Chapter 910 Battling Chen Xuandong

Thirty million Genesis Qi stars twinkled in the sky, a grand sight accompanied by tremendous pressure. Countless onlookers could not help but inwardly exclaim in admiration. As the ninth ranker on the Divine Dwelling List, Chen Xuandong was indeed an extraordinary individual whose strength could awe almost anyone.

Though several factors would decide the victor in a fight, one’s Genesis Qi foundation was one of the major ones. Hence, everyone understood that things were dire for Zhou Yuan when Chen Xuandong displayed his foundation of 30 million Genesis Qi stars.

From what Zhou Yuan had shown two months ago in the fight with Lu Xiao, his Genesis Qi foundation should be at 21 million.

This was a giant gap of 9 million!

It was already enough for one side to easily crush the other. Ordinary methods would not be able to make up for such a massive disparity.

The expressions of countless people from the Tianyuan Region’s several hundred prefectures turned grave as they watched through the mirrors.

Chen Xuandong proudly stood in the air, the Genesis Qi he cultivated shining with a pitch-black luster. It was a grade-seven Genesis Qi named the Black Bicorn Corrosion Qi, and it possessed extremely terrifying corrosive power. It was also one of the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s top-tier Genesis Qis.

He displayed a skin-deep smile as he stared at Zhou Yuan. Chen Xuandong was obviously very confident in his abilities.

“Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan. It will be better for you to give the participation rights for the nine regions tournament to me. Otherwise, you may not reach the third stage of the nine regions tournament with your abilities. If that were to happen, you would only bring shame to the Tianyuan Region,” said Chen Xuandong.

Zhou Yuan’s expression did not change; he seemed not the least bit angry due to Chen Xuandong’s words.

He knew that the other party was trying to infuriate him in hopes of affecting his condition. Chen Xuandong might appear to be domineering, but he was evidently very cunning as well.

Zhou Yuan’s calm voice sounded, “Although a Genesis Qi foundation of 30 million stars is strong, you might not be able to triumph over me today.” He took a step forward in the air as three chaos halos emerged behind him. Then, the roar of a dragon vibrated the air as boundless Genesis Qi swept out from his body, occupying the sky behind him like a vast and mighty cloud.

Genesis Qi shone in the air, revealing 23 million Genesis Qi stars.

Although Zhou Yuan had spent the majority of the past two months on the final two spirit runes, his Genesis Qi cultivation had grown as well. He now had 2 million more Genesis Qi stars, but this was roughly his limit. Any future growth would be extremely slow unless he unlocked the eighth Divine Dwelling.

However, there was still a 7 million difference between him and Chen Xuandong!

Chen Xuandong wore a faint smile, clearly unfazed by Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation. He shook his head and said, “Since chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan does not wish to yield the spot to me, I have no choice but to take it myself.”

He made a seal with one hand.


His torrential black qi roared as it swept forth like a dense black sea. A mighty pressure suffocated the place as the sea of black loomed over Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed slightly as a sword orb rose from his palm.

The cry of a sword pierced through the air. The sword orb transformed into a thousand-foot-long wave of sword light as it ruthlessly slashed at the black sea with peerless ferocity.

Sword light chopped into the black sea, instantly tearing it apart. However, endless dense black qi fueled the sea, and wave after wave crashed into the sword light, continuously grinding away at it.

In a short few breaths, only a hundred feet of dim sword light was left.

Zhou Yuan slapped his hands together, and a mysterious glowing silhouette emerged around his body.

“Omega Saint Spirit Art!”

Zhou Yuan’s aura soared, and he dashed forward as if running along the body of a green dragon, charging straight into the black sea. The sword orb shot back into his outreached hand, and sword light grew once more.

Swish! Swish!

Countless rays of sword light shot forth, forcibly tearing apart the black sea.


Zhou Yuan’s expression suddenly shivered as he unhesitatingly sent a ray of sword light slashing towards his right. A spear suddenly thrust out from the air, accompanied by frightening power.

The sword light and the spear collided, but the sword light shattered after a few breaths.

A black figure appeared like a ghost. A thousand spears seemed to turn into stars in the sky as they thrust towards Zhou Yuan’s vitals with powerful killing intent.

