Chapter 914 Stably in Ninth Position

The result of the endless battle had, in just a few days, passed into the ears of all parties concerned about the battle and caused a great uproar.

Chen Xuandong's defeat was a surprise to many people.

This led to many people becoming interested in the Tianyuan Region’s chief pavilion master. It was unknown where the Tianyuan Region had found such a good seedling. With the leadership of this chief pavilion master, would they still rank last in the nine regions tournament? 

Regardless, Zhou Yuan had risen to fame across the vast and endless Hunyuan Heaven after winning the battle against Chen Xuandong.


Xuanji Region.

When the girl named Jiu Gong received the news, she was taken aback for a good while.

“Hey, senior sister Jiu Gong, it looks like you've made a mistake this time.” A young female disciple chuckled.

Jiu Gong didn’t respond but carefully read the news she had received, which recorded the battle between Zhou Yuan and Chen Xuandong in detail.

After reading for a moment, she raised her eyebrows slightly. “A second form of the four spirit runes? Two increases in strength? A Genesis Qi foundation of 42 million?”

She gently set down the jade bamboo slip, a hint of surprise in her clear eyes. “This chief pavilion master of the Tianyuan Region is indeed surprising. He even developed the second form of the four spirits runes.”

Almost all nine regions had a secret method to enhance the Genesis Qi foundation, but very few could achieve this two-stage change. Furthermore, there were very few secret methods in the entire Hunyuan Heaven that could increase one’s foundation by over 20 million Genesis Qi stars.

“Senior sister Jiu Gong, the Tianyuan Region’s chief pavilion master may be ranked ninth now, right?” 

Looking at the smile on the girl’s face, Jiu Gong couldn't help but shoot her an angry stare. “I made a mistake, and you’re happy?”

The young girl covered her mouth and snickered. After all, Jiu Gong had always been incredibly careful, and it wasn’t often one saw her make a mistake.

Jiu Gong pursed her red lips. “He defeated Chen Xuandong, so the ninth place on the Divine Dwelling List naturally belongs to him, and Chen Xuandong will be moved down a ranking.”

She shook her head, mumbling Zhou Yuan’s name in her heart. It was only after a good while that she no longer thought about it. Zhou Yuan had indeed risen to fame after defeating Chen Xuandong, but that only meant he had the qualification to compete with the other top heaven prides in the nine regions tournament.

Moreover, as the reviewer of the Divine Dwelling List, Jiu Gong knew that a foundation of 42 million Genesis Qi stars was indeed astonishing for top heaven prides, but compared to those ranked in the top eight, it was still somewhat lacking. 

It should be said that those monsters all had the nicknames of Little Heavenly Suns.

And Chen Xuandong was still some distance away from those monsters.

So, if the Tianyuan Region wanted to get rid of their usual bottom ranking in the nine regions tournament, Zhou Yuan would need to become stronger.

After all, the Tianyuan Region was far behind the other eight regions.

How would it be so easy to catch up?


Wushen Region.

On a misty platform, Wu Yao, clad in a bright red dress, was peering into the distance, her hair blowing in the wind. 

In her hand was a jade bamboo slip detailing the match between Zhou Yuan and Chen Xuandong.

“Senior sister Wu Yao, you always foresee things accurately,” Lan Ting said with a smile.

His expression was somewhat strange because Wu Yao had been in such a state ever since receiving the news.

Hearing the voice, Wu Yao finally retracted her gaze and said indifferently, “Zhou Yuan will most likely be our greatest enemy in the nine regions tournament.”

Lan Ting was taken aback, and he immediately smiled, “Isn’t junior sister Wu Yao thinking too much? He only defeated Chen Xuandong. Even I can easily do that, not to mention you. It’s too much to say he’ll be our greatest enemy.”

He didn’t understand why Wu Yao would pay so much attention to Zhou Yuan of the Tianyuan Region.

The Wushen Region’s greatest enemy? The Wushen Region’s competition was Zhao Mushen of the Wanzu Region and Su Youwei of the Zixiao Region! Furthermore, even if it was Zhao Mushen himself, just what rights did he have to compete with them?

