Chapter 875 Cloud Ladder

When Chi Jing’s voice faded, countless people suddenly fixed their eyes onto the four imposing figures in front of the many people of the four pavilions. The atmosphere was buzzing, and everyone knew that the good show that they had been awaiting for years was finally about to start.


Under countless gazes, the four figures shot out at almost the same time, directly speeding towards the white jade-like ladder.

The four people had just reached the cloud ladder when they felt an extremely terrifying pressure spread towards them from all directions. The feeling was as if they were situated in the depths of the sea. There were levels upon levels of pressure.

Under that kind of tremendous pressure, all four suddenly fell onto the ladder, unable to leap up.

“What powerful pressure!”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed. Under this pressure, it was as if he was carrying a mountain on his back and was unable to move forward. Adding to this, the cloud ladder was incredibly long. It was really a test of his ability to climb up.

But he didn’t impatiently climb the ladder, and he simply let the pressure envelop him for him to adapt first.

In the void, the five imposing figures intently watched the four figures on the cloud ladders.

“In the past chief pavilion master battles, the cloud ladder suppression was only around 18 million Genesis Qi stars. Why has it reached 20 million this time?” Chi Jing asked.

When the chief pavilion master token exuded the pressure, she had already noticed this, but the object was in sect master Xuan Kun’s hand, so she didn’t know what sect master Xuan Kun had set.

Sect master Xuan Kun smiled. “Grand elder Chi Jing is wrong. According to the rules, the pressure can be set between 15 million and 20 million. I only set it to 20 million, which is actually reasonable. Just consider it as a test for those little guys.”

Chi Jing took a deep look at sect master Xuan Kun. How could she not know what that old man was thinking? He just wanted to create some difficulties for Zhou Yuan because one could only rely on their own Genesis Qi foundation on the cloud ladder. Any other objects were useless.

Although the combat strength that Zhou Yuan had shown was indeed tyrannical, he was still only at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage. Without any cultivation objects, in terms of foundation, he was indeed inferior to Lu Xiao and the others.

But what sect master Xuan Kun said was right. There was no fixed value to the pressure, so even if he set it to 20 million, Chi Jing couldn’t say anything.

She didn’t continue to argue, casting her gaze onto the cloud ladder. She knew that sect master Xuan Kun thought that this pressure could suppress Zhou Yuan. He really underestimated her master’s eyes.

As for the other three grand elders, none of them uttered a word. The current Tianyuan Utopia was managed by Chi Jing and sect master Xuan Kun, and they were too busy to get involved.

At this time there were also countless people gazing at the four figures. They were spiritedly discussing things to each other.

“It is said that to climb this ladder one has to depend on one’s own Genesis Qi foundation and one can’t use other foreign objects. If your foundation isn’t strong enough, it will be difficult to progress one step up the cloud ladder.”

“I think the level of Genesis Qi pressure is stronger than before.”

“It’s indeed stronger. It seems that one must possess a foundation of at least 20 million stars to withstand it!”

Hearing this number, many people gasped in astonishment. This foundation also couldn’t be achieved with the help of foreign objects. It should be said that for people of the advanced Divine Dwelling stage to possess a Genesis Qi foundation of 10 million was already very amazing.

Only the top heaven prides who opened up nine Divine Dwellings could achieve a Genesis Qi foundation of around that level when they reached the advanced Divine Dwelling stage.

On the Fire Pavilion’s side, Zuo Ya and Zhu Lian were standing together. Zuo Ya looked at Zhou Yuan’s figure from afar and sneered, “A Genesis Qi foundation of 20 million—that guy couldn’t have reached that level, right?”

Zhu Lian responded, “Even Fang Ao couldn’t reach 20 million after activating the Fire Spirit Rune. Zhou Yuan is even less likely to have done so, right?”

“The combat strength he showed before is indeed strong, but he had mostly relied on foreign objects to achieve that.”

“If this guy can’t pass the cloud ladder round, it will be really laughable.” Zuo Ya sneered.

Smiling, Zhu Lian nodded. The stone ladder was originally intended to eliminate people with insufficient foundations. If Zhou Yuan only possessed the strength he did before, it would be impossible for him to reach the top of the mountain.

Zuo Ya cast a glance over at Yi Qiushui on the Wind Pavilion’s side, and their two gazes collided. The corners of Zuo Ya’s red lips curved in an undisguised mocking smile, and she mouthed, “Yi Qiushui, prepare your 10,000 origin coins!”

However, Yi Qiushui simply glanced coldly at her and no longer paid any attention to her.

Do these people think it is still the same as a month ago?

“Lu Xiao is starting!”

Exclamations suddenly rang out because, after a moment of adjustment, Lu Xiao stomped his feet and rapidly rose up the ladder as though flying. Moreover, his expression was calm and relaxed.

Countless people couldn’t help but marvel when they saw him ascend. He was indeed worthy of being called the leader of the young generation of the Tianyuan Region. The fact that he was able to calmly advance and take the lead under this pressure showed that his Genesis Qi foundation had reached at least 20 million.

After Lu Xiao moved, Han Yuan and Mu Liu also stepped up onto the ladder.

They weren’t as leisurely as Lu Xiao, but they were still able to rush up from time to time after a little pause.

The pavilion masters of the Fire Pavilion, the Mountain Pavilion and the Forest Pavilion had begun to move up the cloud ladder leading to the top of the mountain. Zhou Yuan was the only one who hadn’t moved. Was the Wind Pavilion’s dark horse finally at the end of his rope? 

Amidst the countless hopeful, mocking and pitiful gazes, Zhou Yuan finally moved. He lifted his head and curiously studied the ladder. “I can’t use the wind spirit rune or any other objects?”

Through the previous period of adaptation he already knew that if he wanted to climb to the top of the cloud ladder, he had to rely on his own Genesis Qi foundation to counter the pervasive pressure.

And that Genesis Qi foundation had to be at least 20 million Genesis Qi stars!

Zhou Yuan sighed emotionally. If he hadn’t broken through to the advanced Divine Dwelling stage, he really wouldn’t have been able to progress further than the cloud ladder round.

But now, this round wasn’t a problem for him.

Thus, the Genesis Qi within Zhou Yuan’s body pulsed around his body, and a mighty force burst forth. He lifted his feet and moved up the ladder step by step.

His move attracted countless attention.

“Hah, one step at a time? Is he a turtle?” Zuo Ya sneered coldly and turned to look at her senior brother Lu Xiao, who was walking as if flying. How could Zhou Yuan be compared to his calm and relaxed manner?

But her sneer didn’t last long because everyone found that although Zhou Yuan’s steps were slow, they were incredibly steady as if the terrifying pressure didn’t exist. The feeling was like climbing an ordinary mountain.

In an occasion like this, that kind of ordinary climbing posture was enough to make people feel that he wasn’t ordinary.

At the very least, Han Yuan and Mu Lie had to pause every dozens of breaths, but Zhou Yuan’s climbing speed wasn’t slower than theirs, yet he didn’t need to stop once. From this anyone could see the difference in strength between them.

On the cloud ladders, in addition to Zhou Yuan who was calm and relaxed, was Lu Xiao who had also taken the lead.

An uproar broke out. From this scene it was clear that, based on Genesis Qi foundation alone, the wind pavilion master was superior to both Han Yuan and Mu Liu and could even compete with Lu Xiao!

This dark horse was indeed a mystery!

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