Chapter 874 Five Grand Elders

When the five figures emerged on the woven mats in the void, countless people bowed respectfully and said in an awe-stricken voice, “Paying respect to the grand elders!”

In the absence of supreme sovereign Cang Yuan, these five people were the supreme leaders of the Tianyuan Region. Without mentioning their status, they still possessed powers of the Law Domain stage, which was enough to dominate any area.

In normal times, it was incredibly difficult to see the five grand elders appear at the same time, so it was an eye-opener for many people.

Zhou Yuan also bowed down to pay his respect, then lifted his head to look at the five imposing figures faintly exuding auras that could suppress the entire world. None of the five figures were any weaker than sect master Qing Yan of the Cangxuan Sect.

In addition to Chi Jing and sect master Xuan Kun, whom he had met before, there was a beautiful woman in a green dress. Her skin was like white jade, and her eyes were as peaceful as water. She radiated a pleasant and relaxing aura around her, like an ancient forest.

Adding to this, Zhou Yuan felt an indescribable life force from her body. She simply sat there quietly, but it seemed as though lush green plants were constantly growing out of thin air in the space around her and turning into faint green specks of light.    

“She’s the clan elder of the Wood Clan, clan elder Mu Ni,” Yi Qiushui whispered to Zhou Yuan.

“A very strong power of life,” Zhou Yuan marveled in a low voice.

Zhou Yuan had practiced the Taiyi Green Wood Mark before so was particularly sensitive to the power of life. When he saw clan elder Mu Ni, he could distinctly feel the Taiyi Green Wood Mark in his body cheering, as though a hint of her life force would lead to great improvements in his cultivation.

“Of course, clan elder Mu Ni is very famous in the Hunyuan Heaven, and she is known as the holy jade hand who can easily cure any injuries. Even experts of the same level are very polite to her. After all, anyone can get injured,” Ye Bingling explained. “But clan elder Mu Ni has always kept a low profile. Even in the Tianyuan Utopia, she is rarely seen, and if it wasn’t the chief pavilion master battle today, I don’t think she would have appeared.”

Zhou Yuan trembled. He wondered whether clan elder Mu Ni would be able to help Yaoyao recover.

But he immediately shook his head. Yaoyao’s identity was extremely mysterious and most likely not ordinary. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a need for the Ancestral Dragon Lantern and ancestral dragon blood, two legendary objects, to help her recover. Since his master Cang Yuan hadn’t mentioned it before, asking her would most likely be of little use.

Ye Bingling whispered again, “Also, I heard that clan elder Mu Ni has feelings towards supreme sovereign Cang Yuan.”

Hearing such gossip, even Zhou Yuan revealed a shocked and strange expression on his face. But thinking about it, it wasn’t that surprising. Master Cang Yuan was an exceptionally talented person with a good nature, so it was understandable that his charm would attract people like the clan elder Mu Ni.

But it was unknown whether it was unrequited. After all, he had never heard his master mention her.

Zhou Yuan sighed, then cast his gaze upon the woven mat beside clan elder Mu Ni, where a slightly burly, middle-aged man sat with an indifferent expression. His eyes weren’t ordinary and were transformed from a pair of crystal stones.

A faint strange light radiated from his pupils, as if it could penetrate the nine ancient districts and explore the world.

“That's the patriarch of the Profound Crystal Clan, Bian Chang.

“Members of the Profound Crystal Clan are born with crystal eyes, and as Genesis Qi accumulates, their eyes can shoot out heavenly crystal light that if it strikes, can turn people to stones. The power is abnormal and domineering,” Ye Bingling whispered in Zhou Yuan’s ears.

“Given patriarch Bian Chang’s strength, he only needs to sweep his gaze over and experts of the Heavenly Sun stage would turn to stone.”

Zhou Yuan secretly smacked his lips. This was a benefit brought by bloodline. The Profound Crystal Clan was indeed blessed by heaven.

He cast his gaze onto the last grand elder. It was a white-haired handsome youngster who seemed to be around the same age as him, but Zhou Yuan could feel an ancient aura being emitted from his body. He was clearly an old monster. 

“That’s the patriarch of the White Clan?” Zhou Yuan asked.

“Yes, the patriarch of the White Clan, Bai Ye.”

“The blood of the White Clan has an ability called white erosion. If it invades one’s body, even the Genesis Qi will be infected with white poison, and once it exhausts the Genesis Qi, the victim will immediately perish. It is extremely vicious and domineering.

“There is also a rumour that patriarch Bai Ye’s Law Domain is called the White Domain. Once the Law Domain spreads out, any person below the Heavenly Sun stage enveloped in the Law Domain will be turned to white fog. Even Nascent Source stage experts won’t be able to endure long inside.

A flicker of fear crossed Zhou Yuan’s face. He had heard from his senior sister Chi Jing that the Heavenly Spirit Sect, White Clan and Profound Crystal Clan had joined forces. All three were incredibly powerful. Fortunately, Chi Jing was close with the Wood Clan, and she could barely resist the others.

And from the gossip he had just heard, the reason that clan elder Mu Ni would get close to Chi Jing was perhaps because of his master Cang Yuan.

The situation in the Tianyuan Region was currently very complicated, and it was unknown when his senior brother would finish his closed-door cultivation. Otherwise, the Heavenly Spirit Sect and the others would still have the greater influence and power in the Tianyuan Region. 

While thoughts were churning in his mind, the five grand elders exchanged glances with one another in the void. In the end, they finally decided to let Chi Jing speak. She ran her clear eyes across the crowd, and the world fell silent.

“Today is the chief pavilion master battle between the four pavilions, and I believe you all already know the rules.”

She turned to Lu Xiao, Zhou Yuan, Han Yuan and Mu Liu, and then pointed at the towering mountain. The clouds and mist around it gradually dispersed, revealing four long stone ladders that stretched endlessly up from the foot of the mountain and into the clouds.    

She looked at sect master Xuan Kun, who flicked his sleeve and brought out a token.

The token was engraved with the Four Spirits Origin Tower on which there was an ancient ‘chief’ character. With a flick of her finger, the token hummed and turned into a stream of light that shot towards the peak of the towering mountain.

At that moment, everyone felt a tremendous pressure bearing down from the top of the mountain as if mercury was flooding down and shrouding the whole mountain.

Many experts of the Divine Dwelling stage looked terrified. Under that pressure, even the Genesis Qi in their bodies showed signs of freezing.

“If you want to climb to the top to compete for the token of the chief pavilion master, you must first climb the cloud ladder.”

Chi Jing raised her hand into the air. An ancient bell reverberated throughout the world.

Her indifferent voice also rang out, setting off excitement and a buzzing atmosphere.

“The rules have been set, pavilion masters…

“Climb the ladder!”

The chief pavilion master battle finally began!

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