Chapter 885 Two Spirit Burial


Nine beams of purple light shot up from the mountain summit, intertwining with each other, as though forming a huge prison. At that moment, the universe Genesis Qi inside the huge prison rapidly escaped, and in just a few seconds, the inside of the prison became free of Genesis Qi.

Countless people broke into exclamations when they saw this scene.

“It’s the Genesis Sealing Formation of Nine Beasts!”

“It’s a secret Heaven Genesis technique of the Heavenly Spirit Sect! It is said that once the formation is completed, it can block the Genesis Qi of the universe. Adding to this, the nine beasts, which are refined from countless beast spirits, possess astonishing combat powers. Once trapped in the formation, one will never replenish their Genesis Qi and will face the endless onslaught of the nine beasts. Sooner or later, one’s Genesis Qi will be exhausted!”

“Lu Xiao is indeed worthy of being called the leader of the Divine Dwelling stage in the Tianyuan Region. It is no wonder that he previously let Zhou Yuan attack wildly; it’s all because he was secretly preparing such a powerful killing move!”

“Zhou Yuan is still too young. Now that he is caught in the formation, it doesn’t look good for him!”


On the Wind Pavilion’s side, the beautiful faces of Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui had changed, and their brows were scrunched in a worried frown. They naturally had heard of the Genesis Sealing Formation of Nine Beasts before, but they were unaware that Lu Xiao had cultivated this technique. It seemed that Lu Xiao was well prepared for the battle.


On the mountain summit where all eyes were fixed.

As Zhou Yuan watched the purple light prison envelop him, his expression grew solemn. Lu Xiao was indeed much more difficult to deal with than Han Yuan. It hardly took him much effort to defeat Han Yuan, but now, facing Lu Xiao, a little carelessness had led him to fall into his trap.

“The Genesis Sealing Formation of Nine Beasts...” Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered.


Suddenly deafening beast roars echoed across the sky. Zhou Yuan looked up to see nine gigantic beast figures in every direction, their eyes locked on him. Powerful Genesis Qi pulsed all around their bodies. 


They roared through the air, their sharp claws glinting with an icy cold light as they tore through the void and shrouded Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan pinched his hands together in a sword seal, manipulating the sword pill to split into nine sword shadows to each deal with one of the nine beasts charging over.


The clash caused Genesis Qi to erupt and the void to quake.

From the first exchange of attacks, Zhou Yuan already felt that the strengths of the nine beasts were all at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage. Although their combat strength wasn’t particularly abnormal, the problem was that the nine beasts were of the same life, which meant it was useless killing one or two since they would recover in an instant.

Only when nine beasts were killed simultaneously would they all completely disappear.

But Genesis Qi was blocked in the prison, and the longer the battle was drawn out, the more Genesis Qi that Zhou Yuan would consume. In the long term, even for someone with his Genesis Qi foundation they wouldn’t last long, not to mention that, besides the nine beasts, there was also Lu Xiao staring at him like a tiger watching its prey all this time. 

Zhou Yuan wrinkled his brow. If he couldn’t break through the formation, the situation would be incredibly unfavourable for him.

His eyes flashed, and he frantically drew back.

In the void above, Lu Xiao watched the scene indifferently, and with a flick of his finger, the nine beasts charged out and directly attacked Zhou Yuan.

He evidently planned to use the nine beasts to exhaust Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi first.

But Zhou Yuan didn’t seem to want to waste his Genesis Qi on the nine beasts. Facing the pursuit of the nine beasts, he chose to retreat repeatedly. But under the control of Lu Xiao, the nine beasts continued to fiercely attack and reduce the area that Zhou Yuan could retreat to.

As a result, the situation on the battlefield gradually shifted towards Lu Xiao’s side, and Zhou Yuan, under the siege of the nine beasts, looked somewhat miserable. 

In the outside world, many members of the Fire Pavilion burst into cheers, while the Wind Pavilion’s side was particularly quiet and tense.

“Senior brother Lu Xiao is blocking Zhou Yuan from escaping. Once Zhou Yuan no longer has a way out, it will be senior brother Lu Xiao’s moment to strike and defeat Zhou Yuan.” Zhu Lian’s eyes were blazing. Although his Genesis Qi cultivation was said to be poor, he had extraordinary vision and could see through Lu Xiao’s intention in one glance.

