Chapter 908 Endless Crevice

At the border between the Tianyuan Region and the Tri-Mountain Alliance was a giant crevice set between a mountain range. The deep, bottomless crevice was what separated the Tianyuan Region from the Tri-Mountain Alliance.

Unable to see an end or bottom, people called this deep crevice the Endless Crevice.

It was said that Saints had fought at the Endless Crevice in ancient times, one of them tearing it open. If this was true, the crevice could be used to gauge the power of a Saint. A single finger from a Saint possessed the mighty power to shape the land.

As the boundary between the Tianyuan Region and the Tri-Mountain Alliance, not many would typically come to the Endless Crevice. However, it had become a gathering place for countless factions from the Tianyuan Region and the neighboring lands over the past month. On the many mountains visible on both sides of the crevice were uncountable figures. All sorts of people were present, creating an exceedingly complex mix.

From this, one could see how attention drawing the battle between Zhou Yuan and Chen Xuandong was.

However, this was not unusual. Everyone clearly understood that the battle appeared to be a clash between two young Divine Dwelling stage practitioners but was, in truth, a kind of arm-wrestling match between a new top-tier faction and one of the veteran nine regions. Anyone with half a brain would know the impact of such an event.

On the two sides of the Endless Crevice were two particularly large groups. Every member gave off powerful Genesis Qi undulations. None of the other onlookers could match these two groups in strength and scale.

These two groups were naturally from the Tianyuan Region and the Tri-Mountain Alliance.

Since the Endless Crevice was the decided venue of the match, both factions had naturally dispatched a party to scout the area in advance for anything suspicious and prevent the other group from preparing any underhanded tricks. The two parties were also guarding against the factions that had come to watch.

Despite being separated by the large crevice, the powerful individuals on both sides were still able to see each other. Icy killing intent filled the air as their gazes clashed. If both groups were put together, a fight would have already broken out.

To the people from the Tianyuan Region, the Tri-Mountain Alliance were ignorant fools for daring to challenge them.

On the other hand, the Tri-Mountain Alliance was brimming with ambition and refused to continue bowing their heads to the Tianyuan Region, which they once looked up to as a big brother. They had bided their time and eventually formed an alliance. They grew stronger with each passing day, creating a clear contrast to the gradually declining Tianyuan Region. Furthermore, the ruler of the Tianyuan Region, supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, had been missing for many years. Since there was no Saint stage expert suppressing them, the Tri-Mountain Alliance was naturally unwilling to be the Tianyuan Region’s underling.

After all, the superior status of the nine regions was something every faction in Hunyuan Heaven deeply desired, especially the top-tier factions that were second only to the nine regions.

Individuals from both groups stared intently at each other, while others looked towards the sky. That day was the promised date.

When the sun rose to its peak, space began to distort on the Tri-Mountain Alliance side. Three powerful presences emerged, causing everyone’s expression to change.

Everyone looked over to see three figures standing in the air. Not even the slightest trace of Genesis Qi could be sensed from them, as if they were ordinary people. However, everyone present knew that the lack of Genesis Qi was because the trio had perfectly merged with their surroundings. To existences like them, they were the land, and the land was them.

All the Genesis Qi in the area was under their control, even the Genesis Qi within the many individuals present.

The three arrivals were Law Domain stage experts. When they appeared, the surrounding space was already within their Law Domains, making it impossible for anyone to escape.

This was the terrifying power of the Law Domain.

Respect and fear rose in the eyes of countless individuals. Wariness even filled the expressions of the many experts on the Tianyuan Region’s side.

The trio was naturally the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s three Law Domain stage experts.

They consisted of two old men and one woman.

The Tri-Mountain Alliance consisted of three mountains: Origin Mountain, Moon Palace Mountain and Mystic Turtle Mountain.

Each mountain had a master who jointly controlled the Tri-Mountain Alliance.

The elder in the center was the very picture of an immortal. With white hair and a white beard, he was the master of Origin Mountain.

The woman on the right was a gorgeous beauty at her prime and gave off a celestial aura. She was the master of Moon Palace Mountain.

Lastly, the hunchback elder on the left was the master of Mystic Turtle Mountain.

The three were considered top-tier super experts in Hunyuan Heaven and were famous individuals in their own right.

The three mountain masters of the Tri-Mountain Alliance waved their sleeves after appearing. Space tore open behind them as a figure slowly walked out. He was dressed in a black robe and wielded a black scale spear. With a body tall and straight like a pine, he emitted a domineering aura as if he were a mighty overlord, his eyes filled with anticipation.

When this black-robed man appeared, a commotion arose in the surrounding area.

He was one of the main participants! Chen Xuandong of the Tri-Mountain Alliance!

“What an imposing presence! As expected of the ninth ranker on the Divine Dwelling List!” several onlookers sighed deeply. Chen Xuandong’s majestic aura left a profound impression. He was indeed an outstanding genius.

After the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s three mountain masters and Chen Xuandong appeared, space rippled on the Tianyuan Region’s side. Five figures then emerged.

When these five figures appeared, the terrifying pressure from the three mountain masters was immediately pushed back, ultimately withdrawing to the other side of the deep crevice.

The three mountain masters narrowed their eyes as they gazed at the five figures that had appeared in the air.

The origin mountain master smiled and said, “I did not expect all five grand elders of the Tianyuan Region to come. You really give face to our Tri-Mountain Alliance.”

The ones who had just appeared on the Tianyuan Region side were naturally Chi Jing, sect master Xuan Kun and the other three grand elders. Their icy gazes immediately locked onto the origin mountain master. “Is the Tri-Mountain Alliance not afraid of inviting trouble and calamity with such impudence?”

The origin mountain master chuckled and said, “It’s merely a duel between two young ones; there’s no need to exaggerate. I believe that even supreme sovereign Cang Yuan will not object to it if he was here.

“Hehe, all of us really admire supreme sovereign Cang Yuan. If the five grand elders can invite him over, the three of us will personally apologize to him.”

Chi Jing narrowed her eyes slightly. It seemed everyone wanted to probe for news about her master.

The Tri-Mountain Alliance’s provocations might be more than they seemed. From what Zhou Yuan had told her, their master couldn’t return because a great power in Hunyuan Heaven was targeting him.

In Hunyuan Heaven, one could count on one hand the number of existences that her master would be wary of. Without such existences secretly supporting them, the Tri-Mountain Alliance would not have the guts to challenge the Tianyuan Region.

Chi Jing’s eyes flashed faintly. Soon after, she withdrew such thoughts and indifferently said, “Don’t worry. There’ll be a chance in the future.”

The origin mountain master displayed a regretful expression as he shook his head and said, “In that case, our Tri-Mountain Alliance will be taking advantage of him this time.”

His gaze shifted towards Chen Xuandong as he gave a slight nod.

Under countless watching gazes, Chen Xuandong cupped his fists together towards the three mountain masters in the air before he moved and appeared in the sky above the crevice. His eyes were filled with boldness as he looked towards the Tianyuan Region side and shouted in a booming voice, “Chen Xuandong of the Tri-Mountain Alliance is here. Where is Zhou Yuan?!”

His tone was provocative and challenging.

As Chen Xuandong’s shout echoed, the space behind Chi Jing was slowly torn open. Under countless excited gazes, a slim youth slowly walked out.

It was Zhou Yuan!

At the sight of him, however, the hearts of the Tianyuan Region group sank. They realized that he was still at the seventh Divine Dwelling stage.

Zhou Yuan ignored their disappointed gazes. He coolly looked towards Chen Xuandong as his calm voice also rang out.

“Tianyuan Region...Zhou Yuan.”

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