Chapter 913 Defeated the Ninth Place Again

Zhou Yuan hovered in the air, and a tremendous vortex of Genesis Qi began taking shape around him. His two fingers were curled inwards, and his fingertips flashed with black-and-white light. He stared at Chen Xuandong, who was rooted to the spot, and icy-cold killing intent flashed across his eyes. 

Under Zhou Yuan’s watchful gaze, Chen Xuandong, who was prepared to strike back one final time, was afraid to budge even an inch.

He madly roared in his heart, “Damn it! It's a little Saint art!

“He has mastered a little Saint art?!”

Chen Xuandong's final trump card was an incomplete little Saint art. Even though it was incomplete, he still relied on it as a killing move, but now, the trump card that Zhou Yuan had prepared was a true little Saint art!

How could he fight back?

From the look in Zhou Yuan's eyes, Chen Xuandong knew that if he really dared to move again, Zhou Yuan wouldn’t hesitate to unleash the destructive power at his fingertips and wipe him out.

Thus, Chen Xuandong remained rational in the face of death.

He slowly scattered the Genesis Qi around his body and said in a hoarse voice with difficulty, “I admit defeat.”

Even if he was unwilling to face it, he had to admit that he had lost against Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan flicked his sleeve, and a wave of Genesis Qi wrapped up Chen Xuandong’s voice and spread it across the world so that everyone could hear his words. 


An uproar broke out, and countless people stared at the scene with utter disbelief. Who would have thought that Chen Xuandong would be defeated!

The match between the two super dark horses ended with Zhou Yuan of the Tianyuan Region having the last laugh!

The Tri-Mountain Alliance had mustered up the courage to provoke the Tianyuan Region and had been full of confidence, but who would have thought that this would be the result?

The three Law Domain experts of the Tri-Mountain Alliance could feel the amount of power within Zhou Yuan’s killing move, and his move was indeed not something Chen Xuandong could withstand. 

The many other parties secretly sighed. The Tianyuan Region was indeed worthy of being one of the nine regions. 

On the Tianyuan Region’s side, many experts revealed a joyful smile one after another. As they gazed at Zhou Yuan from afar, a look of admiration and recognition came to their eyes. 

Zhou Yuan’s previous achievements were local and not widespread, so it was naturally difficult for him to receive recognition. But it was different this time. After defeating Chen Xuandong, he could be said to have blocked the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s covetous thoughts and greatly contributed to the Tianyuan Region.

The light mirror in the sky also immediately passed on the battle situation to the Tianyuan Region’s 800 prefectures.

As a result, deafening cheers broke out from the many prefectures’ main cities.

Zhou Yuan's victory could be considered as venting the anger of the Tianyuan Region’s people. After all, the repeated provocations of the Tri-Mountain Alliance had filled many people of the Tianyuan Region with anger. 

Tianyuan Utopia.

On the round platform, everybody’s eyes were wide with shock.

“Chen Xuandong, he, he lost?” someone stammered and evidently still found it hard to believe. Chen Xuandong was ranked ninth on the Divine Dwelling List and was said to have truly fought his way onto and up the ranking list!

“The chief pavilion master is too abnormal, isn’t he?”

“So, he could be said to have defeated two people ranked ninth on the Divine Dwelling List?” someone couldn't help but remark, but then he quickly covered his mouth and glanced towards the people of the Fire Pavilion.

Everyone looked at each other, but after a few breaths, there was a roar of excitement.

“The chief pavilion master is invincible!”

“The chief pavilion master is invincible!’


Everybody’s face was flushing, and there was even awe in their eyes. It was obvious that after this battle, Zhou Yuan’s reputation in the four pavilions had truly reached its peak. 

In the face of his achievements, even the disciples of the Heavenly Spirit Sect widened their eyes in admiration. 

A complex expression crossed Lu Xiao’s face when he heard the deafening cheers. He knew that if he were the chief pavilion master, Chen Xuandong would have defeated him and the four pavilions would have been disappointed.   

He felt somewhat glad because he knew that even he couldn’t withstand such a situation.

“He's a better chief pavilion master than what I would be,” Lu Xiao mumbled.

Zuo Ya, Zhu Lian and the others all fell silent. Even Zuo Ya, who saw Zhou Yuan as an eyesore, couldn’t say a word because she wasn’t stupid and clearly saw that they were fortunate to have Zhou Yuan as their chief pavilion master. Otherwise, the four pavilions of the Tianyuan Region would have become a laughing stock.  

“In the nine regions tournament, please try to cooperate with him as much as possible. With his leadership, perhaps our Tianyuan Region can achieve a good result this time,” Lu Xiao said after taking a deep breath.  