Wu Yao kept an indifferent expression on her face and was too lazy to explain. She cast her gaze to the distance again. No one knew how dangerous Zhou Yuan was better than her. In her opinion, Zhao Mushen was indeed a great enemy, but this was obvious. On the other hand, Zhou Yuan was a venomous dragon hiding in the dark. Once he revealed his fangs, he could kill with a single strike.

If Zhou Yuan wasn’t in the Tianyuan Region and didn’t occupy a high and mighty position, Wu Yao would want to find a chance to get rid of this hidden danger before he revealed his fangs.

As Wu Yao thought of the danger Zhou Yuan would bring, a blazing battle intent gushed from the depths of her eyes.

“Zhou Yuan, no one will come to help you this time!

“If you’re only at this level, don't blame me for taking away the sacred dragon qi in your body.”


Zixiao Region.

Many Zixiao Region disciples were gathered in a ring-shaped, arena-like building.

They were all staring at the center of the building where a bead was emitting rays of light. The light intertwined to form a light screen depicting two figures in a fierce match. It was Zhou Yuan and Chen Xuandong.  

The bead was the Zixiao Region’s image retaining stone, and it was showing the match between Zhou Yuan and Chen Xuandong.

The battle gradually came to an end, ending in Zhou Yuan's victory.

Many exclamations erupted. It was clear that the result wasn’t what the disciples had expected.

“Zhou Yuan of the Tianyuan Region is indeed quite capable...”

“It is said that his Divine Dwellings have only opened up to the seventh dwelling. Once he connects through to the ninth Divine Dwelling, how strong would his Genesis Qi foundation be?”

“He mustn’t be underestimated.”


At the forefront of the many disciples, Xue Jingtao withdrew his gaze. Compared to the others, who were gasping in astonishment, he appeared much more indifferent.

“Oh, senior brother Xue, what do you think of Zhou Yuan?” someone asked with a smile.

Xue Jingtao smiled. “He isn’t weak, but it isn’t that easy to stand out in the nine regions tournament.”

“Does senior brother Xue have the confidence to defeat him?” someone asked curiously.

Xue Jingtao simply smiled. Although he didn’t answer the question, the arrogance contained in his smile revealed his answer. As a result, all the surrounding disciples all sighed in admiration and began complimenting him.

Xue Jingtao waved his hand and said in a modest voice, “I am nothing compared to junior sister Youwei.”

His gaze shifted to his right, where a graceful figure stood up and walked down the walkway toward him. It was Su Youwei.

Xue Jingtao discovered a joyful smile on Su Youwei’s beautiful face.

His heart fluttered, and when Su Youwei was near, he said with a smile, “Given junior sister Youwei’s strength, this battle must be a little boring.”

Su Youwei shook her head. “Zhou Yuan of the Tianyuan Region has extraordinary potential. If he can connect all nine Divine Dwellings, only a handful of people in the nine regions tournament stand a chance against him. Even I don’t have much confidence in winning.

“So, senior brother Xue, you shouldn’t misjudge people. Otherwise, you'll get into trouble, and I won’t be able to save you.”

She spoke gently, but her voice contained an underlying warning. After speaking, she strode away, leaving Xue Jingtao standing there stiffly. 


The match between Zhou Yuan and Chen Xuandong had created a lot of waves in the Hunyuan Heaven. Many people realized that the Tianyuan Region’s foundation wasn’t weak despite deteriorating over the years.

However, there were more people commenting that the battle didn’t reveal anything. Everything still depended on the nine regions tournament.

If the Tianyuan Region still ranked last in the upcoming nine regions tournament, all this would mean nothing. After all, the Tianyuan region was one of the nine regions and needed to follow the examples of the other top forces, not lower its status to compare itself with the Tri-Mountain Alliance.  

The nine regions tournament was the real measuring stone!

The battle between Zhou Yuan and Chen Xuandong seemed to be the prelude to the war amongst the top heaven prides of Hunyuan Heaven.

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