Chen Xuandong had finally moved.

Zhou Yuan did not dare to delay even a single second. Sword light slashed out from his hand as a lantern appeared in the other.

“Spirit Lantern Art!”

Boundless Spirit Fire howled from the lantern, pouncing straight at Chen Xuandong.

Zhou Yuan had evidently prepared this killing bow in advance and was only waiting for Chen Xuandong to appear.

“Hehe, I already know of chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan’s Spirit Fire move.” However, Chen Xuandong did not show even the slightest hint of fear in the face of the howling Spirit Fire, evidently already prepared for the deadly technique. With a grasp of his hand, a black clay bowl appeared.

The bowl seemed to be filled with some kind of black liquid.

He directed the black liquid with his finger, and it flew into the air, turning into a torrent of black water. Endless cold qi rose from the black water, cold enough to freeze even one’s Spirit.


The Spirit Fire and the black water clashed. A sizzling noise erupted as both parties extinguished each other.

Meanwhile, the black spear in Chen Xuandong’s hand turned into a graceful shadow as it pierced through the air. The spear appeared right in front of Zhou Yuan and shot towards his brows; the attack’s ruthlessness was enough to scatter even the Spirit.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes widened slightly as boundless sword light slashed downwards.


However, the sword light instantly crumbled when the two forces collided, and the sword orb was sent shooting back towards him.

In that moment of peril, Zhou Yuan tightly clenched his fist as black hairs rushed out from his pores, turning into a black gauntlet around his hand. Boundless Genesis Qi surged out layer by layer as the gauntlet smashed towards the deadly spear tip.


Sparks flew as the surrounding space rippled.

Zhou Yuan’s figure was sent flying as if struck by a heavy blow. The hairs covering his fist shrank back, and blood flowed down his fingers. Chen Xuandong’s terrifying attack had injured him.

The exchange was brief, but it clearly displayed the ferocity of both parties.

Anyone could tell that although Zhou Yuan had tried his best and repeatedly gone on the offensive, Chen Xuandong had easily neutralized his attacks. In comparison, Chen Xuandong’s sudden attack had immediately blown away Zhou Yuan.

Chen Xuandong undoubtedly had the upper hand.

This was no surprise to everyone. After all, Chen Xuandong had the absolute advantage in terms of Genesis Qi foundations. Zhou Yuan’s assault was basically akin to trying to smash a rock with an egg.

Countless cries of unresigned pity sounded in the Tianyuan Region’s 800 prefectures.

On a round plaza in the Tianyuan Utopia, the members of the four pavilions were silent, their expressions on the verge of despair.

In the sky above the Endless Crevice.

Chen Xuandong pointed his spear to the side and revealed a faint smile as he looked towards Zhou Yuan.

“Chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan, I’ve long heard of the Tianyuan Region’s amazing four spirit runes. If you don’t bring them out now, I’m afraid you won’t have a chance.

“Moreover, I’m interested to see how many of the four spirit runes you’ve managed to acquire.”

Zhou Yuan massaged his fist, the wounds on his face swiftly healing as he pursed his lips. The opponent’s 30 million Genesis Qi foundation was indeed very overwhelming. He had failed to gain any leeway even after using the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb technique, the Omega Saint Spirit Art and the Spirit Lantern Art.

Chen Xuandong was indeed a much more troublesome foe than Lu Xiao. He was basically steamrolling Zhou Yuan due to the massive disparity between their Genesis Qi foundations.

However, Zhou Yuan’s expression did not waver. Without further ado, two ancient runes began to glow on the backs of his hands.

As the two spirit runes emerged, another ancient rune appeared between his brows.

The third rune!

Several gasps of surprise rang out across the area.

However, when a light began to blossom from Zhou Yuan’s chest in the pattern of an ancient rune, these gasps suddenly grew even louder!

Four spirit runes!

As the four spirit runes appeared, the Genesis Qi undulations around Zhou Yuan began to climb steadily.

Chen Xuandong, who had seemed unconcerned since the beginning, suddenly became focused, not expecting Zhou Yuan to have acquired all four spirit runes!

He licked his lips as he mumbled to himself, “It’s finally becoming a little interesting.”

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