Chapter 879 Battle against Han Yuan

On the square swirling with white mist, Zhou Yuan stared at Han Yuan without a ripple of emotion in his eyes. In truth, there wasn’t much hostility between Han Yuan and him. Even though Han Yuan often followed Lu Xiao and created trouble for the Wind Pavilion, Zhou Yuan understood that this was because he didn’t have a choice.

But whatever the reason, since they were facing off against each other, he naturally had no reason to let him go.

Han Yuan was staring back at Zhou Yuan, a somewhat complicated expression on his face. “A few months ago, I thought an idle pavilion master had joined the Wind Pavilion, but I didn’t expect him to be a fierce tiger instead.”

When Zhou Yuan first came to the Wind Pavilion and took the role of pavilion master, Han Yuan obviously didn’t pay much attention to him. At that time, Zhou Yuan’s strength wasn’t worthy of his admiration, but who would have thought that in a short period of half a year, Zhou Yuan would not only sit stably as the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion but also lead the Wind Pavilion to rise in power and fame.

The strength that Zhou Yuan had shown was already qualified enough to compete with Lu Xiao.

“Grand elder Chi Jing indeed has a good eye,” Han Yuan muttered.

“It was really unwise for pavilion master Han Yuan to join another side back then,” Zhou Yuan stated calmly.

In his view, it was incredibly foolish of Han Yuan to leave the Wind Pavilion and join the Mountain Pavilion as its pavilion master, because to Chi Jing, a Divine Dwelling expert or pavilion master wasn’t particularly important. But no matter what, it would anger a grand elder, which in the long run, would be disadvantageous to him.

Unless he reached the Nascent Source stage in the future and had the power to speak in the Tianyuan Region, no one would be willing to deepen the ill feeling between them and Chi Jing for him.

Han Yuan chuckled, “I was just a little cultivator with no background and no training resources. I had to rely on fighting, snatching and underhanded methods to climb to the point where I am today. Do you think I can do whatever I want when caught between the Profound Crystal Clan and grand elder Chi Jing?”

“Back then Lady Chi Jing was only just appointed to grand elder, and her power was still weak. If I hadn’t thought for myself, I would have perhaps been killed in a certain mission.”

There was a hint of bitterness and weakness in his smile.

No one would want to offend a grand elder. He was currently still useful, but if the Profound Crystal Clan had no use for him in the future, he would perhaps be thrown out to endure Chi Jing’s anger.

This was the sorrow of a nobody.

Zhou Yuan didn’t speak. The Divine Dwelling stage was indeed considered nothing in the eyes of the five grand elders. If Chi Jing wasn’t his senior sister, she wouldn’t have given him so much attention. And if caught in the game between the higher-ups, anybody without supporters was bound to suffer. Even Zhou Yuan almost fell into the schemes of hall master Xi Guang of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. If he wasn’t careful enough or didn’t have the support of his senior sister Chi Jing, then perhaps the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion would have already perished. How would he be enjoying his fame right now?

But even if his actions were understandable, they were still what they were.

Looking at Zhou Yuan’s eyes which were gradually growing sharper, Han Yuan didn’t say anything else. What he said before was not to acknowledge his mistake or apologise. As someone who had worked extremely hard to get to where he was now, he was also an incredibly strong and tough person. 

“Pavilion master Zhou Yuan must still have a bit of resentment towards me. If that’s the case, let’s fight! To tell you the truth, I also have the ambition of achieving the chief pavilion master position. If I defeat you, I will finally face Lu Xiao!”


Mighty black Genesis Qi erupted from Han Yuan’s body, blotting out the sun and sky. The Genesis Qi illuminated the void, revealing countless Genesis Qi stars. From a cursory look, there were at least 20 million stars.

The pressure of the mighty Genesis Qi was like giant waves of tens of thousands of feet, spreading out in all directions that made even outsiders smack their lips in amazement. The Mountain Pavilion’s pavilion master was indeed not an ordinary person.

But in the face of Genesis Qi of that level, Zhou Yuan’s robe didn’t flutter once. He simply stood there calmly. If he hadn’t broke through to the advanced Divine Dwelling stage, he really would have had to exert all his strength to withstand an opponent like Han Yuan.

However, because he had reached the advanced Divine Dwelling stage, he was now stronger than Han Yuan based purely on Genesis Qi foundation.

