Chapter 880 Han Yuan’s Secret


When the monstrous Genesis Qis of Han Yuan and Zhou Yuan engulfed the world, the majestic scene made countless eyes blaze. Nobody thought that Han Yuan would be the first to refine three Genesis Runes among the four pavilion masters!

The mighty Genesis Qi foundation of more than 29 million roared to the sky, its pressure quaking the towering mountain.

Many people secretly smacked their lips. Among the people of the four pavilions, Han Yuan was considered to be someone who kept a low profile, but perhaps it was because his brilliance was always covered by Lu Xiao’s. As a result, the pavilion master of the Mountain Pavilion was often ignored by many people.

In their view, Han Yuan was a little brother subdued by Lu Xiao, but now, looking at him again, they knew that the Han Yuan, who always kept a low profile, was hugely ambitious.

At the very least, even Lu Xiao wasn’t able to refine a third Genesis Rune.

It could be seen how much hard work Han Yuan had put into his cultivation training. Of course, this was perhaps, as he said, because he didn’t have a background like Lu Xiao, so in order to enhance his strength, he could only seclude himself in the Four Spirit Origin Tower and put all hope on the four Genesis Runes...

His foolish approach had now yielded significant results.

At first everyone thought that the strength of the four candidates had already been decided on the cloud ladder and that Han Yuan was bound to lose when he faced Zhou Yuan. But now, it seemed that it was still too early to say...

On the white jade square, the black Genesis Qi repeatedly collided with the azure Genesis Qi, producing loud noises and violently vibrating the void with each collision.

Genesis Qi rose like thick black smoke from Han Yuan’s body. The Genesis Qi he cultivated was called the Sky Demon Barrier Qi, which was also grade 7, and it contained a deadly poison that if it penetrated the body, all flesh and blood would be corroded.

But even if Han Yuan activated three Genesis Runes and raised his Genesis Qi foundation to the level of 29 million, there was still a hint of fear in the depths of his eyes when he looked at Zhou Yuan because Zhou Yuan’s foundation wasn’t much weaker than his.

This battle was expected to be bitter.


Han Yuan’s eyes were icy as he suddenly clapped his hands together, and a gush of mighty Genesis Qi was sent roaring out. It transformed into a gigantic black toxic hand filled with repulsive smell that slammed down at Zhou Yuan.

Black mist curled around the huge black hand. As long as it could penetrate Zhou Yuan’s body, the deadly poison was enough to inflict serious injuries!

Watching the huge toxic hand crush down from above, Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. He wouldn’t be so careless as to let the huge poisonous hand get close to his body since it would be particularly troublesome if he was caught in it. 

He lifted his hand and suspended a sword pill in his palm. Immediately after, a monstrous sword cry resounded across the world.


A ray of incomparably fierce sword light shot into the sky, meeting the huge toxic hand head-on.


As the beam of sword light whizzed past, even the black toxic hand formed from pure Genesis Qi was directly pierced. The beam of sword light swung down, transforming into thousands of sword shadows. Like a rainstorm, they hurled down at Han Yuan.

Han Yuan stepped back, his sleeves ballooned outward in the wind, and mighty black Genesis Qi surged out in front of him in waves, as though transforming into a deep black swamp. 


Countless sword shadows pierced into the black swamp, constantly moving deeper and deeper, but in the end they were all eroded by the toxic Genesis Qi and turned into nothingness ten feet away from Han Yuan’s body.

The first round of attacks was already incredibly ruthless.

Han Yuan furrowed his brows. Even he didn’t have the upper hand with his Genesis Qi foundation of 29 million in the previous round of lightning-like attacks. Instead, he was repeatedly countered by Zhou Yuan. His opponent’s Genesis Qi was pure and powerful and had far exceeded his expectation.

Zhou Yuan similarly sighed. He originally thought that after breaking through to the advanced Divine Dwelling stage, he would be able to effortlessly defeat Han Yuan and save up strength for his battle against Lu Xiao. But now, he knew he had underestimated the pavilion master of the Mountain Pavilion, who had been concealing his strength all along.

But this battle, no matter what, could not be a drawn-out battle. The battle must be swiftly settled because the more it dragged on, the greater the Genesis Qi would be consumed. And there was still another fierce battle after this.

Therefore, this battle had to be ended quickly!


When Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed, Han Yuan also drew a deep breath with a fierce glint in his eyes because his thought was the same as Zhou Yuan. He also wanted to enter the final round; therefore, he mustn’t be stuck in a drawn out battle with Zhou Yuan.

If that was the case…

Han Yuan roared skywards, and with a little tiptoe, he sped straight up into the void, spewing out blood. With his fingers stained with blood, he rapidly formed countless hand seals in lightning speed.

Black qi rolled in, like an unending black sea that shrouded his figure.

Vaguely, there was a bone-chilling aura accumulating in the thick black sea.

Seeing this scene, Zhou Yuan knew that Han Yuan intended to directly bring out his ultimate killing move. But he didn’t plan to stop him, and he was instead very glad to see this. This was also what he wanted: for the battle to end quickly. The winner would advance, while the loser would retreat!

As Zhou Yuan clenched his hand, the azure-gold Genesis Qi within his body roared in response, transforming into an azure serpent that coiled around his body.

In the outside world, countless people were intently watching.

The battle between Zhou Yuan and Han Yuan was fiercer than imagined!

The black Genesis Qi tumbled and surged, and after dozens of breaths, suddenly froze and subsided at an astonishing speed.

As the Genesis Qi was swept away, everyone could feel that in the middle of the black sea was a chilling wave of energy born.

That energy was full of ruthlessness and killing intent.

Evidently, Zhou Yuan and Han Yuan wanted to quickly finish the second round. But who would be able to fulfill their wish in the end…

Black Genesis Qi constantly rolled back, and when the last wisp finally dissipated, Han Yuan finally reappeared. At that moment, his face paled, but his eyes blazed brightly.

Countless people cast their eyes behind Han Yuan to see a black figure of at least ten metres standing quietly, and the last wisp of black Genesis Qi entered the figure’s nose. The black shadow was clasping a black sickle blade that was flashing a strange light.

An endless aura of ruthlessness and murderous intent emanated from the strange black shadow.

With a pale face, Han Yuan looked at Zhou Yuan and immediately grinned.

“Pavilion master Zhou Yuan…

“This is the big meal I prepared for you, you can call it…

“Black Sky Demon!”

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