Chapter 893 Zhao Mushen

If one was asked what were the most attention-grabbing and highly discussed topics in Hunyuan Heaven, the various lists produced by the Xuanji Region would be among one’s top picks.

Hence, the release of the new Divine Dwelling List instantly became the hottest topic in Hunyuan Heaven. Countless people studied and analyzed the changes on the list, trying to glean what kind of dark horses had appeared in the Divine Dwelling stage...

Hunyuan Heaven was far too vast after all. Even with the Xuanji Region having eyes and ears everywhere, it was impossible for them to know everything that happened. As such, super dark horses would pop out from time to time, transcending their unknown status to become famous under the heavens.

This time, Zhou Yuan undoubtedly belonged to this category, causing him to receive plenty of attention…


“I can’t believe that the Tianyuan Region’s Lu Xiao lost in the chief pavilion master selection to a dark horse called Zhou Yuan…”

“But why is Zhou Yuan ranked fourteenth even though he beat Lu Xiao?”

“Hehe, wasn’t there a rumor previously that Lu Xiao’s ninth-place position was given to give face to the Tianyuan Region? It seems that the Xuanji Region decided to give a fair evaluation this time…”

“Tch tch, to think that one of the great nine regions can’t even enter the top nine of the Divine Dwelling List now. Looks like supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disappearance has greatly affected the Tianyuan Region. If this continues, they may not be able to hold onto their status as one of the nine regions…”

“That’s true, quite a number of top-tier factions are already closely eyeing the Tianyuan Region. If not because no one knows supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s whereabouts, they would have taken action against the Tianyuan Region long ago.”

“There are several dark horses on the new list, and Zhou Yuan isn’t the most dazzling one. The guy that took Lu Xiao’s ninth place is the real deal.”

“Oh? You mean Chen Xuandong of the Tri-Mountain Alliance?”

“Yeah, I heard that he faced four advanced Divine Dwelling stage opponents alone and ultimately triumphed over them.”

“One against four? Although such a feat isn’t easy for ordinary Divine Dwelling stage experts, it’s not really impressive for those ranked among the top thirty, right?”

“Hehe, but the four opponents Chen Xuandong fought were all ranked among the thirties on the Divine Dwelling List…”

“Hss, no wonder...he really is the real deal.”

Similar conversations were held in every corner of Hunyuan Heaven. The new Divine Dwelling List had undoubtedly become a hot topic. However, the emergence of such super dark horses was nothing new, and though Zhou Yuan’s battle record managed to draw some attention, some individuals were clearly far more dazzling than him.

From this, one could see how Hunyuan Heaven was filled with many crouching tigers and hidden dragons.


The Wanzu Region.

The nine regions were said to be the supreme powers of Hunyuan Heaven, and the Wanzu Region was one of its more senior members.

The one who established the Wanzu Region was known as supreme sovereign Wan Zu. With regards to how long one had been a Saint stage expert, supreme sovereign Wan Zu would be one of the top contenders even among the other supreme sovereigns.

The central zone of the Wanzu Region was called Wanzu Utopia.

In contrast to the lively and noisy atmosphere of the Tianyuan Utopia, the Wanzu Utopia was filled with an ancient and peaceful aura. This was because only the core disciples of the Wanzu Region could enter and it was not open to outsiders.

As such, untold numbers of talented experts made entering Wanzu Utopia their lifelong goal.

In the northwest corner of the Wanzu domain, at the mouth of a particular volcano that was filled with red magma, a terrifying heat was spreading, distorting the surrounding space.

A beautiful silhouette in blue stood at the edge of the volcano. She was a pretty young lady with a sweet and charming face. She had a graceful figure, a slim willow-like waist and an ample bosom. Despite her pure-looking face, it was hard to forget her enchanting figure.

The girl in blue was currently staring at the magma without even blinking.

If one peered past the glowing red magma, one would be able to make out a figure seated deep within the volcano who appeared to be cultivating.

Time flowed, and two hours passed in the blink of an eye. However, the young lady in blue did not show any signs of impatience as she silently waited.


