Chapter 905 Accept

A single challenge letter created giant ripples in the Tianyuan Region and the neighboring lands.

Countless people were shocked because they knew the significance behind the challenge. Previously, the Tri-Mountain Alliance had only provoked the Tianyuan Region on small issues, but this challenge letter was a borderline declaration of war.

Although the battle participants were merely the most outstanding Divine Dwelling stage practitioners of both camps, it was evident that the Tri-Mountain Alliance no longer feared offending the Tianyuan Region, which was once its big brother.

Since there was no chance of reconciliation, the subsequent clashes would only become increasingly intense.

This drew countless gazes. After all, a top-tier faction challenging one of the nine regions was very rarely seen in Hunyuan Heaven’s long history.

At the same time, it also made countless people sigh deeply. The Tianyuan Region had truly fallen in recent years. Otherwise, even if the Tri-Mountain Alliance was a top-tier faction, how could they possibly dare to stroke a tiger’s whiskers?

The Tri-Mountain Alliance had three Law Domain stage experts, whereas the Tianyuan Region had five.

There wasn’t a huge gap in strength between the apex forces on both sides. In addition, the Tri-Mountain Alliance had been experiencing rapid growth over the past few years, and even though their foundations still could not match the Tianyuan Region, they were not that much weaker than the Tianyuan Region as a whole.

If war were to break out between them, the Tianyuan Region would likely pay a terrible price even if they won.

More importantly, once the Tianyuan Region became weaker because of it, other top-tier factions in Hunyuan Heaven might begin to have ideas of challenging them. If that happened, what would the Tianyuan Region do?

Without a supreme sovereign, the Tianyuan Region had already lost its former transcendent status.

Hence, many knew that the Tri-Mountain Alliance was trying to feel out the Tianyuan Region this time, hoping to find out exactly how much of the region’s former might was left.


The entire Tianyuan Region was filled with anger.

The Tri-Mountain Alliance’s challenge angered countless people. After all, as members of the Tianyuan Region, they still had the pride of being one of the nine regions. Many years ago, before the Tri-Mountain Alliance had formed, those three first-class factions were merely subjects that bowed to the Tianyuan Region!

But now, the once little brother had turned on them. How could the people of the Tianyuan Region possibly endure such an outrage?

For a time, countless voices were directed towards the Tianyuan Utopia, wanting the higher-ups to display a power that would put the Tri-Mountain Alliance in their place.

However, an unconcealable worry was within these numerous angry voices. The challenge letter issued by the Tri-Mountain Alliance was from Chen Xuandong, and it was directed at the chief pavilion master of the four pavilions, Zhou Yuan.

How would the higher-ups of the Tianyuan Region respond?

Accept? But Chen Xuandong was ranked nine on the Divine Dwelling List and was currently the most dazzling super dark horse, his radiance far outclassing the new chief pavilion master’s. Since he dared to send a challenge letter so openly, he had to have unshakable confidence in himself.

If they accepted and Zhou Yuan lost, would the Tianyuan Region really have to give up their nine regions tournament participation rights?

If so, would the Tianyuan Region dare to show their face again?

But what if they refused?

One of the almighty nine regions refusing to acknowledge a challenge from a mere top-tier faction. What face would they have left?

Hence, a few of the more discerning individuals sighed inwardly. The challenge was a huge headache for the higher-ups of the Tianyuan Region.


Tianyuan Utopia, inside a conference hall.

Five figures were seated, each one maintaining their silence. However, a terrifying pressure was brewing in the hall.

These five figures were naturally the Tianyuan Region’s five grand elders.

The silence lasted for a long time before sect master Xuan Kun looked towards Chi Jing, pushing over the challenge letter in his hand as he indifferently asked, “How shall we deal with this matter? Do we accept or refuse?”

Chi Jing swept a glance at the challenge letter as a dangerous look surfaced on her fair face. “Since they dare to challenge us, why would we not dare to receive it?”

Sect master Xuan Kun lowered his eyelids and said, “Easy to say. Chen Xuandong is very strong, and the Tri-Mountain Alliance has poured countless resources into him. His talent is also exceptional. Do you think Zhou Yuan will be his match?”

Chi Jing let out an icy laugh. “Our Tianyuan Region cannot afford to lose face!”