Even though his Genesis Qi was only a few hundreds of thousands more, with the tyrannical power of the world subduing serpent qi, Zhou Yuan was confident that he could easily suppress Han Yuan if it was based on foundation alone.

Of course, Han Yuan was most likely aware of this. He had already witnessed Zhou Yuan’s present Genesis Qi foundation in the cloud ladder round, and he knew that if he didn’t resort to other means he would be no match for Zhou Yuan.

Therefore, Han Yuan stretched out his palms, and two ancient light runes, one yellow and one red, slowly emerged on the back of the hand.

Mountain spirit rune!

Fire spirit rune!

The moment the two Genesis Runes appeared, Han Yuan’s Genesis Qi stars, which filled the sky, suddenly skyrocketed to 26 million!

The outside world was stunned by the sight, and some advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts even secretly smiled bitterly.  Compared with Han Yuan, even if they were of the same cultivation level, they couldn’t even reach half of what he had achieved. It was no wonder he could become the mountain pavilion master, while they could only cheer and shout.

Zhou Yuan squinted his eyes, but there still wasn’t so much as a ripple of emotion. The Genesis Qi foundation of 26 million could perhaps deter others, but that didn’t include him.

Han Yuan studied Zhou Yuan’s expression and smiled, “Pavilion master Zhou Yuan must have also refined two Genesis Runes? Could it be the wind spirit rune and the fire spirit rune?

“Therefore I know that it is ridiculous to compete with pavilion master Zhou Yuan with just two Genesis Runes.”

Han Yuan’s attitude piqued Zhou Yuan’s interest. “It seems that pavilion master Han Yuan has come prepared. In that case, reveal them all; otherwise a foundation of 26 million can’t stop me.”

Now that he possessed a foundation of 21 million Genesis Qi stars, with the addition of both the complete wind spirit rune and fire spirit rune, his Genesis Qi strength was at the 28 million level, and there was no need to fear Han Yuan’s 26 million Genesis Qi stars.

But Han Yuan should also know this, yet he was still so confident, which meant he had to have another trump card up his sleeve.

Han Yuan smiled. “It’s not any special preparation. It’s just that I don’t have many cultivation resources, and since I’m in the Four Pavilions, where there is a precious place for cultivation like the Four Spirit Origin Tower, I naturally always spend all my time there.

“The reason I followed Lu Xiao and worked so hard without even complaining once was to get a share of more origin coins. 

“I originally planned to keep my trump card for the fight against Lu Xiao, but I didn’t expect pavilion master Zhou Yuan to suddenly appear. Now I have no choice but to reveal this hidden trump card that I have been hiding for such a long time.” 

As Han Yuan’s laughter faded, an ancient green Genesis Rune slowly emerged between his brows.

The appearance of the Genesis Rune caused Han Yuan’s Genesis Qi to sharply soar once again and finally reach the level of 29 million!

Zhou Yuan’s pupils shrank abruptly, and his eyes were fixed on the Genesis Rune in the center of Han Yuan’s eyebrows.

It was the forest spirit rune!

Han Yuan had refined three ancient Genesis Runes without anybody knowing!

“Pavilion master Han Yuan has hid this really well. I think Lu Xiao also doesn’t know about this right?” Zhou Yuan asked indifferently.

Who would have thought that, among the four pavilion masters, the one who had refined the most ancient Genesis Runes wasn’t the most dazzling Lu Xiao or the dark horse Zhou Yuan, but the one who was always standing behind Lu Xiao and never stood out, the pavilion master of the Mountain Pavilion, Han Yuan!

This guy is too scheming!

Zhou Yuan knew that if he hadn’t suddenly appeared, Han Yuan’s hidden trump card would have been prepared for Lu Xiao.

Although Han Yuan always hung his head low in front of Lu Xiao and was willing to listen to his order, he secretly had his own plan. 

Although Zhou Yuan didn’t know why he was able to refine three complete Genesis Runes before Lu Xiao, he knew he shouldn’t underestimate him.


Zhou Yuan drew a deep breath, clenching both hands. The azure serpent hummed, and majestic Genesis Qi roared out, transforming into Genesis Qi stars that filled the sky.

21 million!

On the back of his hand was the wind spirit rune and the fire spirit rune, both flashing at the same time.

His Genesis Qi sharply soared by 7 million!

His Genesis Qi had ultimately reached 28 million!

The pavilion master of the Mountain Pavilion, who kept his strength a secret to everyone, was worthy of him using all his strength.

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