Magma suddenly erupted as a figure shot out. Liquid magma rained down behind him as he landed on the mouth of the volcano.

It was a bare-chested young man. He had a tall and lean body, and light seemed to flow over his skin under the glow of the magma. Frighteningly hot magma cascaded down his body but left no mark on his skin.

His face looked as if it had been carved by a knife, with slightly thick slanted eyebrows handsomely placed like swords above his brightly shining eyes. There was also a lotus mark between his brows, giving him a slightly mysterious air.

As the girl in blue gazed at the young man before her, a sliver of adoration radiated from the depths of her eyes. She displayed a timely smile as she retrieved a set of clothes and offered it to him.

The young man received the clothes and wore them, making him appear even more imposing and impressive.

The man gently said, “Thank you, junior sister Qingshu.”

The girl before him was called Liu Qingshu. Despite her sweet and respectful appearance, she was ranked thirteenth on Hunyuan Heaven’s Divine Dwelling List and was a goddess countless heaven prides dreamed of.

To make such a sought after goddess so docile, the man before her was naturally no ordinary person.

He was the number one on the Divine Dwelling List, Zhao Mushen.

“Senior brother does not need to be so courteous.”

Liu Qingshu pursed her lips as she softly chuckled. A scroll appeared in her hand as she grinned and said, “The new Divine Dwelling List is out. I made sure to deliver a copy as soon as I could!”

A kindly smile emerged on Zhao Mushen’s handsome face as he replied, “Are there any changes?”

“Of course there’s no change to your ranking. Who could shake your position among the younger generation of Hunyuan Heaven?”

Zhao Mushen smiled as he shook his head. “Don’t say such things outside. No one knows how many hidden geniuses there are in Hunyuan Heaven. As for my current ranking, the Wushen Region’s Wu Yao and the Zixiao Region’s Su Youwei will likely be able to contest it. They merely have no interest in doing so.”

Hearing these two names made Liu Qingshu a little uncomfortable. Although she was extremely outstanding and well known, she understood that there was still a gap between these two individuals and herself.

“I don’t think that they’ll be senior brother’s match.” Liu Qingshu revealed a slight smile.

Zhao Mushen laughed. “I can feel that Wu Yao has become even more dangerous after returning from Cangxuan for Su Youwei, if we purely compare Genesis Qi foundations, even I cannot compete with her. The ten heavens Divine Dwelling is truly terrifying.”

However, he soon caught sight of the objection on Liu Qingshu’s face and knew that he should not continue. He unfurled the Divine Dwelling List and swept a glance at its contents.

“This Chen Xuandong is a little interesting,” he softly chuckled.

“Zhou Yuan? Defeated Lu Xiao, huh? So he’s another dark horse no one has heard of yet.” His gaze paused on the fourteenth position.

Liu Qingshu frowned and said, “The Tianyuan Region is growing more unbecoming. They’re one of the great nine regions but can’t even maintain a spot among the top nine. This is really shameful to the nine regions.”

“This iteration of the Divine Dwelling List should have been audited by Jiu Gong of the Xuanji Region. Only she would be so particular about fairness that she would not give face to the Tianyuan Region.” Zhao Mushen could not help but chuckle.

“But the Tianyuan Region has indeed been on a downwards path ever since supreme sovereign Cang Yuan’s disappearance. Lu Xiao is really not that strong, and yet he had stubbornly clung onto that ninth spot. And now, he was even been beaten by a dark horse. It truly is—”

He shook his head. From his tone, it was clear that he did not think much of the Divine Dwelling stage experts from the Tianyuan Region.

After a cursory glance, Zhao Mushen lost all interest in the Divine Dwelling List. Given his standards, the recent changes on the Divine Dwelling List weren’t worth mentioning.

Hence, his gaze shifted back to the front few rankings. He paused on the name just below his with a slight smile, and his eyes twinkled.

“Wu Yao...

“Your luck and blessing have become even stronger after returning from Cangxuan Heaven…”


While Zhao Mushen was looking at the new Divine Dwelling List, in the far away Wushen and Zixiao Regions, two girls that everyone in Hunyuan Heaven knew also received the new list.

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