Chapter 872 Advanced Divine Dwelling Stage

As time passed, the battle between the four pavilions began approaching, and the degree of excitement within the Tianyuan Utopia increased. The conversation topics throughout the Tianyuan Utopia all revolved around the upcoming battle, and the level of attention it received was far greater than what the previous Heaven Flame Ritual received.

As participants in the battle, the four pavilion masters, Lu Xiao, Zhou Yuan, Han Yuan and Mu Liu, were also burning with excitement.

Gambling shops were even opening up to bet on which pavilion master would win the title of chief pavilion master. They were extremely popular.

Unsurprisingly, Lu Xiao was the most popular candidate. After all, no matter what, Lu Xiao was deservedly called the strongest person of the young generation in the Tianyuan Region. Even if there was something fishy regarding his ninth ranking on the Divine Dwelling List, his strength was recognised by many.

In addition to Lu Xiao, Han Yuan and Mu Liu—who were always second to Lu Xiao in the Tianyuan region—also had a chance of winning the position of chief pavilion master.

As for Zhou Yuan, he was in last place. Although the Wind Pavilion had soared under Zhou Yuan’s leadership in the past few months and had even beaten the Fire Pavilion in the Heaven Flame Ritual, everybody knew that there were some tricks regarding the four mother runes and the Heaven Flame Ritual.

The chief pavilion master battle, however, was a true competition of one’s own strength.

Any  trickery wouldn’t be effective. So, Zhou Yuan, who only possessed strength of the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage, didn’t give other people much confidence. It was understandable that not many people thought highly of him.

And while the entire Tianyuan Utopia was closely paying attention to the chief pavilion master battle, the gamble between Yi Qiushui and Zuo Ya also became known and sparked many discussions. After all, 10,000 origin coins wasn’t a small amount.

Many people secretly pitied Yi Qiushui when they heard about the gamble between the two women. It was clearly a set-up by Zuo Ya; how could Yi Qiushui be fooled? Even if she was wealthy, she shouldn’t ruin her family like that right?

But no matter what, the gamble had been decided and brought the excitement of the chief pavilion master battle to a new height.

Thus, while being discussed by millions of people, the chief pavilion master battle was only one day away.

Wind Island, a closed-off room.

Inside the cauldron were blazing Heavenly Sun Flames and a terrifying heat gathering.

A figure was quietly sitting cross-legged in the middle of the raging flames. His skin was sparkling and translucent like jade, and in the depths of the emitted jade light seemed to be something silvery.

It was Zhou Yuan.

At this moment, the sealed Heavenly Sun Flames inside the red sphere suspended in front of him had all been exhausted. During his one month of closed-door cultivation, Zhou Yuan had consumed a total of 240,000 Heavenly Sun Flames.

Zhou Yuan’s eyes were tightly closed, and his breathing was like a dragon, inhaling and exhaling golden flames.

The Heavenly Sun Flames in the cauldron were gradually depleting, and when the last flame was swallowed by Zhou Yuan, the cauldron dimmed.

Zhou Yuan was still sitting cross-legged quietly, like a rock, with no response.

This silence lasted for three hours.

At one point, Zhou Yuan’s body quivered, and from his body, there seemed to be a subtle cracking.

The noise sounded pleasant, and when it passed through his body, it seemed that even his flow of blood became much smoother, like the sound of heaven.

It was the sound of walls breaking!

The seventh Divine Dwelling was finally connected!

Zhou Yuan’s closed eyes suddenly sprang open, and golden light burst out like a real substance. Then, a gush of Genesis qi erupted from his body like a volcano.


The azure-golden Genesis Qi shrouded Zhou Yuan’s figure and vaguely seemed to transform into a giant spiraling serpent.


The lid of the cauldron was directly blasted up, and Zhou Yuan’s figure, like a flash of lightning, broke through the roof of the cultivation room and appeared above Wind Island.

He let out a long roar, facing the gusts of astral wind around Wind Island. The azure light shadow coiled around his body, withstanding all the astral wind.

The whistling of wind continued for a good while before it finally stopped.

And on Zhou Yuan’s face was an undisguised look of joy. In this closed-door cultivation, as he had wished, he opened up the seventh Divine Dwelling and truly stepped into the advanced Divine Dwelling stage. 

Zhou Yuan calmed his emotions and felt the inside of the Divine Dwelling. The corners of his mouth curved in an undisguised joyful smile.

Six million!

Having connected the seventh Divine Dwelling, the number of Genesis Qi stars in his Divine Dwellings grew by six million!

The increase was greater than any of his previous ascensions!

His Genesis Qi foundation had previously reached 15 million Genesis Qi stars, but now, following the increase of six million, he had directly broken through the 20 million level, reaching the terrifying figure of 21 million!

It should be said that when he had fought against Fang Ao, even if he had activated both the Wind Spirit Rune and the Fire Spirit Rune, he had only reached 20 million!

But now, before any other means were used, his Genesis Qi foundation surpassed his full strength of that time.

From this it was clear how much benefit this breakthrough brought Zhou Yuan!

“Chaos Divine Dwellings are really amazing!” Even Zhou Yuan couldn’t help feeling overjoyed. He knew that the reason his Genesis Qi foundation could increase like this was primarily due to his variant Divine Dwelling.

The most frightening thing was that he now had room for another two ascensions. Once he connected through to the ninth Divine Dwellings, what sort of level would his Genesis Qi foundation reach?

Zhou Yuan dared to say that at that time the number of people in the Divine Dwelling stage whose Genesis Qi foundation was comparable to his in the entire Hunyuan Heaven would be no more than five.

In addition, during this closed-door cultivation session, his breakthrough to the advanced Divine Dwelling stage wasn’t his only harvest.

Zhou Yuan slightly closed his eyes, and his beating heart sounded in his ear.

As it pounded, golden light flowed around it. The light was in actuality drops of golden blood!

It was the golden blood of the Mythic Saint Body!

In the past, Zhou Yuan’s Mythic Saint Body could at most produce a dozen drops of golden blood, but after close to one month of being refined by the Heavenly Sun Flames, not only did Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi become purer, his body became stronger and received great benefits.

There were more than two hundred drops of golden blood!

The golden blood, once activated, would undoubtedly allow Zhou Yuan’s bodily strength to skyrocket. This harvest could be said to be a pleasant surprise that also greatly improved his combat strength.

As Zhou Yuan felt the majestic Genesis Qi flowing in his body and his increasingly tyrannical bodily strength, his eyes filled with satisfaction. After a while, he peered into the distance only to see many figures hastily approaching. They were Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui with surprised looks on their faces. They had evidently been attracted by his movements and noises.

Zhou Yuan looked at them, then turned his attention to the direction of the Fire Pavilion in the distance, an intense battle intent blazing in his eyes.

After his breakthrough, there was nothing he feared. Even in the face of Lu Xiao, he still had the power to fight.

He was somewhat looking forward to the chief pavilion master battle.

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