Chapter 909 How

When Zhou Yuan’s voice echoed across the area, countless gazes converged on his body, and numerous whispers arose.

“So that is the chief pavilion master of the Tianyuan Region, Zhou Yuan?”

“From what I can see, his Genesis Qi cultivation is only at the seventh Divine Dwelling.”

“If so, wouldn’t that mean that there hasn’t been much change since he fought Lu Xiao two months ago?”

“Hehe, if that is the case...the Tianyuan Region will likely be thoroughly humiliated today!”


There were all manners of people present, including numerous scouts and spies from various factions. As such, they were naturally sharper than the average individual. A single look was all that was needed for them to realize that Zhou Yuan had not made much progress in his cultivation for the last two months.

This discovery immediately made them gloat over the Tianyuan Region’s predicament. After all, Chen Xuandong was not someone the likes of Lu Xiao could compare to.

Two months ago, it had taken Zhou Yuan almost everything to defeat Lu Xiao. If he were to face Chen Xuandong, who was even stronger, he would most likely lose in quite an ugly manner.

Zhou Yuan ignored the skeptical and gloating gazes. He cupped his fists together towards Chi Jing, Mu Ni and the other grand elders before walking forward. He slowly arrived above the deep crevice.

Chi Jing pointed at the air as she gazed at Zhou Yuan’s back. Ripples spread from her finger, forming a giant mirror of light. The mirror shimmered as innumerable ancient Genesis Runes flowed across its surface, revealing Zhou Yuan and Chen Xuandong’s figures.

At the same time, light erupted from the many towers in the Tianyuan Region’s several hundred prefectures. Strings of light weaved together in the air, forming similar mirrors that reflected the Endless Crevice.

The Tianyuan Utopia was no exception.

Practically every member of the four pavilions was gathered at the round plaza of the Four Spirits Origin Tower. They held their breaths as they stared at the giant mirror that appeared in the sky. It drew in countless gazes from the Tianyuan Utopia.

Zuo Ya’s brows were tightly knitted together, and she could not help but exclaim, “What the heck? He hasn’t ascended to the next minor cultivation stage? How will he be able to match Chen Xuandong in this state!”

“No one will think you’re a mute if you don’t talk!” Yi Qiushui, who was nearby, cast an icy glare at her.

Zuo Ya bristled in anger, retorting, “Did I say anything wrong? Although it becomes harder to unlock the later Divine Dwellings, he might have succeeded if he had poured all his effort into Genesis Qi cultivation. He didn’t break through because he had spent all his time on the mountain and forest spirit runes. It wasn’t a wise decision!

“Even if he did manage to complete the final two spirit runes, it would only enhance his Genesis Qi by 7 million. But Chen Xuandong’s Genesis Qi foundations have reached almost 30 million stars, and do you think he lacks external boosting methods similar to the four spirit runes?

“Zhou Yuan is not just representing himself, but all the Divine Dwelling stage experts of our Tianyuan Region. If he loses, our entire generation will be too ashamed to show our faces in the future.”

The surrounding Fire Pavilion members secretly nodded their heads as their brows furrowed in worry.

Yi Qiushui indifferently said, “Zhou Yuan naturally has a plan. You just can’t see it because you’re too shortsighted. There’s no need to shake everyone’s hearts. If you keep uttering nonsense, you’d better return me the rest of the origin coins.”

Zuo Ya had only managed to return half of the ten thousand origin coin debt due to her bet with Yi Qiushui.

With Yi Qiushui pinching her tender spot, Zuo Ya’s pretty face instantly turned ashen. However, she did not dare to say anything else. She could only stomp her foot in anger and say, “Fine, I’ll be waiting to see what kind of plan he has!”

The bickering between the two young ladies finally came to a stop. Although many of the four pavilion members were gathered at the plaza, the atmosphere was somewhat stifling, not lively.

Yi Qiushui raised her head and stared at the giant mirror in the sky. She involuntarily clenched her hands tightly and tried to conceal the worry in the depths of her eyes. Chi Jing had taken away Zhou Yuan the moment he had left his secluded cultivation. Hence, she knew nothing about the results of his two months of training.

At the very least, it did appear that Zhou Yuan was at a huge disadvantage.

“Zhou Yuan, do your best,” murmured Yi Qiushui in a soft voice.

All eight hundred prefectures of the Tianyuan Region were currently watching the match. If Zhou Yuan lost, he would likely have to relinquish his chief pavilion master position, even if everyone knew that Lu Xiao would probably fare much worse. Zhou Yuan had no other choice because someone needed to bear the consequences.

Of course, she also knew that if Zhou Yuan won, his fame and influence would reach their peak in the Tianyuan Region. At that time, no one would be able to shake his position. Even sect master Xuan Kun would not be able to touch him no matter how much of a thorn he was in the Heavenly Spirit Sect’s side.

It was undoubtedly a grand gamble.


“Grand elder Chi Jing, are you really so confident in him? To think that you even activated the Thousand Eye Projection Mirror. Are you not afraid that this will backfire and end up making him a laughing stock?” sect master Xuan Kun gazed at the glowing mirror in the sky. Genesis Runes flowed in the mirror like numerous eyes, creating an exceptionally bizarre sight.

He glanced at Chi Jing as he continued, “If Zhou Yuan loses, I believe grand elder Chi Jing is fully aware of what will follow.”

Chi Jing’s face remained composed as she replied, “If he wins?”

Sect master Xuan Kun was silent for a moment before he said, “If he wins, the Heavenly Spirit Sect disciples in the Fire Pavilion will obediently listen to his every command.”

Sect master Xuan Kun understood how influential Zhou Yuan would become if it reached that stage. With Chi Jing taking his side, sect master Xuan Kun would have no way to touch Zhou Yuan. Hence, sect master Xuan Kun felt that he might as well gracefully admit defeat if it happened.

“Then let’s wait and see.” Chi Jing had no intention of continuing the conversation, and she cast her gaze towards the slim figure above the giant crevice.

She might not trust her own judgment, but she believed in her master’s eyes.


Under countless watching gazes, strong winds blew towards Zhou Yuan, ruffling his clothes. His expression was akin to the water in an ancient well. The unshakable presence he emitted made several onlookers secretly nod in approval.

Although the chief pavilion master of the Tianyuan Region might be lacking strength, there was nothing to be said about his courage.

Gaze after gaze turned towards the Tri-Mountain Alliance, where Chen Xuandong walked forward and arrived in front of Zhou Yuan.

The two individuals faced each other in the sky above the deep crevice.

The tip of the spear in Chen Xuandong’s hand quivered as it gleamed under the light. He stared at Zhou Yuan in interest and said, “I originally believed that I’d have a satisfying battle today, but chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan has made me somewhat disappointed.”

Zhou Yuan replied, “I feel bad for failing to meet your expectations.”

Chen Xuandong shook his head and asked, “Are you really planning on playing with me?”

Zhou Yuan chuckled but did not respond to such a pointless question.

Chen Xuandong shrugged. Then, three Divine Dwelling halos appeared behind him, and boundless Genesis Qi dashed into the sky, shimmering in the air. The number of Genesis Qi stars had reached 30 million!

Countless gasps sounded around them.

A terrifying Genesis Qi pressure spread above the crevice. Chen Xuandong’s expression gradually turned ice-cold as he stared at Zhou Yuan with a toying look in his eyes.

“How will you play with me with such foundations?”

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