“We can’t afford to lose the challenge either.” Sect master Xuan Kun slowly said, “I suggest we ignore this challenge and the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s provocations. In that way, they will not be able to achieve their goal.”

Chi Jing frostily said, “Cower like a turtle? If my master returns in the future, he might shatter the Tianyuan Region in anger.”

Clan leader Bai Ye of the White Clan smiled faintly and said, “It is best if grand elder Chi Jing has any information about supreme sovereign Cang Yuan. We’ll only need to release this information, and the Tri-Mountain Alliance will no longer have the guts to provoke us.”

Chi Jing expressionlessly replied, “If I knew, would some people have the balls to repeatedly bicker with me? However, I’m certain that nothing has happened to my master. Once there is a chance, he will naturally appear.”

Clan leader Bai Ye sighed softly. “But I heard that the sacred race had attacked supreme sovereign Cang Yuan and that he may have already fallen.”

Chi Jing’s face turned ice-cold as she glared at clan leader Bai Ye.

Clan leader Mu Ni’s gentle voice sounded, “If clan leader Bai Ye has such thoughts, you may leave the Tianyuan Region with your White Clan. I believe the others will not stop you.”

The corners of Bai Ye’s eyes twitched for a moment. Regardless of his thoughts, he would not dare to do anything before ascertaining supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s situation. Otherwise, what would he do if supreme sovereign Cang Yuan appeared? The fury of a Saint was not something he could endure, even if he was a Law Domain stage expert.

Clan leader Bian Chang of the Profound Crystal Clan spoke up in a deep voice, “Let’s do away with such useless talk. The Tianyuan Region is one entity, and no one hopes that anything bad will happen to it.”

All five grand elders fell silent. They understood that bickering would not solve the problem.

Clan leader Bai Ye raised his eyelids as he said, “What’s chief pavilion master Zhou Yuan’s situation?”

Chi Jing indifferently said, “He’s in secluded cultivation.”

Clan leader Bai Ye’s white hair swayed gently as he leisurely said, “As the chief pavilion master, he’s the leader of the younger generation. Since this matter is directed at him, we should see his stance.”

Chi Jing nodded. Just as she was about to speak, her expression suddenly changed as she reached out and pointed towards a certain spot. A jade talisman appeared and landed in her hand.

“It’s from elder Yi. Zhou Yuan is already aware of this matter, he says…” Chi Jing’s eyes faintly flashed as she read the information in the jade talisman. “He says that the challenge can be accepted but hopes that it can be delayed a month.”

These words caused the expressions of the other four grand elders to change a little.

Sect master Xuan Kun’s face was indifferent as he said, “He talks big for someone so young. It is not a simple matter that can be accepted so casually. This affair affects not only himself but also the reputation of our Tianyuan Region.”

Chi Jing replied, “If sect master Xuan Kun has another plan, feel free to share it. We will naturally support it if it is feasible.”

Sect master Xuan Kun chuckled before saying in a low voice, “This old man doesn’t have any plan. Since grand elder Chi Jing feels he can do it, go ahead and let him accept the challenge. If he fails, however, I hope that grand elder Chi Jing will be able to deal with the aftermath.”

His intention was for Chi Jing to bear the consequences if Zhou Yuan was defeated.

Indifference covered Chi Jing’s fair face. “Don’t worry. The Tianyuan Region is the property my master left behind. Even if I lose my life, I will not let the Tianyuan Region lose face.”

She rose to her feet with a determined expression.

“Reply to the Tri-Mountain Alliance. Our Tianyuan Region will accept this challenge, and the date will be set to a month later. Additionally, the Tri-Mountain Alliance is not allowed to issue such a challenge for free. Tell them that if they want to challenge us, prepare a hundred Divine Dwelling Immeasurable Fruits!

“And if they lose, the amount will be raised to three hundred!”

Divine Dwelling Immeasurable Fruits were a resource produced by the Tri-Mountain Alliance. When consumed, it would unlock one of one’s Divine Dwellings, so it was called a miracle medicine of the Divine Dwelling stage! It only worked on Divine Dwelling stage practitioners and was only effective once. It was considered one of the Tri-Mountain Alliance’s critical strategic resources.

Three hundred was almost several years of produce.

Evidently, Chi Jing intended to deal a ruthless blow to the Tri-Mountain Alliance!

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