A group of Heavenly Spirit Sect disciples next to him nodded.

Yi Qiushui gently patted her chest and drew a deep breath. “I was almost scared to death.”

Ye Bingling nodded. Although they were not at the battle, they could still feel the extreme danger through the light mirror. 

“But after this battle, Zhou Yuan’s position is indeed unshakable. He has won the hearts of the four pavilions,” Ye Bingling stated.

Yi Qiushui nodded. She similarly felt that the members of the four pavilions had begun to truly worship Zhou Yuan and that the four pavilions were finally standing united because of outside provocation.  

At the Endless Crevice watched by countless people.

When Chen Xuandong admitted defeat, the black-and-white flashes of light at Zhou Yuan's fingertips gradually disappeared as the terrifying and dangerous aura faded.

With an indifferent expression, Zhou Yuan inwardly breathed a sigh of relief. After two months of training, his Yin Yang Lightning Rune had given birth to a ray of yin-and-yang lightning. If he were to bring it out now, it would be a waste.

It was already the perfect result to make someone surrender without fighting.

“Accepted.” Zhou Yuan threw a glance at Chen Xuandong and didn't pay any more attention to him. He gave a cupped fist salute and turned away.

As he walked towards the Tianyuan Region, many experts cast their eyes at him. Unlike before, their eyes contained more admiration and awe than doubt.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head to look at the five figures in the void and gave a cupped fist salute. “Fortunately, I didn’t lose my life.”

A smile crossed Chi Jing’s face, and clan elder Mu Ni nodded with a smile. “Zhou Yuan, you did very well.”

As the two expressed their opinions, sect master Xuan Kun, Bai Ye and Bian Chang also nodded in approval of Zhou Yuan’s performance. After all, countless people had witnessed his battle. They couldn’t deny it by simply shaking their heads. Besides, it would be incredibly petty, given their identity and status. 

Chi Jing raised her head and smiled at the three Law Domain experts from the Tri-Mountain Alliance. “What else does the Tri-Mountain Alliance have to say? If a contest of the Divine Dwelling stage isn’t enough, you can try the Heavenly Sun stage or the Nascent Source stage. If you still aren’t convinced, the three of you can even personally take action. My Tianyuan Region will always accept the challenge.”

The three Law Domain experts stiffened, and then mountain lord Gui Yuan answered, “Why is grand elder Chi Jing in such a hurry? The Tri-Mountain Alliance will admit defeat this time.

“But grand elder Chi Jing, you must know that today’s affairs are due to the changes in the Tianyuan Region. The status of the nine regions is extraordinary and can’t be guarded by five Law Domain experts alone.”

His tone was indifferent, but the meaning was clear.

My Tri-Mountain Alliance may have failed this time, but the conflicts won’t end here. As long as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan doesn’t appear, you will be continually challenged until the day the Tianyuan Region is removed from the nine regions.

Chi Jing calmly responded, “Whoever wants to target my Tianyuan Region, my Tianyuan Region will accompany them.”

“Then I hope grand elder Chi Jing can withstand them.

“My Tri-Mountain Alliance will send over 300 Divine Dwelling Immeasurable Fruits later.”

The other two Law Domain experts turned and left.

In the distance, the mighty army of people from the Tri-Mountain Alliance reluctantly retreated.

Standing in the sky, Chi Jing and Mu Ni didn’t reveal a ripple of emotion on their faces as they watched them leave, but the depths of theirs were solemn. They knew that mountain lord Gui Yuan was right. As long as supreme sovereign Cang Yuan wasn’t in Hunyuan Heaven, similar provocations would continue to appear in the future.

They were also keenly aware of the secret, underlying plot. Someone wanted to force supreme sovereign Cang Yuan to appear.

Chi Jing and Mu Ni exchanged a glance and very quickly calmed their emotions.

Sect master Xuan Kun, Bai Ye and Bian Chang disappeared without saying anything, and Chi Jing and Mu Ni descended in front of Zhou Yuan and said with a smile, “Congratulations. This time no one will stop you from being ranked ninth on the Divine Dwelling List.”

Zhou Yuan was a little helpless. Who cares about such a thing?

“But don’t be so proud. Chen Xuandong is the most harmless heaven pride compared to the ones you’ll meet at the nine regions tournament,” Mu Ni remarked.

Zhou Yuan gently nodded. He, of course, understood that his match with Chen Xuandong was only a small trial. The real event was the nine regions tournament in one month.

His first goal of coming to Hunyuan Heaven was finally in front of him.

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