Chapter 912 Four Spirits Origin Diagram


Mighty Genesis Qi erupted from Zhou Yuan’s body like a volcano. The Genesis Qi and the void vibrated, producing thunderous sounds that shook the world.

Many people stared at the scene in shocked disbelief.

They could clearly feel that Zhou Yuan’s foundation of 36 million Genesis Qi stars was surging once again.

38 million…

40 million…

His Genesis Qi foundation stopped at 42 million.

The entire world went silent, and countless people widened their eyes in shock.

42 million!

His foundation had increased by another six million stars!

Countless people stared dumbstruck at Zhou Yuan hovering in the void with monstrous Genesis Qi behind him. Who wouldn’t know it was incredibly difficult for people of their level to increase their Genesis Qi, and how much effort and opportunity would one need to do so? Despite this, Zhou Yuan’s foundation had still increased by almost 20 million!

His original Genesis Qi foundation was only at 23 million stars!

This increase was simply terrifying to hear.

On the round platform of the Four Spirits Origin Tower in Tianyuan Utopia, the members of the four pavilions were all paralyzed with astonishment. Even the three pavilion masters, Lu Xiao, Mu Liu and Han Yuan, wore terrified expressions as if they had seen a ghost.

It was a good while later when a member of the four pavilions cried out, “What is that thing?!” 

“How can the four spirit runes have this form? I haven’t heard of it before!”

“The four spirit runes can have a second round of increase?!”

“What is going on here?”


Even Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling exchanged glances with one another. It was the first time they had seen or even heard that the four spirit runes could induce a second round of growth.

“Senior brother Lu Xiao, what is happening?” Zuo Ya murmured dazedly.

Lu Xiao stared into the light mirror at the figure emitting monstrous Genesis Qi. His gaze was complex. “It seems that our understanding of the four spirit runes is too superficial. If I’m not mistaken, the second round of increase from Zhou Yuan’s four spirit runes can only be achieved by gathering all four spirit runes together.”

Everyone next to them fell silent. To gather the four spirit runes...for them, it was something that they didn’t even dare to think about.

Even Lu Xiao didn’t have the confidence to refine all four spirit runes completely before he had to leave the four pavilions.

What kind of demon was their chief pavilion master?

At this moment, almost everyone, including disciples of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, couldn’t help but feel awestruck. When someone surpassed you, you would feel anxious to catch up, but when you suddenly discovered it was impossible to catch up, you wouldn’t be able to help but look at them in awe.

Even Zuo Ya wore a cloudy expression as she bowed her head.

Lu Xiao let out a sigh. He had improved in the previous two months, but compared to Zhou Yuan’s improvement, his was simply a world of difference. If the two were to face off against each other again, Lu Xiao knew that he wouldn’t even withstand three rounds.

The person he had looked down on had now completely surpassed him and left him behind.


Above the deep crevice.

Zhou Yuan, whom countless people watched with shocked gazes, twisted his neck slightly. Feeling the new surging power in his body for the first time, he felt a little satisfied.

“I gained another six million Genesis Qi stars...”

Zhou Yuan peered down at the ancient and mysterious pattern that had formed on the surface of his skin, and the corners of his lips curved upwards. When he completed the third Genesis rune, he already knew that there would be another wonderful change when the four runes were gathered together.

It was the Four Spirits Origin Diagram.

Awakening it wasn’t as simple as refining the four spirit runes. Each spirit rune needed to increase one’s Genesis Qi by at least 3.5 million stars. This was due to the fact that the higher the increase, the greater the compatibility was between one’s Genesis Qi and the four spirit runes.

Except for Zhou Yuan, nobody in the four pavilions was able to do so.

Even Lu Xiao’s, Mu Liu’s and Han Yuan’s spirit runes could at most achieve an increase of three million.

Zhou Yuan could achieve this not because of just his talent and strong Spirit cultivation level but also because of the compatibility brought about by the Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method. In other words, not everyone could touch upon the ultimate form. From ancient times till then, he was most likely the only person able to do so.

Zhou Yuan lifted his head to look at Chen Xuandong’s figure in the distant void.

Chen Xuandong’s complexion alternated between blue and pale, and his eyes were wide with disbelief. It was evident that the increase in Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi had a significant impact on him. 

“How can there be a secret technique that increases Genesis Qi to such an extent?” Chen Xuandong couldn’t help but roar in protest when he felt the waves of mighty pressure surging in the distance.

It wasn’t that he had no knowledge of the four pavilions’ four spirit runes, but there had never been such a strange change from the information he had gathered.

A Genesis Qi foundation of 42 million!

This was two million more than his!

Chen Xuandong found the difference in stars hard to accept because his Genesis Qi foundation was his greatest pride. He had exhausted all his means but still found that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation was stronger than his.

Zhou Yuan glanced at Chen Xuandong indifferently and wasn’t interested in explaining too much to him. Instead, he clenched his hand, and the Genesis Qi behind him suddenly vibrated.


