Chapter 876 Riding the Serpent Up

Countless people intently looked at the four ladders leading to the top of the mountain. There, the four figures were steadily climbing higher and higher.

Under such tremendous pressure, the fact that they could maintain their speed and continue to advance was already enough to show that the four candidates’ Genesis Qi foundations were more than 20 million Genesis Qi stars. Otherwise it would have been difficult for them to move an inch.

Of the four people, Lu Xiao’s speed was the fastest as he took the lead. His clothes fluttering in the wind, he swiftly and calmly rose higher and higher.

Behind him were Han Yuan and Mu Liu, who weren’t as leisurely as Lu Xiao and had to pause for a moment every few dozens of breaths.

Many people were looking at the last position, and that was Zhou Yuan.

Although Zhou Yuan was last, no one dared underestimate him because they could see that Zhou Yuan’s pace didn’t slow down once. He steadily climbed one step at a time, and he was fast approaching Han Yuan and Mu Liu.

What did that mean?

It meant that Zhou Yuan was moving up the cloud ladder with ease but wasn’t maintaining a fast speed as clearly as Lu Xiao.

This discovery was a shock to many people, especially Fang Ao, Zuo Ya and the others of the Fire Pavilion. From the information they knew, although Zhou Yuan had impressive battle achievements, his Genesis Qi foundation was ranked last among all four pavilions masters.

However, the scene before them made them know exactly how wrong they were.

Zuo Ya’s face flushed with anger because she remembered the look in Yi Qiushui’s eyes. Yi Qiushui was clearly looking at her like a fool because she had long known that Zhou Yuan’s strength had once again soared.

“Hmph, what is there to be smug about? No matter how much his strength has improved, would he be stronger than senior brother Lu Xiao?

“There is only one chief pavilion master position. As long as the position falls to senior brother Lu Xiao, Zhou Yuan is still the loser!”

With this thought, Zuo Ya took a deep breath and continued to watch the four ladders.

One hour quickly passed by.

The four figures were already more than halfway up the ladder, where the clouds and mist were fluttering. Everyone could see that as they climbed higher and higher, the pressure that was pouring down from above was becoming more viscous.   

If the front half was described as lake water, then the second half was like mud.

It was also in this location that Zhou Yuan passed Han Yuan and Mu Liu, which immediately caused gasps and exclamations of surprise to ripple throughout the audience. The least favoured pavilion master, the wind pavilion master, had actually caught up.

At the same time, Han Yuan’s and Mu Liu’s expressions also changed when they sensed he had passed them. They evidently didn’t expect Zhou Yuan to reach their level after not seeing him for only one month.

Now that countless people were watching, it would be really embarrassing to fall to last place.

Therefore, each of the two took a deep breath. The Genesis Qi within their bodies surged frantically, three Divine Dwelling halos appeared behind them, and their climbing speed rapidly accelerated.

Lu Xiao similarly sensed what was happening. His eyes narrowed when he realised that it was Zhou Yuan behind him, but he very quickly recovered. With a slight shake, three dazzling Divine Dwelling halos emerged behind him.

His speed also skyrocketed.

“You’re all using your full strength?”

Zhou Yuan also noticed the other three’s movements. He knew that the second half of the cloud ladder round would decide who was the strongest and who was the weakest.

So, with a thought, his Divine Dwelling vibrated, and Genesis Qi gushed out from his body, turning into three chaotic-coloured Divine Dwelling halos behind him.

He took a step and directly appeared dozens of steps ahead. 

All four figures were now using all their strength on the ladder, their speed soaring tremendously.

In the outside world, countless people were buzzing with excitement, and cheers rang out one after another.

In the void, upon seeing this scene, Mu Ni, Bai Ye and Bian Chang all fixed their eyes on the chaotic halos behind Zhou Yuan with a hint of surprise. “Variant nine upper Divine Dwelling?”

