Chapter 887 Nine-Headed Abyssal Python

An intense black aura bubbled forth from Lu Xiao’s body, filling the sky. Within it, a huge nine-headed black shadow produced shrill noises that trembled everybody’s Spirits. The surrounding Genesis Qi began to turn chaotic. 

Countless people looked up with frightened horror-stricken eyes. 

As the black aura raged, Lu Xiao’s body gradually grew larger and larger, becoming a jet-black giant of several meters tall in just a few breaths. Cracks constantly spread along his body, but there was no blood, and only a chilling black aura could be seen circulating around his body.   

Lu Xiao was like a demon of the abyss, and his presence made everybody’s hearts palpitate with fear.

The five grand elders in the air cast their eyes toward him.

Narrowing her eyes, Chi Jing said indifferently, “The nine-headed abyssal python...what a powerful move. Is the Heavenly Spirit Sect not afraid of destroying a good seedling by doing this?” 

How could she not see that Lu Xiao had fused with the blood of the nine-headed abyssal python, a grade-7 Genesis beast comparable to an expert of the Nascent Source stage?  

Although the integration with the blood of the nine-headed abyssal python was said to improve combat strength in a short period, it wasn’t a wise move in the long term because it would make it difficult to maintain the purity of one’s blood. This meant that at best Lu Xiao could progress to the Nascent Source stage and it was highly unlikely for him to reach the Law Domain stage.

Sect master Xuan Kun didn’t reveal a trace of anger or joy as he responded, “Elder Chi Jing must be kidding. I also don’t know where Lu Xiao obtained the blood of the nine-headed abyssal python. That boy is ambitious and competitive—in order to win the seat of chief pavilion master, he must have gambled his future on it.  

“After this battle, I will severely reprimand him.”

Chi Jing simply chuckled. She naturally wouldn’t believe that this matter had nothing to do with sect master Xuan Kun, but this action wasn’t strictly against the rules. Even if she wanted to pursue the matter further, there was nothing she could do. After all, who made Xuan Kun so cruel as to let Lu Xiao take such a huge risk? 

She also had similar Genesis beast blood in her hands, but she never mentioned this to Zhou Yuan because, in her view, Zhou Yuan’s future potential wouldn’t be lower than hers. Therefore, it would be a waste for him to abandon his future for just a chief pavilion master position. 

Perhaps sect master Xuan Kun was certain that Lu Xiao’s future wouldn’t reach the potential of the Law Domain stage, so he was willing to let him take a gamble. After all, once one stepped into the Nascent Source stage, he could still be ranked at the top level of the world. 

The Law Domain couldn’t be reached with just some talent. 

The expressions of the remaining three grand elders didn’t change much. Clan elder Mu Ni’s brows were raised, but she ultimately didn’t say anything. The Heavenly Spirit Sect had grown increasingly strong in the Tianyuan Region over the years, and even the White Clan, as well as the Profound Crystal Clan, had joined their side, whereas Chi Jing only had the support of Mu Ni and was just able to maintain the balance. 

If Mu Ni were to interfere, the other two grand elders would no doubt say something, and the situation would become more troublesome. 

She had a gentle nature and, in truth, didn’t want to see Chi Jing and Xuan Kun argue and fight all the time. As for the chief pavilion master position, although the weight it had wasn’t light, it wouldn’t be a huge loss if they were to give it up.  

Clan elder Mu Ni knew well that this competition had little significance. As long as Cang Yuan returned one day, even the Heavenly Spirit Sect, the White Clan and the Profound Crystal Clan would all need to put away their arrogance and not create any more trouble. 

And if something were to happen to Cang Yuan...then, they alone wouldn’t be able to protect their status in the nine regions, which meant all their disputes would be meaningless. 

As these thoughts flashed across Chi Jing’s mind, she shook her head inwardly and shifted her gaze to the mountain summit. From the looks of it, Lu Xiao seemed to have begun to occupy the dominant position in the chief pavilion master battle. After all, although the nine-headed abyssal python blood wasn’t considered the blood of a top-tier Genesis beast, it was enough to dominate a battle of the Divine Dwelling stage. 

The little guy named Zhou Yuan was pitiful. 


