Chapter 882 Lu Xiao wins

When Han Yuan admitted defeat, a commotion broke out from the countless spectators. Han Yuan had the upper hand only moments ago, so they didn’t expect the situation would be reversed in just a dozen breaths. 

“Pavilion master Zhou Yuan of the Wind Pavilion is very cunning. The concealing of the Spirit Flame in the beam of sword light is a perfect counterattack for the Black Sky Demon,” someone couldn’t help but marvel at Zhou Yuan’s combat tactic.

Many people nodded in agreement. Han Yuan’s Black Sky Demon was indeed powerful, and if Zhou Yuan didn’t have a good mastery in Spirit power, he would have had to pay a great price to destroy the Black Sky Demon.

Even if Lu Xiao were there, he most likely wouldn’t do any better than Zhou Yuan.

“Han Yuan is unlucky. If he had faced Lu Xiao instead, he would have perhaps lasted for a longer period of time although he would still lose in the end.”

“Haha, the current battle between Mu Liu and Lu Xiao is also very amazing.”

“But Mu Liu won’t be able to last long, either. The final chief pavilion master battle will be between Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao.”


On the Fire Pavilion’s side, Zuo Ya’s expression changed when she heard the many voices. “Nonsense, if Han Yuan faced senior brother Lu Xiao, he wouldn’t even have the courage to fight!”

Why do you think Lu Xiao wouldn’t be able to do anything better than Zhou Yuan?!  This is an absolute joke!

Zhu Lian didn’t utter a word. Although he was on the Fire Pavilion’s side, he didn’t want to say anything that would seem stupid because he understood what the other people meant. They weren’t saying that Lu Xiao was inferior to Zhou Yuan, but if he were to face the Black Sky Demon, he wouldn’t do better than Zhou Yuan because his Spirit level wasn’t as advanced.

Everyone on the Wind Pavilion’s side—its atmosphere was originally tense into cheers.

When Zhou Yuan was suppressed by the Black Sky Demon, they were so nervous that they didn’t even dare to breathe. But now that the situation was reversed, they of course needed to vent their emotions.

Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui exchanged a glance with each other and breathed a sigh of relief. Although they had confidence in Zhou Yuan, they still had to see the outcome to feel completely at ease.

“He has entered the finals.” Yi Qiushui patted her full chest.

“Yes, but what comes after is a true bitter battle.” There was a solemn look on Ye Bingling’s icy cold face. Han Yuan was already considered very strong, but compared to Lu Xiao, his danger level was greatly reduced.

Yi Qiushui turned to the other huge white jade square and said pitifully, “Mu Liu shouldn’t be able to last much longer.”

At this moment, countless others also fixed their eyes on the white jade square, the second battleground.

Countless trees were breaking out of the soil, intertwining with each other as though forming a forest made from the purest Genesis Qi. The degree of danger within it was far greater than that of a real forest.


The huge vines formed from Genesis Qi roared like a giant python, fiercely striking somewhere within the forest.

This forest of Genesis Qi was naturally summoned by Mu Liu, and the person frantically being attacked was naturally Lu Xiao, who was trapped within it.

Standing on a towering tree, Mu Liu watched the frantic offensive in the middle of the forest with a solemn expression. Although he had trapped Lu Xiao in his forest world, he could feel that his attacks had little effect on him.

“This is troublesome,” Mu Liu murmured. “Huh?”

He suddenly raised his head and turned in the other direction with a look of surprise in his eyes. “Han Yuan has already lost? So fast?”

Although he knew that Zhou Yuan had revealed a stronger Genesis Qi foundation than him on the cloud ladder, the battle couldn’t be won by relying on Genesis Qi alone. After all, Zhou Yuan’s foundation wasn’t stronger than theirs by much.

But the fact that Han Yuan had lost so quickly suggested that Zhou Yuan’s attacks were incredibly powerful.


While Mu Liu was exclaiming in his heart, a terrifying gush of Genesis Qi suddenly burst forth from the Genesis Qi forest below, ripping apart the giant trees in the center.

Mu Liu hastily operated his Genesis Qi to repair the forest.

“Mu Liu, I have given enough face to the Wood Clan. Don’t push your luck,” an indifferent voice sounded from the Genesis Qi forest.

Mu Liu wrinkled his brows and didn’t respond, but the Genesis Qi within his body was completely activated because he knew that Lu Xiao, who had been trapped inside for a good while, was about to explode.


As Lu Xiao’s voice faded, a bright purple light accumulated in the center of the Genesis Qi forest. It dazzled like a purple sun rising from the forest, and it radiated a scorching heart.

“Heavenly Wave of Purple Cloud Inferno!”

An enraged roar resounded like a peal of thunder, and a berserk wave of purple light wreaked havoc from the middle of the forest like a tremendous wave tens of thousands of feet tall.


Wherever it passed, the wave of purple light instantly incinerated the giant trees of Genesis Qi and quickly turned them into nothingness.

Within a few seconds, it wreaked havoc and decimated the whole forest of Genesis Qi, completely crumbling it.

Countless people stared shocked at the center of the light wave where a figure enveloped in purple light stood. His imposing manner sent a chill down one’s spine.

The forest was destroyed, and Mu Liu’s complexion changed. He frantically retreated.

The figure shrouded in purple light coldly glanced over to him, then flashed, appearing mysteriously above Mu Liu like a ghost. The figure swiftly delivered a palm strike, violet qi roiling.

“Purple Wave Palm!”

Purple qi continuously surged around the palm, strengthening it with waves upon waves of Genesis Qi. Its violent force quaked the void incessantly. Mu Liu was frantically retreating, but in the end the palm directly penetrated the void and slammed into his chest.


He spewed a mouthful of blood.


His body crashed into the white jade square, causing cracks to spread like a cobweb.

Lying in the huge pit, Mu Liu was deathly pale, and blood was trickling down from the corners of his mouth. He looked up at Lu Xiao’s biting cold gaze, but he grinned and said hoarsely, “Lu Xiao, don’t be so proud. I feel that you will fail in the battle for the chief pavilion master position.

“You should know that my intuition is very accurate!


Lu Xiao looked at Mu Liu coldly, saying indifferently, “Oh? By that Zhou Yuan?

“Because he won against Han Yuan?”

He shook his head and ignored Mu Liu. As he turned around and strode in the direction of the mountain’s summit, his indifferent voice rang out again.

“Then you just lie here and watch. Let’s see if your intuition is more accurate, or if my powers are more respected?

“That Zhou Yuan will accompany you very soon.”

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