Chapter 889 Dragon’s Resentment Destroys Python


A blood-red torrent gushed out from Zhou Yuan’s palm, instantly enveloping his body. An uncontrollable and terrifying aura filled the air, and faintly, the blood-red torrent seemed to have transformed into a blood-red dragon shadow around Zhou Yuan’s body. 

The dragon shadow released a deafening dragon roar that shook the world, and as though the world was responding, Genesis Qi endlessly gathered.

Countless experts stared dumbstruck at this scene. They didn’t know what Zhou Yuan had used, but for some reason, the blood-red dragon shadow around Zhou Yuan’s body made many experts of the Heavenly Sun stage feel a trace of danger.

The feeling was as if the Mandate of Heaven was present and all evils didn’t dare to approach. 

A flicker of light came to the eyes of the five grand elders standing in the void, and a rare look of surprise crossed their faces. 

“Blessing protection?” clan leader Mu Ni exclaimed in surprise. 

Zhou Yuan clearly used some sort of blessing, and once this blessing was activated he could get traces of mysterious help from the universe. Blessings were mysterious and abnormal. 

Ordinary people may not be able to discern this, but they were top experts of the Law Domain stage. They could feel that when Zhou Yuan operated his blessing, the universe Genesis Qi that gathered around Lu Xiao grew fainter as if cut off by the world.  

On the other hand, a vast amount of universe Genesis Qi was accumulating on Zhou Yuan’s side.

This wasn’t a means that could be easily cracked because it wasn’t a Genesis technique but blessing protection. 

To be able to possess such a blessing, one must be a top heaven pride of the world. Such people were incredibly rare in the entire Hunyuan Heaven. Moreover, a blessing was divided into different grades. This kind of blessing was expressed in the form of thousands of beasts, and no blessing with a dragon-related image would be of low grade. 

Patriarch Bai Ye, who hadn’t said a word till now, suddenly said, “I heard that the top heaven pride of the Wushen Region, Wu Yao, also possesses the dragon-phoenix blessing.” 

Sect master Xuan Kun maintained an indifferent expression and didn’t say a word, because the situation was already out of control. Even he didn’t expect that the nine-headed abyssal python trump card he had prepared for Lu Xiao would fail to achieve the overwhelming victory he had predicted or that there would be a possibility of defeat.

The thought of his years of planning becoming nothing made sect master Xuan Kun’s mood very bad. 

Everyone unblinkingly watched the mountain summit as they held their breath. 

There, the blood-red aura around Zhou Yuan’s body grew increasingly intense. The next moment, he lifted his head, and the mountain reverberated with the roar of a dragon. 


Blood-red torrent roared out, transforming into a huge pillar of blood-red light. The shadow of a blood dragon circled within it, its indescribable pressure shrouding this side of the world.

The pillar of light rushed up to the sky, preparing to strike Lu Xiao in the sky. 

Lu Xiao unleashed an ear-piercing scream. The pressure gave off from the blood dragon pillar made the nine-headed abyssal python in his body tremble with fear.

But at this time the arrow was already on the bowstring, and Lu Xiao knew that he couldn’t turn back. Immediately, he squeezed out all the strength in his body and prepared to punch the mighty black light. He gathered his strongest power to collide with the blood dragon! 

“It’s not that easy to beat me!” he thundered, his face contorted. 


The blood-red torrent and the mighty black light collided under countless shocked gazes. 

Rumbles of thunder erupted and reverberated throughout the world. The sound of rolling waves seemed to be heard all over the Tianyuan Utopia.

After the loud noise, shock waves blasted out from the collision between the black and blood-red rays of light. Under the impact, even the mountain summit crumbled as boulders tumbled down like torrential rain, destroying the nearby forests and mountains. 

However, countless people continued to stare intently at the two torrents of light bombarding each other. 

Anyone could see that the blood-red torrent was suppressing the black light, causing the mighty light to tremble with each roar.


Inwardly, Lu Xiao raged, What are you doing, nine-headed abyssal python? What are you scared of!? Don’t you want to devour me? I’ll let you!! 

The blood of the nine-headed abyssal python within his body hissed and screamed. After all, it could only act on instinct. Now that it was no longer suppressed, its ferocity and viciousness broke out, and it immediately and madly corroded Lu Xiao’s essence and blood. As a result, the shadow of the nine-headed python within the black light grew increasingly clear.

Its fierceness skyrocketed!


The silhouette of the blood dragon within the blood light was also aware of the nine-headed python’s desperate struggle, and fury flashed through its blood-red eyes. 

It’s just a snake!

An ear-splitting dragon roar suddenly rang out, causing the void to crack.

The force of the blood-light torrent sharply rose to an incredibly terrifying level. The nine-headed python, which had just displayed its immense ferocity, suddenly trembled. The absolute suppression based on bloodline made it feel instinctively fear. 

The silhouette of the nine-headed python turned around to flee and was about to drill deep into Lu Xiao’s body. 


But as soon as it retreated, the blood dragon torrent pierced through it and instantly engulfed the mighty black light. 

The black shadow of the nine-headed python turned to nothingness before it could enter Lu Xiao’s body.

The might of the blood dragon torrent didn’t reduce after crushing the nine-headed python, and it crashed into Lu Xiao’s body under countless shocked gazes.  

The torrent pierced through the void, eventually rushing up into the invisible void. 

The movement between heaven and earth gradually calmed down, returning to silence. 

The monstrous blood and black light had vanished completely as if the previous scene was just an illusion. 

In the outside world, even the endless crowds around the mountains were silent, and the air seemed to have frozen. 

On the mountain summit, the Genesis Qi around Zhou Yuan’s body faded. His face was ashen as he lifted his head to look at the motionless figure in the void before he sat down on the boulder to the side. That day’s battle was more difficult than he had expected.

He originally didn’t want to use the Dragon’s Resentment Transformation because it would expose the fact that he possessed the sacred dragon blessing, and in this unfamiliar world, he needed to be cautious and keep a low profile. 

But in the end, he failed to do as he wished.

Lu Xiao is really too troublesome.

But the good news was that it was finally over.

Zhou Yuan spat out a mouthful of turbid qi, and it was at this moment that the figure in the void, amidst horrified gazes, plunged from the sky.

Countless cries of disbelief rang out.


Lu Xiao’s figure landed in the pile of rocks not far from Zhou Yuan, his body as stiff as a corpse. 

Zhou Yuan glanced at Lu Xiao with an indifferent expression. Although his injuries were very serious, he still had his last breath. In truth, Lu Xiao should have thanked Zhou Yuan. If it weren’t for him, the blood of the nine-headed pythons in his body wouldn’t have been destroyed and he would have gradually evolved into a snake demon in the future.

Zhou Yuan ignored Lu Xiao and rested a brief moment before he stood up under countless complicated gazes and stretched out his palm. 

The chief pavilion master token suspended in the sky slowly descended, landing in the palm of his hand. 

He held the token tightly as if relieved from a burden. 

“Yaoyao, the first step, I have done it.”

Zhou Yuan clenched the token and raised his arm in the air.

In the outside world, the silence continued for several breaths before a deafening cheer resounded between heaven and earth.

“Congratulations, chief pavilion master!”

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