Countless horrified eyes gathered on the mountain top. Lu Xiao was hovering in the air, a monstrous black aura flowing behind him. His eyes were black and vertically split, exuding a chilling aura that sent shivers down one’s spine. 

Looking at Lu Xiao in this form, Zhou Yuan turned unusually serious. He was evidently aware of Lu Xiao’s strong and dangerous aura. 

Lu Xiao’s dark vertical eyes stared fixedly at Zhao Yuan as a low hissing sound came from his mouth. 


His figure vanished instantly.

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed slightly, and he rapidly retreated. 


The void in front of him shattered just as he made a few steps. Lu Xiao’s tall and huge demon-like figure flashed out and threw a fist toward Zhou Yuan.  

The punch, wrapped in black aura, blasted forward, suddenly bursting the void apart.

Zhou Yuan swiftly performed a hand seal with one hand. A sword pill violently vibrated, gathered sharp and fierce sword light, and slashed downward.  


The fist wrapped in black qi slammed into the sword light and almost instantaneously shattered the sword light. The sword pill was blasted away, its luster instantly dimming. 

Zhou Yuan’s eyelids twitched. The present Lu Xiao was more ferocious than he had imagined.


Having shattered the sword light with one punch, Lu Xiao flashed out again and delivered a swift kick toward Zhou Yuan’s chest. 

Zhou Yuan crossed his arms, and Genesis Qi gushed out to form a light shield in front of his arms.


The light shield shattered upon contact, and a terrifying power surged out from his arms, blasting him away. He repeatedly kicked his feet in the air, causing the void to ripple. 

Zhou Yuan was sent hundreds of feet through the air before he could steady his body. He felt a sharp pain in his arms. 


Before Zhou Yuan could take a deep breath, Lu Xiao’s figure shot out again, and a torrent-like attack shrouded Zhou Yuan. It wasn’t anything fancy and was entirely dependent on Lu Xiao’s terrifying power. 

Every strike, however, quaked the void.

In just a dozen breaths, the two had fought hundreds of rounds, but everybody could tell that Lu Xiao was completely suppressing Zhou Yuan in the match. The intense battle also made countless people’s eyelids twitch. 


Another collision rang out in the void, and then Zhou Yuan landed, crushing and fragmenting numerous boulders. 

Zhou Yuan stomped his feet. The ground cracked. As he steadied his body, he wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth. Black fist marks from his battle with Lu Xiao riddled his body. The marks were entwined with black aura and were like countless tiny snakes about to penetrate his flesh and bring about biting, chilling pain.  

“Give up or die!” As Lu Xiao’s hoarse, indifferent voice sounded in the void, black qi rose from his mouth. 

Zhou Yuan grinned contemptuously, and anger rose within Lu Xiao’s eyes.

The match had already greatly exceeded Lu Xiao’s expectations, and he had never thought that the person who he wouldn’t even glance at would force him to such a state. 

“Then go die!”

As a sonic boom rang out, Lu Xiao’s figure mysteriously appeared in front of Zhou Yuan like a ghost. He clenched his hands and blasted out a punch. The mighty black qi around his fist bubbled forth and vaguely transformed into a jet-black python opening its bloody mouth.

As the punch roared out, the surrounding ground collapsed, many rocks turning to powder.

The black fist rapidly enlarged before Zhou Yuan. He felt the power within it, and a chilling intent flashed across his eyes. This time, he didn’t retreat but took a step forward. 

“Azure Serpent Form!”

Azure scales of light emerged from the surface of Zhou Yuan’s body.

“Mythic Saint Body!” Zhou Yuan’s skin seemed to have turned to luminous jade, and inside his body, his bones were glowing with a silvery light. 

“Explosive golden blood!”

A low roar echoed in Zhou Yuan’s heart, and the two hundred drops of golden blood housed within broke out. The golden torrent turned into a vast power, spreading to his every limb and bone.

Within the Divine Dwelling, all Genesis Qi stars erupted with a dazzling light, and Genesis Qi gushed out. 

He stomped his foot, causing the ground to crumble as shock waves visible to the naked eye swept out. 

Two figures sped across the air, and then, under countless shocked gazes, two fists containing mighty power fiercely collided like two meteors. 


An earthshaking vibration instantly caused havoc from the mountain summit. 

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