Chapter 907 Attention from Various Parties

After Zhou Yuan accepted the challenge letter from the Tri-Mountain Alliance, the anticipation and buzz around the upcoming battle grew at an alarming speed.

Many factions sent out their scouts to camp at the border between the Tianyuan Region and the Tri-Mountain Alliance.

Although it was merely a contest between two Divine Dwelling stage practitioners, everyone understood that it was the first true clash between the newly rising top-tier faction, the Tri-Mountain Alliance, and the declining veteran among the nine regions. The match’s outcome would likely cause huge ripples throughout Hunyuan Heaven.

Hence, countless factions in the Hunyuan Heaven cast their gazes towards the Tianyuan Region and the Tri-Mountain Alliance.


The Xuanji Region.

At a sky observatory, Jiu Gong stared at the information that had been sent into her hands. A long time later, she finally put it down and remarked, “The Tri-Mountain Alliance really knows how to choose their moment.”

A beautiful girl asked from the side, “Senior sister, who do you think will win?”

“If we were to look at the rankings, it would be Chen Xuandong, of course.” Jiu Gong could not help but chuckle. “But, after all, I had decided these rankings. If anything unexpected occurs, it would mean that my information and discernment is not up to par.”

She paused for a moment before adding, “But rankings cannot properly represent one’s power. Otherwise, in any disputes, one would only need to compare rankings, and the one ranked lower would have to bow his or her head in defeat.

“I put Zhou Yuan at fourteenth place not because he isn’t strong but because I judged him based on Lu Xiao. His rank only means that Lu Xiao is lacking, and it does not say much about Zhou Yuan.”

Jiu Gong grasped a piece of jade with both hands, which contained all the information about Zhou Yuan and Chen Xuandong. She studied for a while before she softly said, “But despite this, from the strength both parties have displayed, if Zhou Yuan does not have any shocking growth since his battle with Lu Xiao, he will definitely lose.”

“Senior sister thinks so highly of Chen Xuandong?”

Jiu Gong casually threw the jade piece onto the table as she calmly said, “It’s not that I think highly of him. This is the judgment I’ve made from the information I’ve received.”

She shook her head and sighed.

“If Zhou Yuan really loses, the Tianyuan Region will likely lose all face this time. What a pity. If supreme sovereign Cang Yuan was still around, who would dare to stroke the whiskers of the tiger that is the mighty Tianyuan Region?”

She soon cast away such thoughts. The nine regions tournament would arrive in three months. This was what she should be focusing on.

Only in the nine regions tournament would the true apex heaven prides reveal themselves. Chen Xuandong and Zhou Yuan were merely individuals with the qualifications to participate.


The Wushen Region.

Wu Yao was seated in front of a stone table on a scenery viewing platform, her slender figure and bright red dress giving her a fierce aura.

With long and narrow phoenix eyes, she stared at the jade piece in her hand as the corners of her lips curved into an unreadable smile.

Opposite Wu Yao, a man smiled faintly and said, “The Tri-Mountain Alliance is becoming more and more ballsy. This is basically an attempt to trample on the Tianyuan Region’s face.”

He wore a white robe and gave off an extraordinary air. He was called Lan Ting and was second in status only to Wu Yao among the Wushen Region’s numerous disciples. With regards to strength, he likewise had the qualifications to contend for the top ten rankings on the Divine Dwelling List, but he was one of the hidden cards the Wushen Region had prepared for the nine regions tournament and was thus not allowed to partake in the rankings. Together, he and Wu Yao were the Wushen Region’s strongest Divine Dwelling stage disciples, though one was in the open, while the other was hidden in the shadows.

Lan Ting gazed at the girl in red before him. Her stern, empress-like aura roused an indescribable fascination deep in his heart. However, he hid it very well, not daring to display even a trace of it in front of her.

“Junior sister Wu Yao, who do you think will win?” asked Lan Ting with a smile.

Wu Yao put down the jade piece. Her expression didn’t change as she said flatly, “The Tianyuan Region will win.”

Lan Ting was stunned. Her answer exceeded his expectations.

However, Wu Yao had no intention of explaining, and she merely continued to stare at the jade piece. From the information she had gathered over this period, she was certain that the Zhou Yuan from the Tianyuan Region was him!

It was the same Zhou Yuan from the Great Zhou Empire of Cangxuan Heaven!

Wu Yao’s fingernails gently scratched the jade piece. He really came to Hunyuan Heaven!

Moreover, it had only taken him a single year to become the leader of the Divine Dwelling stage experts in the Tianyuan Region. Such rapid expected of the one who once owned the sacred dragon blessing!

She clearly understood how formidable he was. He had his blessing completely taken away, essentially leaving him crippled. And yet, he had ultimately crawled back up and achieved a nearly impossible reversal, triumphing over Wu Huang and even overthrowing the Great Wu Empire. He was no ordinary individual. Hence, Wu Yao did not believe that a mere Chen Xuandong would be able to stop him.

“Zhou Yuan, have you come to take back the sacred dragon blessing?” mumbled Wu Yao in her heart. However, an abnormal craziness secretly surged from the depths of her eyes.

“Then come!

“Let’s see whether you’ll devour me or if I will devour you!”


The Zixiao Region.

In a certain room filled with a faint fragrance.

Su Youwei was seated on her bed with her legs folded under her. Her hand was currently tightly covering her mouth as her glistening eyes stared at the jade piece in her other hand. The jade was emitting rays of light that weaved together to form a translucent glowing figure.

The figure belonged to a man. That appearance...who could it be but Zhou Yuan?

“Your Highness, it really is you…”

Su Youwei’s eyes glowed with a tender light. If any of the other Zixiao Region disciples saw her in this state, the entire land would be flipped upside down.

However, Su Youwei could not care about such things. After asking around, she had finally obtained information about Zhou Yuan, the chief pavilion master from the Tianyuan Region. With a single glance, she had immediately recognized the image’s familiar face.

Although it had been many years since she had last seen him and he now looked more mature, the memories buried deep within Su Youwei’s heart rose to the surface once more.

Hence, even someone with a tough character like her could not help but feel the urge to cry.

Su Youwei’s slender fingers trembled as she gently touched the image that was only a few inches away. The feelings in her heart made her suddenly leap off the bed and run several steps with her bare feet. “I want to go to the Tianyuan Region!”

But just as she was about to push open the door, her hand paused and her expression sank.

With the nine regions tournament so near, she could not possibly leave the Zixiao Region.

However, this somber mood did not last long before being dashed by the joy of soon meeting an old friend again. Su Youwei twirled in the room, her fluttering skirt revealing a pair of dazzling, fair and slender legs.

There was no rush. He had already arrived in Hunyuan Heaven after all.


The uncontrollable giggle of a young girl sounded in the room as she fell into her soft bed. The corners of her red lips curled slightly as she slowly closed her clear, limpid eyes.

It was a divinely beautiful sight.

“Your Highness…

“Meeting you again will be so great.”


With the various factions watching, a month stealthily passed.

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