Chapter 911 Four Runes Completed

“All four Genesis Runes have been completely refined!”

All members of the four pavilions on the round platform in the Tianyuan Utopia were all struck dumb when they saw the four ancient Genesis Runes appear on Zhou Yuan’s body.

As members of the four pavilions, they were well aware of the difficulty of refining the four Genesis Runes. Even if Zhou Yuan had the four mother runes he had created to accumulate Genesis marks more quickly, it would still require a lot of time and energy to refine a complete Genesis Rune.

But Zhou Yuan had completely refined the third and fourth Genesis Runes in two months!

This speed was too terrifying!

It had only been a year since Zhou Yuan joined the four pavilions. Many former pavilion masters could only refine three Genesis Runes before they finished training and left the four pavilions. Refining three was already considered a success, and they never even dared to think of refining the fourth Genesis Rune!

Even Lu Xiao’s face was twitching at this moment. Although he knew that Zhou Yuan had solely focused on refining the two remaining Genesis Runes during his closed-door cultivation, he wasn’t confident that Zhou Yuan would succeed. After all, it was hard to believe someone could completely refine one rune in one month.

Zuo Ya’s mouth was wide open, but no sound came forth.

Lu Xiao continued to stare at the light mirror, and his serious expression didn’t relax because he knew that even if Zhou Yuan had the four runes on his body, he might not be able to reverse the situation. He knew that Chen Xuandong had to also possess similar foreign objects that could enhance his strength.

Zhou Yuan still didn’t have much of an advantage.



Vast and mighty Genesis Qi erupted from Zhou Yuan’s body like a monstrous wave. Everyone could feel Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi skyrocket at an astonishing rate.

25 million…

29 million…

30 million!

When the number of Genesis Qi stars in the void surpassed 30 million, the rate of increase didn’t slow but continued to climb steadily. In the end, amidst countless shocked gazes, it stopped at 36 million.

36 million Genesis Qi stars!

The four Genesis Runes had directly strengthened Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation by 13 million!

Zhou Yuan stood tall in the void, and the pressure from his mighty Genesis Qi caused the void to shake violently. His eyes were like knives staring coldly at Chen Xuandong, who revealed a surprised look. 

“The four spirit runes of the Tianyuan Region are indeed remarkable.”

The spirit runes had increased Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation by more than 13 million. They were indeed worthy of being the four pavilions’ symbol.

Feeling the immense power flowing in his body, Zhou Yuan drooped his eyes as he said, “I know that the Tri-Mountain Alliance also has a similar means of strengthening the Genesis Qi foundation. You should also bring it out; otherwise, the battle will be too boring.”

He was clearly using Chen Xuandong’s previous words back at him.

The corners of Chen Xuandong’s eyes visibly twitched. “But I want to first test the strength of your 36 million Genesis Qi stars.”

Chen Xuandong was an incredibly proud person. He believed that his strength and techniques, as well as his ranking on the Divine Dwelling List, were superior to Zhou Yuan’s, so he didn’t want to be forced to show his trump cards immediately.

As his voice faded, his eyes turned biting cold. He stamped his feet, sending the black spear in his hand shooting into the sky. It turned into a black torrent piercing through the void. A black qilin, enveloped in terrifying power, seemed to take shape beyond the black torrent.

The black torrent moved at an astonishing speed, appearing in front of Zhou Yuan in the blink of an eye.

But even as he faced such a fierce attack, Zhou Yuan’s expression remained indifferent. Standing in the void, he slowly clenched his hand, and hairs gushed out from his pores, wrapping his fist before turning black.

Zhou Yuan clenched his hand tight and threw a punch at the black torrent.


A loud metallic clang rang out, and the black torrent suddenly dissipated under everyone’s eyes. Even a tragic cry could be heard. Then, a beam of black shot backwards, reverting back into a spear and landing beside Chen Xuandong. The light around the spear was much duller than before.

The corners of Chen Xuandong’s mouth twitched.

Not only was all his Genesis Qi gathered in that previous attack, but the black qilin spear had also strengthened it. Despite this, Zhou Yuan had dealt with it easily.

