Chapter 883 The last round

On the summit of the towering mountain.

An ancient token hovered in midair. The token, engraved with the pattern of the Four Spirits Origin Tower, contained a unique imposing majesty.    

There were countless rocks, big and small, in all sorts of strange shapes on the mountain summit.

At this moment, a figure passed through the clouds, looking up at the ancient token in midair with a calm face, but in the depths of his eyes was a hint of emotion.

“The chief pavilion master token…,” Zhou Yuan muttered to himself.

It had been a year since he had come to the Hunyuan Heaven’s Tianyuan Region, but now he had the qualification to compete for the chief pavilion master position with the many heaven prides of the Tianyuan Region.

No, he didn’t just have the qualification, because as long as he took one step further, the position of the coveted chief pavilion master would fall into his hands.

In this one year of time, Zhou Yuan had never relaxed once. He had done everything he could to enhance his strength because he couldn’t relax knowing that Yaoyao was still in the lonely and cold crystal glass coffin waiting for him.

All these years, it was unknown how many dangers and difficulties the young man who had just left the Great Zhou Empire had encountered and how much Yaoyao had helped and protected him.

Without Yaoyao, Zhou Yuan really wasn’t sure who would have the last laugh in his fight against Wu Huang and King Wu…

Therefore, Zhou Yuan knew that he owed Yaoyao a lot over the years.

But now Yaoyao was wounded and unconscious because of him. Zhou Yuan blamed himself for it, but he also knew that blaming himself wouldn’t solve any problems. Therefore, he had come to the unfamiliar Hunyuan Heaven and Tianyuan Region by himself to begin a new journey...

During the one year he was in the Tianyuan Region, he had broken through from the initial Divine Dwelling stage to the advanced Divine Dwelling stage and from a nobody became the Tianyuan Region’s dazzling dark horse.

All of it wasn’t for the so-called fame.

Zhou Yuan didn’t care for the position of chief pavilion master, but it was the first step to winning the Ancestral Dragon Lantern. Therefore, Zhou Yuan couldn’t give up.

Fortunately, the success of this first step was imminent and just before him.

“Yaoyao, although this is only a small step, as long as it can awaken you, I am willing to climb a mountain of swords and plunge into a sea of flames for you,” Zhou Yuan whispered, a remarkably beautiful face emerging in his mind, making his spirit waver and his cold face grow gentler.

“I never would have thought you would be the one to compete for the chief pavilion master position with me in the end...” An indifferent voice suddenly sounded from behind him.

Zhou Yuan titled his head slightly, watching Lu Xiao stride out from the clouds and mist. “What is even more unexpected is that the position of chief pavilion master will not fall to you.”

Lu Xiao stepped forward, standing opposite Zhou Yuan. He looked up at the token hovering in midair. “I really don’t know where you get this confidence. It seems that defeating Han Yuan has given you a lot courage.”

“You will know soon after we begin exchanging blows.” Zhou Yuan smiled.

Lu Xiao shook his head and didn’t speak again. He only moved slightly and immediately reappeared on a huge boulder hundreds of meters tall. He peered down indifferently. “Pavilion master Zhou Yuan, please.”


After the cloud ladder round and the first round of the four pavilion master battle, the atmosphere in the outside world was completely buzzing with excitement, especially when Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao faced each other on the mountain summit. Countless people waited with great anticipation for the battle to begin. 

This battle for the position of chief pavilion master was even more exciting than they had thought.

They originally thought that Lu Xiao would be the winner without any suspense, but after watching the battle between Zhou Yuan and Han Yuan, everyone knew that Zhou Yuan was qualified to pose a threat to Lu Xiao.

But from their spirited discussions, it was clear that many people were still more optimistic about Lu Xiao. After all, although Zhou Yuan, the dark horse, had demonstrated astonishing strength, Lu Xiao was the strongest person in the Divine Dwelling stage in the Tianyuan Region and was also ranked ninth on the Divine Dwelling List. Therefore, in terms of fame and demonstrated strength, he was still superior to Zhou Yuan. 

“The day has finally come!”

On the Fire Pavilion’s side, Zuo Ya gritted her teeth with a delighted look on her face. In the past few months, the Fire Pavilion had repeatedly failed in the battles against the Wind Pavilion, which made many higher-ups of the Fire Pavilion extremely displeased. In their view, the overall strength of the Fire Pavilion was superior to the Wind Pavilion, so how could the Wind Pavilion dare to stroke the tiger’s whiskers?

But the previous fight had nothing to do with overall strength, which gave the many higher-ups of the Fire Pavilion a powerless feeling.

But fortunately the chief pavilion master battle was here!

There, Lu Xiao could display his strength without reservation!

“I want to see what qualification Zhou Yuan has to compete with senior brother Lu Xiao!”


On the Wind Pavilion’s side, the look of joy that everyone, including Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling, had after witnessing Zhou Yuan defeat Han Yuan turned solemn. They no longer had absolute confidence because they knew very well that Lu Xiao was more troublesome than Han Yuan!

Lu Xiao was the biggest obstacle for Zhou Yuan to ascend to the chief pavilion master position.

If Zhou Yuan could break through here, from then on, he would replace Lu Xiao in the Tianyuan Region and become the new face of the Divine Dwelling stage in the Tianyuan Region.

But if he couldn’t break through, then the benefits that the Wind Pavilion had previously gained in their fight against the Fire Pavilion would be lost completely. Adding to this, in the future, Lu Xiao could target the Wind Pavilion and wipe away all the smugness they had in the previous months.

“Now...we have to believe in Zhou Yuan,” Ye Bingling comforted.

Yi Qiushui nodded and then smiled. “At worst we will withdraw from the Wind Pavilion. Given Zhou Yuan’s ability, he is also qualified to become the lord of a prefecture.” 

If Lu Xiao really became the chief pavilion master, then instead of suffering under Lu Xiao, it would be better to leave to avoid being mistreated and bullied.

Ye Bingling smiled bitterly. If that was the case, it would really be the worst. Outsiders would think that Zhou Yuan had no courage to stay in the Wind Pavilion after losing to Lu Xiao. Therefore, given the current situation, they had to fight with everything they had. After all, neither Zhou Yuan nor Lu Xiao could bear the name of loser.


Many huge piles of rocks were on the mountain summit.

Two figures stood facing each other on two huge boulders. The air seemed to have frozen, and the atmosphere had turned oppressive.

Lu Xiao wore an indifferent expression. Monstrous purple Genesis Qi rolled across the sky, dyeing half the sky a purple colour. The scene was like purple qi coming from the east. As the purple light illuminated the void, it revealed countless Genesis Qi stars, and from a rough estimate, there were as many as 23 million.

The pressure from the Genesis Qi wreaked havoc, even quaking the huge mountain summit.

Azure Genesis Qi surged from Zhou Yuan’s body, transforming into an illusory azure serpent in the void. The serpent dragon let out a thunderous roar.

Behind the azure serpent were 21 million Genesis Qi stars lighting up in the void.

Two mighty waves of Genesis Qi soared into the sky at the same time. Their collision trembled the void, thunder pealing.

Throughout the world, countless eyes, including those of the five grand elders in the void, were focused on the two figures.

The final battle for the chief pavilion master position had finally come.

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