Chapter 900 Selecting a Little Saint Technique

In a large and silent hall.

Zhou Yuan slowly walked from mottled stone pillar to mottled stone pillar, calm and unruffled as he carefully observed each little Saint technique atop the pillars with great interest.

Although he could not view their cultivation methods, feeling the leaking wisps of terrifying auras was enough to make him respect and yearn for the mysterious Law Domain Source.

While studying these little Saint techniques, Zhou Yuan set a small goal for himself: to reach the Law Domain stage!

It did not seem too far off. When he exceeded the Divine Dwelling stage and stepped into the Heavenly Sun stage, he would only need to pass through the Nascent Source stage to reach the Law Domain stage!

He needed to work harder!

Zhou Yuan gave himself some encouragement before he began walking towards yet another mottled stone pillar. Black qi swirled inside the glowing ball atop this pillar as it revealed a small, palm-sized black mirror. The black qi on the mirror soon transformed into ancient letters.

“Mystic Demon Mirror Art!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes glowed as he felt the technique’s aura. This little Saint technique was quite amazing. It appeared to be capable of creating a copy of the opponent reflected in the mirror. The copy would also possess a portion of the original’s power.

However, no matter how amazing it was, it would likely only create a slight distraction in proper combat. After all, Zhou Yuan refused to believe that the Mystic Demon Mirror Art could perfectly copy the target’s strength. That would be way too crazy, and it was unlikely for even a true Saint Genesis technique to achieve such a feat.

Hence, he sighed and continued on his way.

As Zhou Yuan walked past numerous mottled stone pillars, technique after technique entered his eyes. Each was rarely seen in the outside world.

“Nine Bird Fan!”

“Li Fire Heavenly Cover!”

“North Underworld Sword Scripture!”


It took Zhou Yuan only half an incense stick of time to cover a hundred feet, his footsteps barely pausing as he browsed through each technique. The itch in his heart grew greater as he walked. He even had the impulse to take everything.

Although he deeply desired several of these little Saint Genesis techniques, Zhou Yuan still did not make his choice because none of them had genuinely stirred his heart.

Hence, he controlled his heart, not making any rash decisions as he continued to browse.

Although his progress was slow, he ultimately arrived at the end of the hall. When Zhou Yuan arrived at the final stone pillar, his gaze finally paused.

On the stone pillar before him was a glowing golden ball of light containing a piece of golden paper.

“Giant Spirit God Art!”

Zhou Yuan licked his lips. This little Saint technique augmented one’s body. Once mastered, it could swallow the surrounding Genesis Qi into the abdomen and grow one’s body to a hundred, a thousand or even ten thousand feet. One would become a giant wielding destructive power that could topple mountains and move the sea.

This little Saint technique would be very useful in battle and would substantially raise his combat power if learned.

Zhou Yuan hesitated for a moment, then took a deep breath and reached towards the golden page.

His hand grew closer and closer, but something suddenly nudged his mind. He seemed to hear the faint rumble of thunder. His hand stopped, and he turned his head, puzzled. He found another mottled stone pillar.

It baffled him. He clearly remembered that there were only thirty-nine pillars in the hall. When did this pillar appear?

Zhou Yuan hesitated slightly before his feet began to move again, slowly approaching the new stone pillar.

A lightning-like glow emerged from the glowing ball atop it. The lightning was exceptionally peculiar—it was both white and black and gave off a unique aura.

Lightning streaked through the glowing ball as ancient words emerged.

“Yin Yang Lightning Rune?”


In a mostly wood-based study, Chi Jing and Mu Ni stared at the mirror before them. Inside the mirror, Zhou Yuan could be seen browsing through the little Saint techniques.

“This little one is quite picky.” Observing that Zhou Yuan had not come to a decision after nearly half a day, Mu Ni could not help but softly chuckle.

Smiling, Chi Jing said, “Aunt Ni, Zhou Yuan’s potential is not bad. Our Tianyuan Region might even see another Law Domain in the future.”

When no one else was around, Chi Jing addressed Mu Ni in an extremely intimate manner. Both parties were clearly very close.

“So optimistic about him?” Mu Ni laughed. Soon after she said, “Rumors have been spreading in the Tianyuan Region that he’s your male companion…”

The corners of Chi Jing’s mouth curled downwards. “It must be that sect master Xuan Kun, that old fogey, is attempting to embarrass me. No need to pay any attention to such rumors. That old fellow took a huge loss recently and can only retaliate with silly tricks.”

Mu Ni said suggestively, “Is that so? I was under the impression that there was some kind of relationship between you two.”

Chi Jing did not even bat an eyelid as she responded, “What kind of relationship could we have? Does Aunt Ni really think that a Divine Dwelling stage practitioner will catch my fancy?”

She remained focused on the mirror as she spoke. When she saw Zhou Yuan reaching towards a stone pillar, her brows raised slightly as she remarked, “Giant Spirit God Art? What a violent fellow.”

However, in the mirror, Zhou Yuan’s outstretched hand suddenly stopped as he suddenly turned towards another stone pillar.

“Changing his mind again?”

Chi Jing was stunned as she looked towards the pillar Zhou Yuan was walking towards. When she saw the black and white lightning, her face could not help but change. “Aunt Ni, why did you put the Yin Yang Lightning Rune there?!”

“Why? Is there a problem? It’s also a little Saint technique.” Aunt Ni smiled faintly.

Chi Jing could not reply. The Yin Yang Lightning Rune was indeed a little Saint technique but it was different from other little Saint techniques. The other little Saint techniques were created by Law Domain stage experts, but this Yin Yang Lightning Rune was created by her master, supreme sovereign Cang Yuan!

Furthermore, supreme sovereign Cang Yuan had not imparted it to anyone. After all, Chi Jing had already stepped into the Law Domain stage by that time and naturally did not need a little Saint technique. Hence, it was handed over to Mu Ni for safekeeping.

Mu Ni had never taken out master’s things before. She had always kept it hidden like a precious treasure!

But why had she placed it in the hall this time?!

The expression in Chi Jing’s eyes rapidly fluctuated as her heart suddenly tightened. She was probing Zhou Yuan!

Had she realized Zhou Yuan’s identity?!

By the side, Mu Ni picked up a tea leaf and gently pinched it between her fingers. She cast a glance at Chi Jing as a superficial smile emerged on her face. “What is it? Why do you seem a little nervous?”

Chi Jing dryly said, “No, why would I be nervous?”

“That’s good.”

Mu Ni lazily leaned back into her chair as she propped up a cheek with her hand. Her eyes seemed to shine with interest as she stared at the mirror and unhurriedly said, “It seems that the little one is quite fated with that old bastard. After all, not anyone can sense the wonders of the Yin Yang Lightning Rune…”

When she said the words ‘old bastard’ the usually kindly clan leader gnashed her teeth.

The corners of Chi Jing’s mouth twitched a little.

She was already certain that Aunt Ni had realized something...

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