Chapter 894 Wu Yao and Su Youwei

The Wushen Region.

In an ancient forest.


A loud roar vibrated the air, filled with savagery and violence.


A wave of berserk Genesis Qi erupted, instantly flattening the area within a thousand-foot radius, revealing eight giant ape-like beasts. Their giant fists seemed to dance in the air, brimming with boundless power as they viciously hurled towards the slender figure before them.

The bodies of these eight giant apes were entirely golden yellow as if they were wearing a layer of gold. These eight golden apes were peak grade-5 Genesis Beasts, and they wielded strength comparable to that of peak advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts. With the terrifying defensive power of their golden armor, even peak advanced Divine Dwelling stage practitioners would not be willing to challenge them, let alone eight at once!

At the center of the eight golden apes was a slim figure in a glaringly red dress. Her dress fluttered in the wind but did not seem to make her any more special.


Eight golden apes slowly closed in, surrounding her from all sides. However, when they ferociously pounced towards the human girl, a clap of thunder sounded, and black lightning roared out from the pretty figure in red.

Eight black lightning dragons pierced through space, instantly blasting the eight golden apes.

Their bodies instantly turned rigid as black smoke rose from them. In the face of such tyrannical black lightning, even their proud golden armor was rendered ineffective. Their lives were taken in an instant.


The eight giant beasts slowly fell onto the ground, a giant cloud of dust rising as the earth shook.

The figure in red slowly descended. She indifferently glanced at the smoking bodies with her phoenix eyes and shook her head in disappointment. These grade-5 Genesis Beasts were already incapable of posing any threat to her.

The figure in red had an absolutely beautiful face and a pair of phoenix eyes. She gave off a stern and dignified presence as if she were an empress who would intimidate any ordinary man.

Who else could this be but Wu Yao?

After slaying the eight golden apes, a figure flew over from far away. Despite being a girl as well, a respectful look emerged on the girl’s face as she gazed at Wu Yao and reported in a low voice, “Senior sister Wu Yao, the new Divine Dwelling List is out.”

She respectfully raised a scroll with both hands.

Wu Yao’s face remained impassive as she nonchalantly received the scroll and opened it.

“There doesn’t seem to be much change.” Wu Yao’s voice was tinged with a faint indifference. Her eyes did not ripple as they swept across the first place Zhao Mushen before pausing on the second place Su Youwei.

At the sight of this name, Wu Yao’s brows wrinkled together for a moment without anyone noticing. She had met this ten heavens Divine Dwelling heaven pride from the Zixiao Region multiple times, but the outcome had never been pleasant. Moreover, Wu Yao could feel that Su Youwei seemed to be a bit hostile to her.

Such hostility did not seem competitive in nature but seemed to be due to some other unknown reason.

However, Wu Yao could not understand what the reason was. She and Su Youwei had always minded their own business, and Wu Yao did not feel that Su Youwei regarded the rankings with much importance, because she too felt the same.

Since she could not understand it, there was no need to think too deeply. Wu Yao was not afraid of anyone.

Her gaze habitually swept across the top ten names. She paused on Chen Xuandong’s name for a brief moment before shifting her attention away.

Since she was done, she proceeded to keep the scroll.

However, just as she was about to do so, the scroll unfurled a teensy bit more, revealing a few more names. Her uncaring eyes suddenly froze, and her foot came to an abrupt halt.

She slowly raised the scroll, her eyes narrowing as she stared at the fourteenth name.

The Tianyuan Region, Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan?

Wu Yao’s cold and oppressive aura faintly changed. Was it that Zhou Yuan?

The expression in Wu Yao’s eyes fluctuated for a brief moment before she returned the scroll to the girl and said in a composed voice, “Go investigate Zhou Yuan from the Tianyuan Region. I want to know everything about him.”

The girl was taken aback, somewhat surprised. She clearly had not expected Wu Yao to suddenly pay attention to the person ranked fourteenth on the list. However, she was smart and immediately answered, “Understood, senior sister!”

Wu Yao nodded. She began walking forward again, arriving at the edge of the cliff. A breeze blew a few stray strands of her hair as she stared at the endless forest before her.

Is it really you, Zhou Yuan of the Great Zhou Empire? If it really is you, have you come to take back the sacred dragon blessing? I do hope that you have the ability now. If you’re stronger than me, I can return the blessing and give this life of mine to you, but if you’re still weaker than me, don’t blame me for making the sacred dragon blessing whole again.

The struggle for the sacred dragon blessing was a life or death battle with no need for mercy or reason.

The Zixiao Region.

Layer after layer of stone stages surrounded a giant cloud stage. At this current moment, every stone stage was filled with seated figures, their eyes fixed on the cloud stage in the middle.

