Chapter 869 Closed-door cultivation

Wind Island.

When Zhou Yuan returned, Yi Qiushui came to find him right away and reported everything. “The Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion have suddenly lifted the ban of the four mother runes and permitted the sales of the four mother runes in the two pavilions.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed when he heard this. “What do you think about this?”

Yi Qiushui hesitated for a moment before she responded, “It must be because the opposition is too great, and they couldn’t suppress them anymore.”

Zhou Yuan chuckled. “I don’t think that’s the most important reason. It’s because the chief pavilion master battle is next month, and the outcome of all the competitions will appear then.”

Yi Qiushui’s pretty face changed slightly. “You mean Lu Xiao no longer intends to use these little tricks but wants to properly defeat you in the chief pavilion master battle? And then after gaining the position of chief pavilion master, he will have the final say in everything in the entire four pavilions?”

At that time, Lu Xiao could even ask Zhou Yuan to surrender the refining method of the four mother runes with various reasons. If Zhou Yuan refused, he could dismiss him from the position of wind pavilion master!

Ye Bingling’s cold, beautiful face also grew serious. Lu Xiao’s retreat at this time wasn’t a real retreat; it was to gather more terrifying strength for his next punch.

This time it would undoubtedly be a powerful attack.

“He’s smart,” Zhou Yuan remarked calmly.

Lu Xiao’s decision was flawless and could kill in one strike. As long as he wins the position of chief pavilion master, the previous adverse wind would all be reversible.

“What about Lu Xiao himself?” Zhou Yuan asked.

Yi Qiushui shook her head. “It is said that ever since the Heaven Flame Ritual, Lu Xiao hasn’t been seen much. If my guess is correct, he should be preparing for the chief pavilion master battle.”

“What do we do?” A worried look crossed Ye Bingling’s beautiful face. The pressure brought by Lu Xiao wasn’t small. It didn’t matter that the Wind Pavilion had defeated the Fire Pavilion in recent confrontations; she knew very well that the reason for this was that Lu Xiao, the strongest trump card of the Fire Pavilion, hadn’t made a move.

Although Zhou Yuan was strong, if he were against Lu Xiao, even Ye Bingling wouldn’t have much confidence in him.

Lu Xiao’s prestige in the Tianyuan Region wasn’t derived from the Heaven Spirit Sect.

“There’s nothing to worry about. My goal of coming to the Wind Pavilion isn’t just the position of pavilion master.” Zhou Yuan smiled, revealing his ambition. There was bound to be a battle between Lu Xiao and him.

“I will leave the Wind Pavilion to you guys for a period of time. I’m going to go into closed-door cultivation.”

Zhou Yuan waved to the two women and then strode out.

Watching the rear figure of Zhou Yuan as he left, Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling looked at each other. They could see the shock in each other’s eyes. It seemed that from the beginning Zhou Yuan had come for the position of chief pavilion master. His appetite was really big.

But immediately they let out deep sighs. They naturally hoped Zhou Yuan could become the chief pavilion master. However, Lu Xiao was a fierce tiger blocking his path.

If Zhou Yuan failed, the power that the Wind Pavilion had gained recently would be severely suppressed.

A worried look crossed the two women’s faces.

In a closed-off room.

In the center, a bronze cauldron stood quietly with Zhou Yuan sitting cross-legged inside it.

The cauldron was inscribed with many ancient patterns, which emitted a faint golden glow. A fiery heat lingered around them that caused the temperature in the cauldron to be extremely high. Even metal would be melted inside the cauldron.

Zhou Yuan was extremely satisfied with his environment. This was a unique cultivation room of the Wind Pavilion, and its effects were far stronger than other rooms on Wind Island.

He opened the palm of his hand, and a red copper sphere shot out.

Blazing golden flames were inside the red sphere, resembling flowing golden lava.

“Heavenly Sun Flames.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes blazed. Immediately, without any hesitation, he operated his Spirit to open the red sphere, and countless golden flames roared out like a fire dragon, flooding the entire cauldron.

The temperature in the cauldron suddenly soared to a terrifying level.

The clothes on Zhou Yuan’s body instantly turned into nothingness. He closed his eyes slightly and inhaled deeply only to see the golden Heavenly Sun Flames turn into a line of fire and whizz into his mouth as he breathed.

When the raging Heavenly Sun Flames poured into his body, even Zhou Yuan’s incomparably tough body trembled violently, and an indescribable burning pain spread throughout him as if to incinerate him.

Zhou Yuan’s face contorted in a grimace of pain, and his eyes reddened. He gritted his teeth and didn’t even groan in pain once.

He guided the movement of the Heavenly Sun Flames through his body and brought them to the Divine Dwellings.

There, six of the Divine Dwellings were connected, and within them were millions of Genesis Qi stars flashing brightly amidst mighty Genesis Qi surging endlessly.

The moment the Heavenly Sun Flames entered the divine palace, it was like a flame rushing into a pot of oil. Wisps of Heavenly Sun Flame frantically erupted into a sea of flames and directly engulfed the tens of millions of Genesis Qi stars.

The golden flames incinerated the Genesis Qi stars, producing wisps of faint mist.

The bulk of the Genesis Qi stars seemed to be reducing.

But from this shrinkage, Zhou Yuan could see that the rays of light bursting out from the Genesis Qi stars were getting stronger and brighter.

That feeling was as though the Heavenly Sun Flames were burning away the almost imperceptible impurities contained within the Genesis Qi.

“Is this the effect of the Heavenly Sun Flames? Impressive.”

Feeling the changes of his Genesis Qi stars, Zhou Yuan was filled with wonder and amazement. He was eager to break through to the Heavenly Sun stage. After all, that meant he could produce Heavenly Sun Flames as he wished to refine his Genesis Qi.

Under this kind of refining, the Genesis Qi cultivated by Heavenly Sun stage experts was most likely better in terms of grade and quality than natural Genesis Qi and those cultivated by people of lower cultivation levels.

Moreover, as the Heavenly Sun Flames raged in the Divine Dwellings, Zhou Yuan found that the barrier leading to the seventh Divine Dwelling began to show signs of melting.

This made Zhou Yuan even more pleased because as long as the Divine Dwelling barrier was melted away, he would be able to connect the seventh Divine Dwelling and completely step into the advanced Divine Dwelling stage!

As for how much his Genesis Qi foundation would grow after connecting to the seventh Divine Dwelling, Zhou Yuan had great expectations.

“No wonder the Heaven Flame Ritual is one of the two great benefits of the Tianyuan Region to attract heaven prides.”

Zhou Yuan cleared his mind. He knew that this kind of refining would last for a period of time, but he wasn’t in a hurry and knew he had enough time.

At this time, Lu Xiao, Han Yuan and Mu Liu were also doing everything they could do to improve their strength in preparation for the upcoming chief pavilion master battle.

And once Zhou Yuan opened up the seventh Divine Dwelling and reached the advanced Divine Dwelling stage, he had the confidence that he wouldn’t be weaker than any one of them in any way.

Thinking of the chief pavilion master battle approaching in one month, Zhou Yuan was filled with fighting spirit.

For that day, he had been working incredibly hard ever since he came to the Tianyuan Region. He had gotten rid of all the obstacles along the way; therefore, he needed to pass the last hurdle.

Nobody could stop him!

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