It was clear that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation of 36 million was frighteningly solid.

“Do you want to continue?” Zhou Yuan asked.

Chen Xuandong’s eyes grew colder. “Since you are in a hurry to embarrass yourself, I will fulfill your request!”

He folded his hands together and performed countless hand seals in an instant.

Endless Genesis Qi diffused from his body, rapidly transforming into three towering mountains behind him.

Watching the three massive mountain shadows emerge, exclamations of surprise broke out, “That’s the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s Tri-Mountain Spirit Seals!”

“It is said that each Tri-Mountain Spirit Seal symbolizes the foundation of around three million Genesis Qi stars, and once all three mountains form, they can increase one’s foundation by ten million!”

“It’s just that this technique can only be practiced by the core disciples of the Tri-Mountain Alliance, unlike the four spirit runes, which any member of the four pavilions can refine.” 

“The Tianyuan Region is part of the nine regions and was created by supreme sovereign Cang Yuan. The Tri-Mountain Alliance is naturally lacking in comparison.”

“But this is all insignificant. As soon as Chen Xuandong releases his Tri-Mountain Spirit Seals, his foundation will soar to 40 million Genesis Qi stars, which will be far greater than Zhou Yuan’s.”

“Yes, the gap between them is too great. Zhou Yuan is too naive to think that he could close the gap in foundation with the four spirit runes.”


Countless cries of disappointment could be heard throughout the Tianyuan Region’s 800 prefectures. They had felt a glimmer of hope when they had seen Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation skyrocket, but they hadn’t expected their hopes to be crushed in the blink of an eye.

Chen Xuandong hovered in the void with 40 million Genesis Qi stars flickering behind him. He peered down at Zhou Yuan with a condescending sneer. “Is it enough now?

“The Tri-Mountain Spirit Seals of my Tri-Mountain Alliance is in no way inferior to the four spirit runes of your Tianyuan Region!”

Zhou Yuan glanced at the arrogant and overbearing Chen Xuandong with a grin, then shook his head, “No, your Tri-Mountain Spirit Seals are in fact much worse than the four spirit runes.”

Chen Xuandong sneered, “Ridiculous!”

Zhou Yuan calmly said, “You think this is the limit of the four spirit runes?” 

Chen Xuandong’s pupils shrank, and he spoke in a cold, emotionless voice. “What are you being mysterious for?”

Zhou Yuan shook his head and didn’t say anything more. Instead, he folded his hands together and produced a mysterious and complex seal.

There was only a gap of three million Genesis Qi stars between them. It wasn’t that Zhou Yuan couldn’t accept this Genesis Qi gap. If he really had to fight with all his strength and couldn’t win in terms of Genesis Qi, he wouldn’t let Chen Xuandong have too many advantages.

But Zhou Yuan didn’t think it was necessary.

Since Chen Xuandong was most proud of his tyrannical Genesis Qi foundation, Zhou Yuan intended to defeat him in his proudest field of expertise.

Zhou Yuan slowly closed his eyes.

The four ancient Genesis Runes on the back of his hands, the center of his brows and his heart began to beam light. The rays intertwined on Zhou Yuan’s skin and gradually formed a mysterious pattern.

In the air, Chi Jing suddenly smiled. She looked at Zhou Yuan and then shifted her gaze to sect master Xuan Kun and others, saying, “How many people still remember the ultimate form of the four spirit runes my master once mentioned?”

Sect master Xuan Kun and others were taken aback, and then they scrunched their brows.

They all vaguely remembered, but no one had reached the ultimate form ever since the establishment of the Four Spirits Origin Tower since very few people had managed to refine all four spirit runes completely.

“What is the ultimate form?” asked sect master Xuan Kun.

Chi Jing smiled. “The four runes form a formation known as…”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes snapped open, and a low voice sounded from his mouth.

“The Four Spirits Origin Diagram!”

An ancient pattern slowly emerged on the surface of Zhou Yuan’s skin.

And following the ancient pattern’s appearance, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi, which had stagnated, suddenly surged once again.

All across the world, a look of shocked disbelief surfaced in everyone’s eyes.

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