His figure vanished in an instant.

He reappeared in front of Chen Xuandong and thrust out a punch. A torrent of mighty Genesis Qi roared out, wrapped in terrifying power, and directly aimed for Chen Xuandong.

“You only have two million Genesis Qi stars more than me. Do you really think you have a chance of winning?!” Chen Xuandong’s eyes were filled with anger upon seeing Zhou Yuan’s attack. He was a top heaven pride who had earned a remarkable battle record over the years. He had defeated opponents with stronger Genesis Qi foundations than him in the past, since the outcome of a battle was also determined by other factors.

Chen Xuandong tightened his grip on the black spear. The spear light trembled in the void and collided with the torrent of ferocious Genesis Qi.


A boom resounding in the void as the two powerful Genesis Qis clashed.

The clouds in the sky tore apart.

Many people then saw a figure shooting out in embarrassment. It was...Chen Xuandong!

Gasps of astonishment echoed throughout the crowd because it was the first time that Zhou Yuan countered Chen Xuandong.

Chen Xuandong’s face darkened, and his eyes glinted with malice.

Another deafening boom sounded, and Zhou Yuan’s figure sped out. A pair of mysterious wings stretched out from his body, swallowing the Genesis Qi between heaven and earth to strengthen his body further.

Zhou Yuan’s skin was glowing with a jade light.

The feeling that Zhou Yuan gave Chen Xuandong at this moment was akin to a ferocious beast!

Incomparable danger!

But no matter how dangerous Zhou Yuan was, Chen Xuandong had no intention of retreating. A crimson light emerged in his eyes as he hissed, “You think I’ll be afraid?!”

“Tri-Mountain Divine Armour Art!”

Chen Xuandong roared, and the three tremendous mountains appeared in the void behind him. They converged on his body and transformed into a layer of tri-colored armor. His power skyrocketed, and his every movement seemed to possess the power of three huge mountains.

Armed with a black spear, he shot out and collided with Zhou Yuan.


High in the air, two figures wrapped in terrifying Genesis Qi collided repeatedly. The two people were like flashes of lightning; their attacks resembled torrential storms, bombarding their opponents and causing the void to tremble violently.

Some of the experts present who were also at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage felt fearful as they watched the battle between the two. If they were on the battleground, the two would have most likely killed them within ten breaths. 

The two representatives were indeed worthy of being called the super dark horses on the Divine Dwelling List.

But anyone could tell that, in this fierce drawn-out battle, Chen Xuandong was suppressed from the beginning.

After all, there was initially a gap in Genesis Qi between Chen Xuandong and Zhou Yuan, but Zhou Yuan had not only closed the gap but had even caught up with Chen Xuandong. As a result, the situation had immediately changed, and Chen Xuandong suffered from the suppression of Genesis Qi.


A ray of light shot down from high above, striking the deep side of the cliff. The mountain wall cracked, and Chen Xuandong’s entire body was deeply embedded in the cliff. Massive cracks stretched out like cobwebs.    

Chen Xuandong was desperately struggling inside the cliff wall. Blood trickled down the corners of his mouth, and his tri-colored divine armor was riddled with cracks.

Zhou Yuan’s figure slowly descended, and he coldly peered down at Chen Xuandong  and indifferently said, “Do you still want to continue?”

Chen Xuandong’s eyes flashed with malice. He took a deep breath, slowly climbed up and wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. “You really think I don’t have any other moves?”    

He still had a final trump card, an incomplete little Saint art he had yet to master fully. But once used, the art would certainly reverse the tide. 

But that little Saint art wasn’t complete, and if he used it forcibly, it would adversely affect him.

But at this moment, given the situation, he couldn’t care anymore.

“Since you want to die, I will fulfill your wish!”

Chen Xuandong folded his hands together and performed multiple hand seals consecutively. He was about to use his last trump card.

However, it was at this moment that Zhou Yuan slowly lifted his palm, curled his fingers inwards, and stared indifferently at Chen Xuandong. In the depths of his eyes was a flash of black-and-white light. His fingertips similarly flashed with a black-and-white light.


Thunder rumbled across the world.

The immense Genesis Qi between heaven and earth displayed a frantic state before gathering towards Zhou Yuan as though forming a massive vortex.

Many experts’ expressions changed drastically. Even the expressions of Heavenly Sun stage experts grew solemn. They were obviously aware of the faint dangerous aura between heaven and earth.

Chen Xuandong’s changing seals suddenly froze. He stared wide-eyed at Zhou Yuan, his expression freezing. He had clearly felt an indescribable, terrifying force.


This is a real little Saint art!

What Zhou Yuan was going to show was unexpectedly a little Saint art he had mastered!

Beads of cold sweat rolled down Chen Xuandong’s cheeks.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were biting cold as he stared at Chen Xuandong. It was only after a while that an indifferent voice came forth.

“If you want to die, move again.”

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