Chapter 873 The Chief Pavilion Master Battle Begins

That day Tianyuan Utopia was the most buzzing and lively that Zhou Yuan had seen ever since he had come half a year ago.

All across the world, countless silhouettes whizzed towards the center of the Tianyuan Utopia like locusts. There, the chief pavilion master battle would be held on a battlefield.

It was a huge floating island, and around the island were mountain ranges that stretched endlessly, filled with a wild and ancient atmosphere.

The natural Genesis Qi on the floating island was also extremely pure. For a place like this, only those who held a high and mighty elder position in the Tianyuan Utopia were allowed to set up a residence for cultivation training.

Therefore the island was usually closed off and inaccessible to ordinary people. But that day was the chief pavilion master battle, and everyone was allowed in. It was a treat for many people and made them yearn even more for the benefits of becoming an elder of Tianyuan Utopia.

In the depths of the mountain range was a towering mountain standing like a giant, shrouded in mist and clouds. The mist, however, wasn’t ordinary; it was formed from the excessively rich Genesis Qi on the island.


Countless silhouettes swept across the sky from all directions, then landed on the mountain ranges around the towering mountain.

The tranquility of the mountain range had long been broken. Countless noises filled the sky, and even the clouds were torn apart.

It seemed that more than half of the population of Tianyuan Utopia had come to watch the chief pavilion master battle. This was no doubt a magnificent sight.

The countless people cast their eyes to the foot of the towering mountain where there were four areas, each one crowded with people. Judging from the pattern and emblem on their clothes, they were the young and spirited people from the four pavilions.

At the forefront of each of the four pavilions was a leading figure, each exuding an  extraordinary aura.

They were the four main protagonists of that day’s chief pavilion master battle, the four pavilion masters!

“What a spectacular sight!”

Zhou Yuan scanned the endless figures that filled the area. Even though he had seen many spectacular sights of world, he still couldn’t help feeling a little stunned. The things he had experienced before, including the Heaven Flame Ritual, were far inferior to that day.

“This is after all a battle for the chief pavilion master position.” Yi Qiushui smiled.

The position was extraordinary. In normal terms, it would be equivalent to a Nascent Source stage expert, and a Nascent Source expert, if placed in any one of the heavens, was undoubtedly a top-level being.

Zhou Yuan nodded and joked to Yi Qiushui, “I heard you made a bet with someone and placed 10,000 origin coins on me? What a rich little woman.”

Ten thousand origin coins wasn’t a small amount. If it weren’t for the four mother runes, there was no way he could bring out that amount even if he was squeezed dry.

When Yi Qiushui heard Zhou Yuan’s teasing, her cheeks flushed, and she immediately shot an angry glare at Zhou Yuan. “If you lose, I’ll just give away my entire fortune. Anyway, I have a little share in the sale of the four mother runes.”

Ye Bingling stretched out her hand to hug Yi Qiushui’s slender waist, comforting, “Don’t worry. I also can’t stand Zuo Ya and have long wanted to teach her a lesson. If you lose, I will pay half.”

“The earnings from the gamble belongs to Qiushui because she had the courage. Senior sister Ye, it’s not right to just poke your nose in,” Zhou Yuan said leisurely.

This remark suddenly made the people around him roll their eyes.

Ye Bingling also said snappily, “You are so full of yourself. You haven’t started fighting yet, and you act like the chief pavilion master position is already in your pocket.”

Yi Qiushui covered her mouth and chuckled, but Zhou Yuan’s relaxed attitude undoubtedly made her and the others secretly relieved. After all, no matter what the final result was, it was good to see him relaxed as opposed to uneasy.

The atmosphere relaxed a little, but Ye Bingling couldn’t help but poke Zhou Yuan’s arm and whisper, “Can you really do it?”

Zhou Yuan answered in a serious voice, “All men can do it.”

Everyone around them broke into laughter, and Ye Bingling blushed with embarrassment, her face and neck turning red. Then, icy Genesis Qi gathered into an icicle between her fingers, and she aimed it fiercely at Zhou Yuan’s waist. This bastard dared to tease her.

But after Zhou Yuan’s teasing, the tense and almost depressive atmosphere on the Wind Pavilion’s side had dissipated, and everyone started to whisper to one another.

Seeing this, Zhou Yuan nodded secretly. Now that countless people were watching the four pavilions, if they looked nervous and restless, it would make people look down on them.

In the distance, someone from the Fire Pavilion was also watching the Wind Pavilion.

“The high and mighty pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion is just a trash that likes to show off.” A tall woman sneered. It was Zuo Ya, who had previously made a bet with Yi Qiushui.

Immediately, she looked at the figure standing tall in front of her, a deep admiration flashing across her eyes. She said in a soft voice, “Senior brother Lu Xiao, I have bet everything on you. You have to win beautifully.

“If you run into that guy, it’s best if you win by directly crushing and letting him understand his own strength.”

Lu Xiao’s expression was calm and indifferent. He peered ahead and didn’t even glance once in Zhou Yuan’s direction. “Junior sister, don’t worry. As the pavilion master, I have the responsibility to get back everything that our Fire Pavilion had previously lost.

“In truth, I don’t want Zhou Yuan to be utterly crushed by me. It would be better if I could show some ability. Otherwise, the previous defeats would be even more embarrassing.”

Zuo Ya nodded. Losing to a capable person was better than losing to a trash. That way it could act as a cloth to cover the Fire Pavilion’s previous failures.

Of course, the most important thing was that the Fire Pavilion had to stand until the end.

Lu Xiao didn’t say anything more. In truth, he could sense that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation had increased once again. But so what?

He had been preparing for the battle for a long, long time.

And after today, I will climb to the top of the four pavilions and become a real higher-up of the Tianyuan region! Lu Xiao thought, his eyes blazing.


And while Lu Xiao was thinking, a strange sound began resounding between heaven and the earth, and everyone noticed a vast and infinite force appearing. Under this powerful force, even experts of the Nascent Source stage felt their Genesis Qi go somewhat out of control.

In the Tianyuan Region, only Law Domain experts could make Nascent Source stage experts feel this way.

Thus, countless people gazed in awe at the void as mighty and pure Genesis Qi gathered together and split into five woven mats in the sky. Clouds and mist gathered around the mats, floating in the air like immortals.

On the five woven mats were five figures gradually taking shape, appearing under countless awed gazes.

It was also at this time that Zhou Yuan solemnly lifted his head to look at the five figures.

He didn’t expect the chief pavilion master battle would attract the other three grand elders besides Chi Jing and Xuan Kun.

The five supreme leaders of the Tianyuan Region had all showed up!

Such a battle was undoubtedly spectacular!

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