Sect master Xuan Kun smiled. “I don’t know where grand elder Chi Jing found such a person, but he shouldn’t be a simple person given his foundation. I have reminded grand elder Chi Jing before, but she doesn’t seem to care.”

“Sect master Xuan Kun, you already feel that your plan is going to fail, so you are complaining already?” Chi Jing responded indifferently.

Sect master Xuan Kun laughed, “Lu Xiao is in the lead, and his foundation is far superior to the other three’s. How can you say my plan has failed?”

Seeing the two arguing, clan elder Mu Ni interrupted in a soft voice, “The cloud ladder is only to eliminate those with insufficient foundations. Victory or defeat here doesn’t represent much. There is no need to argue.” 

Chi Jing and sect master Xuan Kun both quietened, but they still stared at one another. It was only after a good while that they focused their attention back onto the ladders.

The four figures continued to ascend the cloud ladder, their mighty Genesis Qi constantly trembling the void.

Mu Liu and Han Yuan were almost at the same location. Around Mu Liu’s body, shadows of a continuous ancient forest faintly appeared, a sign that his Genesis Qi had been activated to its extreme.

As for Han Yuan, jet-black Genesis Qi pulsed around his body, as if a great demon was being born.

Both continued to move forward with all their strength, trying to catch up with Zhou Yuan, but they soon discovered that this kind of pursuit instead caused the distance between them to widen. Zhou Yuan’s speed had soared to an astonishing level, and he was shaking them off.

This scene undoubtedly pushed the atmosphere to a new climax. Zhou Yuan’s ambition wasn’t small. He not only surpassed Mu Liu and Han Yuan but seemed to also be planning to catch up with Lu Xiao, the strongest.

If Lu Xiao was overtaken, it would really be too funny.


Lu Xiao, who also noticed the situation, couldn’t help but immediately snort in his heart. Zhou Yuan is indeed arrogant; not only did he overtake Mu Liu and Han Yuan, he wants to use me as his goal as well?

Lu Xiao flicked his sleeves, triggering purple Genesis Qi to fill the area around him. The purple colour was extremely pure, like the purple qi formed when yin and yang converge between heaven and earth. It was a sign that he had activated his Genesis Qi to its peak.

The purple qi wrapped around Lu Xiao’s feet, like purple clouds, and rapidly ascended, carrying Lu Xiao.

In just a few breaths, he had shaken off Zhou Yuan.

This scene drew some pitiful sighs from the outside world.

Zhou Yuan wasn’t dispirited by this sight. Instead, his eyes were filled with eagerness. He knew that the winner and loser had to be decided between him and Lu Xiao in the chief pavilion master battle. In that case, why not start early!

He knew that if they were to compare Genesis Qi, Lu Xiao would indeed be stronger than him. Adding to this, judging from the purity of the purple Genesis Qi, the Genesis Qi he cultivated should be at least the peak of grade 7.

Zhou Yuan’s World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi was also grade 7, but based on tyrannical power, he was confident that he could compete with grade-8 Genesis Qi.

This was the tyrannical ability of the Ancestral Dragon Scripture.

Therefore, he might indeed be weaker than Lu Xiao in terms of Genesis Qi cultivation level, but the World Subduing Heavenly Serpent Qi that he cultivated was stronger than Lu Xiao’s Genesis Qi. From the comparison, the two sides were considered equal.

In that case, why do you think you could get rid of me?

Zhou Yuan smiled and formed a hand seal with one hand. Suddenly the cry of a serpent echoed across the world, and azure Genesis Qi covered Zhou Yuan’s body. Vaguely, the silhouette of an azure serpent took shape.

The azure serpent spiraled around as Zhou Yuan took a step forward. At that moment, he seemed to be ascending on a serpent and catching up to Lu Xiao at an astonishing speed.

In the outside world, countless people broke into an earthshaking uproar when they saw Zhou Yuan’s speed skyrocketing as he rapidly chased after Lu Xiao.

No one thought that Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao would fight with all their strength when the battle for the chief pavilion master position was only at the ladder round.

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