Hearing this, Zuo Ya breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Zhou Yuan is quite capable since he could trouble senior brother Lu Xiao so much.

“Unfortunately, he is destined to be Lu Xiao’s stepping stone today.”



The sword shadow whizzed, and Genesis Qi filled the area.

The nine beasts sped through the void, frantically attacking Zhou Yuan and forcing him to retreat again and again. At the same time, Zhou Yuan’s area of retreat within the prison got smaller and smaller...    

It was also at this moment that Lu Xiao, standing outside the prison, vanished.


The nine beasts roared out, striking Zhou Yuan, who had no space to escape anymore.

As the nine beasts sped over from all directions, their figures reflected in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. At this very moment, Zhou Yuan could feel an intense danger. This danger didn’t come from the nine beats, but from Lu Xiao, who had disappeared and was hiding in the dark like a venomous snake, waiting for a chance to launch a fatal attack. 

“It’s time...”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed, and with the clench of his hand, the sword pill emerged in his palm, and he swiftly swung out his sword.

As the sword slashed down, wind sharply whistled, but nobody saw that the sixth ancient Genesis Rune on the Heavenly Yuan Brush within Zhou Yuan’s body was glowing brightly.

“Spirit Burial!”


An enormous arc of light swept out, wrapped in majestic force, ruthlessly slashing at the nine beasts rushing over.


The nine beasts let out a tragic scream before they all exploded at the same time.

At the same time the nine beasts were annihilated, the nine beast prison was destroyed. The Genesis Qi between heaven and earth came rolling in again.

Having destroyed the nine beasts and broken the Genesis Sealing Formation of Nine Beasts, Zhou Yuan didn’t relax; instead, his eyes grew colder. He clenched his hand, and the beast spirit crystals of two grade-6 Genesis beasts emerged in his palm. Snowy-white hair burst forth, wrapping the crystal before swallowing the beast spirits. 

Within his body, the sixth Genesis Rune, Spirit Devour, of the Heavenly Yuan Brush glowed again. The brightness was far greater than any of the previous times! 

After all, it had absorbed the beast spirit crystals of two grade-6 Genesis beasts, which was equivalent to the spirit of two Heavenly Sun Experts!

“Spirit Devour!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes became bloodshot as he once again activated Spirit Devour. A crazy beast roar echoed in his mind, shaking his spirit and causing the veins on his forehead to bulge.

The absorption of two grade-6 beast spirit crystals was also Zhou Yuan’s limit. If there were any more, the recoil would be unbearable to even his Spirit, which was at the initial Transformative stage.


“Spirit Burial!”

Zhou Yuan’s face twisted, and the sword light in his hand fiercely slashed out towards the void.

“Come out!”

As the sword swung down, a majestic torrent roared out, and the intensity of the attack directly shattered the void. Countless space debris whirled in the air and were engulfed by the torrent, strengthening its power to a terrifying level.

This was the most terrifying offensive that Zhou Yuan had launched since the chief pavilion master battle had started!

In the void where the torrent was roaring, a figure flashed out. It was Lu Xiao. At this moment, when he saw the power of the torrent, his expression changed. He didn’t know whether Zhou Yuan had been pretending to retreat previously!

Lu Xiao was trying to find Zhou Yuan flaws in order to launch a fatal blow, but it seemed Zhou Yuan had deliberately shown flaws to lure him closer and launch a deadly attack!

The power contained in the surging torrent made even Lu Xiao’s scalp go numb.

This was obviously the killing move that Zhou Yuan had kept hidden for a long time!


But at this time, it was too late to regret his actions. Lu Xiao could only madly activate his Genesis Qi as he roared, “Motionless purple light king barrier!”

When the purple light barrier appeared around Lu Xiao’s body, the mighty torrent was already pouring down the mountain.


The void shattered, and a series of spatial cracks appeared. Lu Xiao’s body was directly blasted away, tearing a mark of thousands of meters across the mountain summit. The huge boulders shattered, and under the smoke and dust, it was unknown whether or not he survived.

The monstrous uproar in the outside world suddenly stopped.

Countless people were dumbstruck.

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