Chapter 901 Yin Yang Lightning Rune

“Yin Yang Lightning Rune…”

Zhou Yuan stared at the flickering black-and-white lightning within the glowing ball. He could sense a strong, heart-palpitating aura from it, a feeling that none of the little Saint techniques had given him earlier.

This little Saint technique was clearly not ordinary.

Zhou Yuan fell silent for a brief moment. He naturally was not aware that the Yin Yang Lightning Rune was created by his master, supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, but that special feeling made him make his choice without much hesitation.


He took a deep breath as his eyes revealed a decisive look, and then he reached out and reached for the glowing ball.

Since he was drawn to it, it meant that he and the technique were fated. There was no way he would miss this opportunity.

Zhou Yuan’s hand reached into the ball and touched the black-and-white lightning.


Thunder boomed in his head at the moment of contact, causing his mind to ripple violently. He found himself in the starry sky with a figure standing before him. The figure appeared somewhat old, but merely standing there seemed to make the entire sky tremble faintly.

A terrifying pressure spread. Even though it was merely a phantasm, Zhou Yuan was barely able to endure.

He stared at the old figure, and his brows suddenly knitted together. He could feel something familiar about it.

He pondered over this mysterious familiar feeling for several breaths before his eyes abruptly widened. “That is...master Cang Yuan?!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes seemed to ripple in shock. Who else could that old figure belong to but Cang Yuan!

“The Yin Yang Lightning Rune was created by my master? No wonder it gave me a special feeling!” Zhou Yuan finally understood the mysterious attraction and could not help but wet his lips. He was overjoyed. From what clan leader Mu Ni had said, most little Saint techniques were created by Law Domain stage experts, but the Yin Yang Lightning Rune was created by the Saint stage master Cang Yuan. This point alone made it clear that the Yin Yang Lightning Rune was top tier even among little Saint techniques.

In the starry sky, Cang Yuan’s phantasm beckoned, causing boundless Genesis Qi to gather towards him. Genesis Qi converged towards his palm, slowly compressing into lightning.

But this was merely an ordinary bolt of Genesis Qi lightning and did not have any special characteristics.

Cang Yuan slowly closed his hand, and the bolt of lightning began to frantically compress again. It rapidly shrank in size, becoming as thick as a finger in a few dozen breaths.

However, he continued to compress it. When the lightning was finally compressed into a strand, Zhou Yuan felt a sliver of Yang qi slowly spread, dyeing it with a dash of white.

Zhou Yuan was stupefied. Master Cang Yuan’s methods were astonishing. He had turned Genesis Qi into lightning and then forced a sliver of Yang lightning to be born from that attribute-less lightning.

The power of this strand of Yang lightning was definitely several dozen times greater than the initial lightning bolt from before!

However, this was clearly not the end. Cang Yuan’s phantasm concentrated on the Yang lightning. Moments later, his finger cut through the air as countless Genesis Runes took shape. These runes fell like rain, landing around the sliver of Yang lightning.

Countless runes interlinked, forming tiny boundaries around the strand of Yang lightning. They were so complex that Zhou Yuan felt dazzled watching them form.

The boundaries interwove together like layers, making them appear both profound and cryptic.

Zhou Yuan could faintly sense that the boundary layers outside the Yang lightning seemed to possess some kind of special power. However, he was incapable of discerning it because his Genesis Rune mastery had yet to reach that level.

However, he could feel that a faint change was occurring to the strand of Yang lightning within the Genesis Rune boundaries.

In the end, the countless layers of Genesis Rune boundaries were finally complete. Cang Yuan’s phantasm pointed in the air, and the boundaries instantly linked up and ultimately merged with the strand of Yang lightning.


It was clearly only a tiny strand of Yang lightning, but a thunderous boom exploded from it.

Deep within the Yang lightning, a sliver of Yin qi was born amidst the strong Yang energy!

The Yin qi grew, and a wisp of black light slowly emerged in the white lightning. The lightning was ultimately split into two halves, black and white interweaving as Yin and Yang were born.

Cang Yuan’s phantasm opened its palm, allowing the black-and-white lightning to rise into the air. It rapidly grew in size, reaching a length of ten thousand feet. Like a black-and-white lightning dragon, it zipped through the starry sky, shattering even space itself with a flash of black and white.

Yin and Yang swirled within the lightning, endless and without end, as if they could generate limitless power.

The Yin Yang lightning seemed to possess a spirit of its own!

Zhou Yuan stared as if intoxicated, his pupils reflecting the black-and-white lightning. Shock endlessly drummed in his heart. The Cang Yuan phantasm’s actions appeared simple, but Zhou Yuan knew just how heaven-defying they were!

This was not an ordinary little Saint technique, but the fusion of Genesis technique and Genesis Rune!

Although everyone knew that Genesis Runes and Genesis techniques were both about utilizing Genesis Qi, they were two completely different paths. One was built upon Genesis Qi, while the other was based on Spirit.

Two completely different existences had been seamlessly fused in Cang Yuan’s Genesis technique. Moreover, it had ultimately created Yin Yang lightning possessing a life of its own!

This was basically equivalent to a miracle.


While Zhou Yuan’s heart was filled with astonishment and amazement, the roaring Yin Yang lightning dragon suddenly charged towards him. In the end, it smashed into his body.


Thunder boomed in Zhou Yuan’s heart and mind, but he did not panic and instead sat down. He knew that the Law Domain Source was contained within the Yin Yang lightning dragon, and if he failed to imprint its mark in his body, he would have failed to learn the Yin Yang Lightning Rune!

Hence, Zhou Yuan focused and slowly closed his eyes.


In the study.

The corners of Mu Ni’s red lips lifted slightly as she watched the still Zhou Yuan. “Oh! Not bad, to think that he has begun to comprehend the source and has prepared to imprint the Genesis technique mark.”

She tilted her head and looked to Chi Jing with a smile. “Do you know that I’ve given countless talented geniuses the chance to learn this Yin Yang Lightning Rune over the years? But in the end, none of them were able to touch its door. Why do you think this little one is so lucky?”

Chi Jing helplessly said, “Maybe he accidentally stumbled onto the right path.”

Mu Ni snorted. “It doesn’t seem like an accident. It’s because a certain old bastard is biased!

“It’s obvious that only someone who cultivated his lousy Primal Chaos Divine Grindstone Visualisation Method will be able to view the wonders of this technique, and yet he had purposely thrown it to me!”

Chi Jing grabbed her forehead.

Completely exposed. Master’s old lover is truly difficult to fool.

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