Chapter 871 Gamble

When Zuo Ya said those words, chilling intent flashed across Yi Qiushui’s beautiful eyes. How could she not know that Zuo Ya had malicious intent? She wanted to deliberately pour some dirty water onto the Wind Pavilion and Zhou Yuan.

Zuo Ya smiled complacently when she saw Yi Qiushui’s icy cold eyes. “What? Yi Qiushui, you don’t think it’s right? Who here doesn’t know how strong senior brother Lu Xiao is? The Fire Pavilion dominated the four pavilions for many years. Why would the Wind Pavilion repeatedly win power after Zhou Yuan came?

“He’s only at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage, so how would he have that ability? What a joke! I don’t believe there isn’t something fishy about this!”

The surrounding young girls all wore pensive looks. The Wind Pavilion’s achievements during this period of time were indeed too amazing. Moreover, they were all achieved under the leadership of an intermediate Divine Dwelling stage expert who had been a nobody. To some extent, this was indeed unbelievable.    

Yi Dong’er flushed with anger seeing Zuo Ya smearing Zhou Yuan, and she was about to refute Zuo Ya’s words.

But Yi Qiushui stopped her and stared at Zuo Ya being overbearing. She said indifferently, “Two grand elders were also present at the Heaven Flame Ritual. If you say Zhou Yuan cheated, are you also suggesting the two grand elders are senile?”

Zuo Ya’s expression changed abruptly. Yi Qiushui’s counterattack was undoubtedly ruthless. She had directly tagged her with a label that not even the elders of her family could bear. After all, both Chi Jing and the sect master Xuan Kun were supreme beings in the Tianyuan Region.

The surrounding young boys and girls nodded one after another. They didn’t know how Zhou Yuan was able to do it, but if he had cheated, how could he have fooled the two grand elders?

They were Law Domain experts!

Zuo Ya’s expression changed. She didn’t dare to dwell on the topic anymore. “Yi Qiushui, a sharp tongue doesn’t change anything. The chief pavilion master battle is near, and at that time senior brother Lu Xiao will make Zhou Yuan understand what is a contemptible clown!

“When senior brother Lu Xiao becomes the chief pavilion master, we will take back all the advantages that your Wind Pavilion took!”

When talking about Lu Xiao, Zuo Ya’s eyes were filled with admiration, but at the mention of Zhou Yuan there was disdain and scorn again in her eyes.

In her opinion, Zhou Yuan wasn’t worthy of being compared to Lu Xiao, and his previous wins were all because Lu Xiao hadn’t made a move. Moreover, the Heaven Flame Ritual focused on Spirit power, which wasn’t Lu Xiao’s strong point.

Otherwise, if Lu Xiao had acted, how could Zhou Yuan have been able to take advantage of the situation and rise to fame?

Yi Qiushui’s beautiful face was icy cold as she uttered, “The results are not out yet; it’s too early for you to be happy.

“Aren’t you afraid of being embarrassed by the result? Hasn’t your Fire Pavilion learned enough lessons over the past few months?”

Zuo Ya refused to concede and argued, “Those previous wins are trivial. Yi Qiushui, you also know what the result of the chief pavilion master battle would be!”

Yi Qiushui clenched her hands tight inside her sleeves and gave her a cold-eyed stare. 

“What’s the matter? You don’t agree?”  Zuo Ya smiled mockingly. “If you don’t agree, do you dare gamble with me? Let’s bet whether the chief pavilion master position will fall to senior brother Lu Xiao or to pavilion master Zhou Yuan?

“The stake is simple: 3000 origin coins. Do you dare to bet?”

Many people gasped out loud. Three thousand origin coins wasn’t a small amount, and even though Zuo Ya was the Fire Pavilion’s vice pavilion master, it was most likely more than half of her earnings over the years.

Facing the wager, Yi Qiushui simply snorted and pulled Yi Dong’er away, ignoring Zuo Ya.

Zuo Ya was clearly setting her up. If she lost the bet, Zuo Ya would use it as an excuse to slander the Wind Pavilion.

“It seems that you also know that your pavilion master has no chance of winning. Compared with senior brother Lu Xiao, Zhou Yuan is just a firefly.” Zuo Ya smiled, but her words were unusually sharp.

“Yi Qiushui, I advise you to persuade your pavilion master to admit defeat early. If he does, it won’t be so embarrassing for him. I have heard that senior brother Lu Xiao is very unhappy with him and will most likely not hold back in the chief pavilion master battle.”

Yi Qiushui’s footsteps halted, and her usual gentle face was covered with frost.

She couldn’t accept Zuo Ya publicly insulting Zhou Yuan, even if she knew that Zuo Ya was deliberately trying to provoke her.

She was now the vice pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion and couldn’t let Zuo Ya attack them in public.

She slowly turned around, coldly staring at Zuo Ya.

Zuo Ya didn’t care and said mockingly, “What? You’re going to bet?”

“If you want to bet so much, I will join you, but your bet is really too small.”

Zuo Ya raised her long shapely brows with a hint of anger in her eyes, which she suppressed in the end and sneered, “Then what do you want?”

“Ten thousand origin coins,” Yi Qiushui stated loud and clear as she stared directly at Zuo Ya. “Since you want to bet so much, bet more. If you don’t have the guts, shut your mouth!”


Everyone was struck dumb. Ten thousand origin coins was no small amount. Even Yi Qiushui and Zuo Ya, who both had powerful backgrounds, would suffer greatly if they lost the bet.

Evidently, Yi Qiushui was enraged.

Zuo Ya’s face stiffened, and she didn’t dare speak for a good while. If she were to lose 10,000 origin coins, would she still be able to continue to cultivate in the future?

Is Yi Qiushui crazy?!

Zuo Ya had only planned to provoke Yi Qiushui, but she hadn’t expected her to be so crazy.

“What, you don’t dare?” Yi Qiushui looked contemptuously at Zuo Ya.

Zuo Ya’s complexion alternated between blue and white. Looking at Yi Qiushui’s contemptuous gaze, she was abnormally furious, but in the end she snorted, “Since you want to give me origin coins so much, how can I refuse?”

“Ten thousand origin coins it is then!”

Although shocked by the large number of 10,000 origin coins, Zuo Ya felt that Yi Qiushui only said it out of anger. After all, she didn’t believe Zhou Yuan, who was only at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage, could win against Lu Xiao!

Those previous victories were undoubtedly ridiculous in the face of absolute strength.

“Yi Qiushui, we all heard this bet. I hope you won’t deny it in the future. Otherwise, I will have to find elder Yi Yan to ask for it!” Zuo Ya said.

“You have to remember it too. If you don’t acknowledge the bet, I’ll also ask the elders of your Zuo family.”

Yi Qiushui pulled Yi Dong’er and turned away.

Zuo Ya snorted coldly before she left.

As they left, the young boys and girls burst into gasps of astonishment. Their bet would soon spread throughout the Tianyuan Region.

Yi Dong’er had also heard of Lu Xiao’s reputation, so on the way home, she asked in a concerned voice, “Big sister, will brother Zhou Yuan win?”

Deep in thought, Yi Qiushui stroked Yi Dong’er’s head for a moment. Zhou Yuan’s confident face and gaze crossed her mind, so the corners of her red lips curved upwards into a beautiful smile, and she nodded.

“He will certainly win! If he loses, your sister will have to sell herself to him and work for him to earn back the bet.”

“Hehe, big sister, I think you would prefer to lose, then!”

“You want a beating!”

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