou Yuan, a little Divine Dwelling expert.

Fortunately, they both knew that as long as Cang Yuan was still around, the other party wouldn’t dare to do too much. Otherwise, they would need to pay an unbearable price.

Chi Jing let out a sigh and didn’t want to linger on this serious topic any longer. She suddenly asked, “How much do you know about the nine regions tournament?”  

Zhou Yuan shook his head. “Isn’t it just a match among the heaven prides of the Divine Dwelling stage in the nine regions?”

Chi Jing rolled her eyes and said, “You mustn’t underestimate the nine regions tournament. It symbolizes the greatest opportunity of the Divine Dwelling stage. It can be described as a once in a lifetime opportunity for ambitious people like you.

“By the way, do you know about the Alpha Spiritium?”

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