Chapter 906 Challenge Letter

It was no surprise that news of accepting the challenge caused another uproar in the Tianyuan Region. The bordering lands cast over countless gazes, hoping to figure out a little more about this very meaningful challenge.

For the other factions, although the unyielding manner in which the Tianyuan Region accepted the challenge appeared quite impressive, some of the sharper individuals felt that it was a rash decision. After all, in a manner of speaking, their acceptance was equivalent to using one’s weakness to attack an opponent’s strong suit.

The Tri-Mountain Alliance was clearly prepared and confident in Chen Xuandong. His ranking on the Divine Dwelling List also surpassed Zhou Yuan’s. To be blunt, Lu Xiao likely did not have the qualifications to face Chen Xuandong, so even though Zhou Yuan had defeated Lu Xiao, Zhou Yuan likewise did not have the qualifications either.

Once Zhou Yuan lost the battle, the Tianyuan Region would lose a massive amount of face.

Placing the reputation of a region on a single Divine Dwelling stage practitioner was not very wise.

Moreover, chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan had delayed the fight by a month, which made him appear lacking in confidence. Was he hoping for some breakthrough at the final moment? It was said that the chief pavilion master had only unlocked seven Divine Dwellings so far. Although his potential would turn into true strength when he unlocked the final two Divine Dwellings and no longer needed to fear Chen Xuandong, time waited for no man.

Others would not foolishly wait for you to grow up before challenging you.

Of course, there were naturally some voices supporting the decision. They felt that the Tianyuan Region was confident since they had dared to accept the challenge. As for which new dark horse was stronger, one would only know the answer once Chen Xuandong and Zhou Yuan clashed!

However, the voices in support were the minority. After all, Zhou Yuan’s ranking on the Divine Dwelling List was lower than Chen Xuandong’s, and the Divine Dwelling List had always been very accurate.

When the Tianyuan Region’s conditions for accepting the challenge entered the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s ears, the super dark horse Chen Xuandong immediately responded with two simple words.

“Ready anytime.”

Simple and confident.


The four pavilions were likewise in an uproar due to the matter. However, in the face of an external threat, everyone, even the Heavenly Spirit Sect disciples, temporarily put aside their differences to stand against the common enemy. After all, everyone understood that Zhou Yuan was currently the leader of their generation of Divine Dwelling stage practitioners.

If he lost to Chen Xuandong, it would be a tremendous blow to their reputation.

Thus, even the Heavenly Spirit Sect disciples did not wish to see Zhou Yuan defeated.

All four pavilions were cheering for their chief pavilion master.

The chief pavilion building.

Yi Qiushui’s and Ye Bingling’s expressions were somewhat grave as they gazed at the crazy ruckus outside. After a long time, Ye Bingling asked in a low voice, “Where’s Zhou Yuan?”

“He’s been in secluded cultivation for the past two months.” Yi Qiushui sighed softly. She never imagined that Zhou Yuan would receive such a dangerous challenge so quickly after assuming the chief pavilion master position. Chen Xuandong was far more dangerous than Lu Xiao.

Ye Bingling gritted her teeth and said, “The Tri-Mountain Alliance is going more and more overboard.”

A top-tier faction challenging one of the nine regions was honestly very rare in Hunyuan Heaven. Hence, the members of the Tianyuan Region felt both offended and angered.

“What did Zhou Yuan say? I heard he accepted the challenge on his own accord?” Worry tinged Ye Bingling’s voice.

Although the Tri-Mountain Alliance was loathsome, their ploy was indeed too cunning. After all, if both sides were to fight, the Tianyuan Region would not fear the Tri-Mountain Alliance in terms of Law Domain stage or Nascent Source stage numbers. However, the Tri-Mountain Alliance just had to jab them in their weakness: the Divine Dwelling stage.

With regards to the Divine Dwelling stage, even members of the Tianyuan Region had no choice but to admit that they had not done well over the past few years.

Yi Qiushui gave a slight nod. She already found out everything from her grandfather. Zhou Yuan had indeed accepted the challenge letter.

Yi Qiushui slowly said, “Zhou Yuan is no fool. This matter is very important, and he wouldn’t easily accept the challenge if he didn’t have a plan.”

Having known Zhou Yuan for so long, she knew that he was someone who could wait patiently for his chance. Since he dared to accept the challenge letter, he had to have some sort of plan.

Yi Bingling let out a bitter laugh. She could only hope this was true. After all, Chen Xuandong had already named Zhou Yuan, and if he did not accept, it would be a near-fatal blow to his reputation. The other party had clearly chosen the timing very well.

As for what would follow...

This battle would be far more dangerous than the one with Lu Xiao.


The Fire Pavilion.

Lu Xiao, Zuo Ya, Zhu Lian and the rest were currently gathered. Naturally, they were discussing the challenge letter from Chen Xuandong.

“Zhou Yuan is so arrogant. Does he really believe that becoming the chief pavilion master has made him invincible under the heavens?” said Zuo Ya in a resentful voice. In contrast to the faith Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and the others had in Zhou Yuan, she did not believe that he was Chen Xuandong’s match.

From what she could see, it was stupid of Zhou Yuan to recklessly accept the challenge.

If he was defeated, the Divine Dwelling stage younger generation of the Tianyuan Region would become a laughing stock in Hunyuan Heaven.

Zhu Lian looked towards the contemplating Lu Xiao. “Senior brother Lu Xiao, do you think Zhou Yuan has a chance?”

On this matter, they were in the same boat as Zhou Yuan: his glory would be their glory, his shame would be their shame. Hence, no matter how unwilling they felt, they could only support Zhou Yuan.

Lu Xiao was silent for a moment before answering, “It will be very difficult. If my estimate is correct, Chen Xuandong’s Genesis Qi foundations alone have likely reached almost 30 million Genesis stars.”

This terrifying number made Zuo Ya and Zhu Lain gasp involuntarily. Nearly 30 million?

What kind of notion was this? One must know that even Lu Xiao only had 23 million, but Chen Xuandong had nearly 30 million?

“It’s not unbelievable.” Lu Xiao indifferently said, “The top rankers on the Divine Dwelling List have been nicknamed ‘Little Heavenly Suns’. Although there is still a gap between Chen Xuandong and them, it is not impossible for his Genesis Qi foundations to have reached nearly 30 million.

“In my fight with Zhou Yuan, his Genesis Qi foundations had only reached 21 million. If he manages to unlock the eighth Divine Dwelling, he might be able to put up a fight against Chen Xuandong.

“The final two Divine Dwellings are far harder to unblock than the first seven. From what I know, Zhou Yuan has spent the past two months in the Four Spirits Origin Tower. Hence, his focus should be on the mountain spirit rune and forest spirit rune, which means that the possibility of him unblocking the eighth Divine Dwelling is quite low...

“To be frank...even if he completes all four spirit runes, I do not feel it will let him beat Chen Xuandong.”

Expression grave, he looked towards Zuo Ya and Zhu Lian and slowly shook his head.

“That’s why our new chief pavilion master will likely be beaten this time.”

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