Chapter 877 Simultaneously Reaching the Summit


The roar of the azure serpent could be heard from the ladder.

Stepping on the azure serpent, Zhou Yuan rose as fast as lightning, quickly catching up to Lu Xiao, who was in the lead. Lu Xiao, on the other hand, was completely shrouded in purple qi, shadows flickering beneath his feet.

At this moment, both sides were evidently moving at full speed as though the majestic pressure that was pouring down from above didn’t exist. Such powerful Genesis Qi foundations made many people smack their lips in surprise.

The battle between the two quickly changed as time passed by. Cheers repeatedly rang out, and the atmosphere buzzed with excitement. Everyone found that while Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao were competing with all their strength, the distance between them was gradually closing!

It undoubtedly set off a huge wave.

No one thought that Zhou Yuan, a new pavilion master, would dare to challenge Lu Xiao, the most experienced pavilion master, on the ladder where one needed to endure purely purely with their Genesis Qi foundation. Moreover, from the looks of it, this challenge didn’t seem to be just arrogance from Zhou Yuan!

As a result, many people buzzed with excitement. After all, the greater the show, the better. They would rather Zhou Yuan fight to the end so at least the chief pavilion master battle would be an exceptionally good show.

Lu Xiao’s face darkened when he heard the cheering voices from the outside world, and there was a hint of anger in the depths of his eyes. He felt as if he were the forest’s beast king being stroked by a little mouse.

He never thought that someone would dare challenge him!

This was something even Han Yuan and Mu Liu didn’t dare to do!

What angered and surprised him the most was that the distance between Zhou Yuan and him was constantly shortening. If this continued, it would be possible for Zhou Yuan to catch up.

“That guy’s Genesis Qi foundation shouldn't be as strong as mine, but that azure serpent qi is extremely strange.” Lu Xiao fumed. He felt that the azure serpent qi emitted a mysterious and domineering intent and that its power was in no way inferior to his purple qi.

And evidently, Zhou Yuan relied on the tyrannical power of the azure serpent qi to make up for the differences between them and quickly catch up.

“Never mind, I’m almost there anyway.” Lu Xiao drew a deep breath. In truth, one’s Genesis Qi foundation wasn’t of much significance in a battle if the difference in foundation wasn’t huge. The outcome of the battle would depend on other means and skills, and Lu Xiao naturally had great confidence in his other means.

Therefore, there was no need to think too deeply about Zhou Yuan’s qi. After he climbed to the summit, he would naturally have the chance to teach him a lesson.  

With this thought in mind, Lu Xiao no longer paid any attention to Zhou Yuan, who was quickly catching up behind him. He planned to climb to the summit before Zhou Yuan came.

But when Zhou Yuan saw Lu Xiao making his way to the summit, he naturally understood Lu Xiao's plan. Since he had started to catch up, how could he let Lu Xiao reach the summit of the mountain first? Although the ladder round had little to do with the chief pavilion master battle, Zhou Yuan understood that it was a process of gathering momentum.

The momentum of the person who reaches the top first would soar to the peak, and their state would reach a near-perfect level, which would undoubtedly benefit them in the upcoming battle.

Zhou Yuan had never underestimated Lu Xiao before because he knew that Lu Xiao was a very difficult opponent. This was the reason that he had to fight!

If he didn’t fight, Lu Xiao would take all opportunities and benefits.

Zhou Yuan wasn’t stupid, and he naturally knew he couldn’t give in.

He took a deep breath, folded one hand in a hand seal and operated the World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi without reservation.


The deafening roar of an azure serpent resounded across the area, accompanied by a mysterious majesty. Azure qi began to gather around Zhou Yuan’s body, forming the silhouette of an azure serpent before rising into the sky like a dragon.

As he stepped on the azure serpent’s shadow, Zhou Yuan’s speed suddenly skyrocketed!


There seemed to be an azure light streaking across the endless ladder. 

In the outside world, suddenly there were countless gasps of astonishment. Such a speed was exceptionally amazing in ordinary times—not to mention, wasn’t it under such mighty pressure?!

At this speed, the distance between Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao was rapidly getting closer.

In just a few breaths, the two were only dozens of steps away from each other.

Lu Xiao’s pupils also abruptly shrank. He knew that this was Zhou Yuan’s last attack. He frantically activated the Genesis Qi within his body, and the purple qi around him became increasingly intense. A shadow formed at his feet and his figure sped up towards the summit.

Countless gazes were fixed on the two crazy figures, and cheers rang out like a tsunami. As for Han Yuan and Mu Liu, very few people paid any attention to them. It was clear that they had both became background characters.

The purple and azure qi whizzed, and the distance between the two men constantly shortened.

Fifty steps, thirty steps, ten steps.

And when the two were only ten steps away from each other, the mountain summit was already less than a dozen feet away.

Lu Xiao even seemed to be able to hear the whistling wind, which seemed to make him increasingly annoyed. But at this moment, he had already activated his Genesis Qi to its peak and his speed had reached its limit.

He peered ahead. The summit of the mountain was getting closer and closer, and within a few breaths, he would reach the mountain summit!

As long as he was the first to step onto the top, Zhou Yuan’s effort would all be in vain!

After three seconds, Zhou Yuan's figure was only two steps behind Lu Xiao!

The cheering noises in the outside world almost froze. Everybody stared unblinkingly at the two figures and held their breath. No one thought that the competition to climb the ladder first would be so thrilling!

After another second!

Lu Xiao stepped out, finally reaching the last step of the ladder.

At that moment, the purple qi pulsing around Lu Xiao’s body dissipated, and his tensed-up body relaxed, but he found that his back was drenched in cold sweat. He immediately became annoyed. How could he be forced to such an embarrassing state?!          

Fortunately, he had climbed to the summit first, hadn’t he?

When he suddenly felt that the outside world seemed to have turned a little quiet, Lu Xiao drew a deep breath. His brows wrinkled slightly, and an uneasy feeling rose in his heart.

In the void, the five grand elders were also watching this scene. Then, they retracted their gazes. Given their ability, they naturally knew the result during that split second.

Sect master Xuan Kun’s face was cold as water, while Chi Jing’s expression was calm.

The two didn’t utter a word, so clan elder Mu Ni ran her eyes across the crowd, and a soft voice rang out.

“This round, Lu Xiao and Zhou Yuan reached the top at the same time!”

An earthshaking uproar broke out. Countless people couldn’t help but gasp in amazement. Although there wasn’t any intent to attack during the ladder round, it was still an incredibly thrilling competition.

Moreover, what shocked them the most was that Lu Xiao didn't dominate the round!

Instead, in the end, Zhou Yuan had snatched half of first place!

For someone with Lu Xiao’s fame, the outcome of a tie was more like a weak defeat. After all, before this event, everyone thought that Lu Xiao would achieve certain victory.

There were countless cheers from the outside world.

On the mist-shrouded mountaintop, Lu Xiao's face was ashen because he knew very well that if he didn't completely win, it was a failure. And he had to share the victory?!

It was an insult to the proud Lu Xiao!

He had to share the glory with Zhou Yuan, whom he didn’t even bother to glance at once before?! What qualification did Zhou Yuan have!

“That Zhou Yuan!”

Lu Xiao hissed through gritted teeth, but in the end he calmed the fury in his heart because he knew that the chief pavilion master battle had only begun!

And if he wanted to wash away this failure, it was very simple. As long as he won the position of chief pavilion master, all the glory would still fall upon him again.

This time he was going to make Zhou Yuan understand who the strongest person of the Divine Dwelling stage in the Tianyuan Region was!

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