Chapter 884 Zhou Yuan VS Lu Xiao


On the mountain summit, two waves of mighty Genesis Qi collided, producing thunderous rumbles. Shock waves wreaked havoc everywhere, cracking the nearby boulders.

Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao each stood on top of a boulder, their eyes gradually turning sharp and cold.

The wind spirit rune and the fire spirit rune emerged on Zhou Yuan’s arm. 

With two Genesis Runes activated, the Genesis Qi that erupted from Zhou Yuan’s body skyrocketed and the number of Genesis Qi stars rose steadily, ultimately reaching a terrifying 28 million.

In the face of an opponent like Lu Xiao, Zhou Yuan had no intention of testing his strength because he knew that only by using all his strength would he get the upper hand.

Seeing this, Lu Xiao remained indifferent, but he similarly didn’t hesitate to activate the fire spirit rune and the mountain spirit rune. All of a sudden, his Genesis Qi foundation also soared by 6 million, bringing it to a total of 29 million!

Countless eyes in the outside world were filled with amazement. Both Zhou Yuan’s and Lu Xiao’s Genesis Qi foundations were almost at the 30 million level. The sight of such strong Genesis Qi foundations made many people at the Divine Dwelling stage reveal bitter smiles.


Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao sped into the sky almost at the same time—their mighty Genesis Qi turned into a torrent around them, then roared out. 

The two torrents of Genesis Qi, one azure and one purple, shook the void with power strong enough to make the scalps of ordinary Divine Dwelling stage experts go numb, and slammed the void fiercely.


Shock waves of azure and purple Genesis Qi erupted out, whirling up countless boulders from below, even tearing faint cracks in the void. 

Both Zhou Yuan’s and Lu Xiao’s figures quivered slightly, and their expressions grew solemn. From that move, they could feel that their opponent’s Genesis Qi was in no way inferior to their own.


Zhou Yuan opened his mouth, and a sword pill shot out. A beam of sword light then broke out, and sword shadows flashed and filled the sky.

“Devil Sweeping Sword Orb, Sword Torrent!”

Zhou Yuan performed a hand seal with one hand, gathering thousands of sword shadows into a mighty torrent. The sword torrent tore the void to shreds wherever it passed. Its unmatched force seemed like it could destroy everything blocking its path.

Watching the torrent of sword shadows roar over, Lu Xiao simply sneered coldly. His Genesis Qi surged and showed no sign of backing down.

“Purple Wave Palm!”

The billowing purple Genesis Qi whizzed through the air as if transforming into a huge purple wave. From within the gigantic wave a purple hand stretched out. A slam from that hand was enough to crack the earth.


The torrent of sword shadows collided with the huge purple wave hand. The rumble of thunder echoed throughout the area, and violent Genesis Qi shock waves raged endlessly.

The fierce attacks at the top of the mountain caused even the towering mountain to tremble.

Countless people were dumbstruck by a battle of this level. It was only now that they realised that both Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao had held back their strength when they were facing Han Yuan and Mu Liu.


On the mountain summit was another fierce collision.

Zhou Yuan folded his hands together in a hand seal with lightning speed. “Omega Saint Spirit Art!” 

A mysterious glow appeared around his body, and a pair of wings spread out behind him, swallowing the mighty Genesis Qi between heaven and earth. 

Having activated the Omega Saint Spirit Art, Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi surged once again. With the clench of his hand, the sword pill sped into midair and a light sword of hundreds of metres stretched out from Zhou Yuan’s hand. The tip of the sword showered the world with an icy cold light.


Zhou Yuan’s roar was like a rumble of thunder as he ruthlessly swung down the light sword.


Before the light sword struck, deep sword marks already started appearing on the summit of the mountain. An incomparably huge mountain wall was directly slashed off, plunging into the abyss.

Zhou Yuan’s sword contained the power of 28 million Genesis Qi stars, as well as the power of the Omega Saint Spirit Art and the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb, two high-grade Heaven Genesis techniques. The eyes of many Divine Dwelling stage experts twitched when they saw this scene.

Under Zhou Yuan’s sword, it was most likely that even ten ordinary Divine Dwelling experts would be slashed to smithereens.

The mighty sword light descended from the sky, and Lu Xiao’s face grew solemn. He folded his hands together, and his palms emitted a dazzling purple light, forming a purple light barrier that shrouded his body. On the surface of that barrier there seemed to be a mysterious figure quietly sitting cross-legged.    

“Motionless purple light king barrier!”

This was also a high-grade Heaven Genesis technique of the Heavenly Spirit Sect, and it possessed astonishing defensive might.