A graceful figure stood on the main stage, drawing countless gazes.

She was wearing a violet dress and had a slim and graceful figure. Her skin was fair and unblemished, and she had a slightly high nose, large almond-like eyes and long shapely eyebrows. There was a small birthmark near the corner of her eye, giving her a unique charm. She was a beauty that could cause the downfall of countries.

She had a gentle expression, and a faint, warm smile hung from the corners of her lips, making her seem very approachable.

However, under this softness was an unrelenting determination and tenacity that glinted in the depths of her eyes.

Zixiao Region, Su Youwei.

On a tall platform, an elder from the Zixiao Region asked, “Is there anyone who wants to challenge Su Youwei?”

The innumerable figures in the vicinity merely chuckled softly, but no one entered the arena. All of them clearly understood Su Youwei’s strength. Her overwhelming Genesis Qi foundation would easily suppress any opponent.

The elder was not surprised by the response. He helplessly shook his head before announcing the end of the practice bouts.

After the elder left, the atmosphere immediately relaxed. Numerous youthful figures rose to their feet and began chatting happily, creating an extremely lively atmosphere.

However, even more youths secretly glanced at the beautiful figure in the center.

Numerous handsome and pretty male and female disciples seemed to revolve around Su Youwei as happy laughter continuously rang out. One could see that Su Youwei was exceedingly popular.

When the group was exiting the arena, a young man walked over with a carefree appearance. “Junior sister Youwei is once again invincible in the practice bouts. You really make the many male disciples of our Zixiao Region feel shameful in comparison.”

The young man was very handsome and gave off a special air. Several of the female disciples around Su Youwei secretly glanced at him.

They knew this young man. He was called Xue Jingtao and was extremely well-known in the Zixiao Region. Although his name was not on the Divine Dwelling List, it was only because the higher-ups of the Zixiao Region had intentionally hidden his existence as preparation for the upcoming nine regions tournament.

Xue Jingtao might not be as strong as Su Youwei, but he had the qualifications to vie for the top ten spots on the Divine Dwelling List.

Xue Jingtao looked only at Su Youwei, not concealing the sliver of adoration in his eyes.

Su Youwei softly said, “The many senior and junior disciples were merely being courteous. I’m unworthy of the title invincible.”

Xue Jingtao chuckled before he retrieved a scroll and said, “Junior sister, this is the new Divine Dwelling List. I immediately brought it over for you the moment I got a hold of it.”

The surrounding female disciples immediately began to giggle and whisper. Xue Jingtao’s intentions were rather clear.

Su Youwei ignored the commotion as she shook her head. “Thank you, senior brother Xue, but there shouldn’t be many changes to the Divine Dwelling List, so there’s no need for me to take a look.”

Her rejection was not only towards the Divine Dwelling List but also to Xue Jingtao, because she likewise understood his intentions.

Xue Jingtao did not mind Su Youwei’s rejection, and he let out a carefree chuckle. “Hehe, junior sister’s guess is truly accurate. The Divine Dwelling List hasn’t changed much.”

Su Youwei began to walk away.

Xue Jingtao followed her as he continued, “The only fresh name among the top ten is Chen Xuandong, who replaced Lu Xiao from the Tianyuan Region. Lu Xiao is pretty useless, I heard he even lost the chief pavilion master selection and was beaten by someone called Zhou Yuan, who has currently taken the fourteenth rank—”

His voice suddenly paused because Su Youwei’s footsteps came to an abrupt stop.

Puzzled, Xue Jingtao asked, “Is something the matter, junior sister?” 

Su Youwei was silent for several seconds. She turned around and stretched out a hand as she displayed a gentle smile. “Senior brother, give the Divine Dwelling List to me. I’ll go back and have a look.”

Xue Jingtao was overjoyed and hurriedly handed the scroll over.

Su Youwei tightly grasped the scroll but did not open it in front of everyone. Instead, she kept it and headed back to her dwelling.

She said her goodbyes to the crowd of girls and Xue Jingtao as she swiftly returned to her lodging.

She closed the door and leaned against it as she quickly retrieved the Divine Dwelling List and abruptly pulled it open. Her eyes darted to the fourteenth position as her heart trembled.

Tianyuan Region, Zhou Yuan.

Su Youwei stared at the name with a dazed look on her face as her eyes turned red. She was not certain that he was the person she was thinking of, but such a similar name made her usually strong self incapable of controlling her emotions.

She trembled slightly as her finger gently caressed the name. Deeply buried memories continuously flooded out, still as clear and important as before.

“Your highness, is it really you?”

A soft voice filled with anticipation echoed in the room.

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