The majestic sword light fiercely slashed the thin purple barrier. The dazzling sword light was like a rising sun. Its berserk shock waves raged out, tearing countless deep marks into the mountain summit.

The sword qi crushed the huge boulders into smithereens and wreaked havoc for a dozen of seconds before gradually dissipating.

Countless people hurriedly looked around.

In the void, Lu Xiao stood tall and his body was still shrouded by the purple light barrier. Although there were cracks throughout the barrier, which was growing fainter, it was obvious that the barrier had withstood Zhou Yuan’s terrifying sword strike. 

On the two destroyed squares on the mountainside, Han Yuan and Mu Liu revealed complex expressions. If it were them, they wouldn’t be confident in withstanding that sword strike.

In the outside world.

Zuo Ya couldn’t help but stomp her feet. “Why didn’t senior brother Lu Xiao attack? Instead he allowed that guy to jump about?!”

She expected Lu Xiao to utterly crush Zhou Yuan to get back at him for all the previous incidents, but at this moment Zhou Yuan was actively delivering attacks.

Zhu Lian shook his head, saying helplessly, “Don’t talk nonsense. Zhou Yuan is very strong. Did you not see that senior brother Lu Xiao had to use all his strength in response to each of his attacks every time? In a battle of this level, one can only search for opportunities while fighting.”

Zuo Ya glanced at him in discontent, but in the end didn’t say anything because she wasn’t blind, even though she was shocked by Zhou Yuan’s previous astonishing attacks. She knew that she wouldn’t have lasted for more than ten seconds if she were on the battlefield instead of Lu Xiao.

“The wind pavilion master is indeed capable.”

“That guy.”

Lu Xiao’s face grew overcast as he looked at the nearly shattered purple barrier. He was well aware of how strong his defensive Genesis technique was, and he hadn’t expected its limit was withstanding Zhou Yuan’s attack. From this the ferocity of Zhou Yuan’s previous attack was clear.


Lu Xiao’s eyes flickered. The right side of the void rippled, and a sword pill burst forth wrapped in sword light. 

Seeing Zhou Yuan’s series of aggressive attacks, Lu Xiao’s eyes flashed coldly. With the flick of his sleeve, purple Genesis Qi swept out to withstand the sword light.


But just when he was resisting the sword pill, Zhou Yuan’s figure mysteriously appeared behind him like a ghost. As Zhou Yuan lifted his hands, an illusory lantern emerged in the palm of his hand.

A small flame was pulsing inside it.

“Spirit Lantern Art!”

Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath and blew hard at the lantern.

The next moment, raging Spirit Flames roared out like a powerful streak of fire, whizzing in Lu Xiao’s direction.

Spirit Flame could attack the spirit, and Lu Xiao’s spirit was particularly weak in comparison to his Genesis Qi. Thus, once the Spirit Flame infected him, he would no doubt be severely wounded. It was clear that Zhou Yuan’s previous attacks were all distractions, and the Spirit Lantern Art was the real killing move that Zhou Yuan had prepared for Lu Xiao.

Spirit Flames rolled toward Lu Xiao. Lu Xiao froze for a brief moment, and a hint of fear flashed across his eyes, but he didn’t panic.

“Zhou Yuan, do you really think I wouldn’t be prepared for this?”

Lu Xiao performed a hand seal in lightning speed, and his cheeks suddenly puffed up, glowing with a purple light and exuding a faint scent of sandalwood.

Then, Lu Xiao spewed out a jet of purple water that collided with the spirit flame like a torrent. Suddenly the two quickly began to annihilate each other.    

“Zhou Yuan, my purple sandalwood Spirit suppressing water is specially prepared for your Spirit Flame!”

“Did it feel good attacking earlier? Next, should I give you a taste of the good show I’ve prepared for you?” Lu Xiao’s mouth twisted in a sneer.

Zhou Yuan shuddered. He felt a strange fluctuation of energy in the surroundings and immediately retreated without hesitation.

“Where are you going?”

Lu Xiao burst into laughter and suddenly raised both hands into the air. The entire mountaintop shook violently, and nine huge boulders exploded as nine beams of purple light shot into the sky. It was like a gigantic cage. The deafening roar of nine ancient beasts could be heard.

In the outside world, when Zuo Ya, Zhu Lian and the others saw the nine beams of purple light, they immediately exclaimed, “The Genesis Sealing Formation of Nine Beasts?”

Zuo Ya’s face lit up.

“It turns out that senior brother Lu Xiao has secretly prepared this move!”

“Haha, once this formation is completed, that Zhou Yuan won’t be able to escape!”

“The outcome of the battle has already been decided!”

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