Chapter 867 Impact

The result of the Heaven Flame Ritual unsurprisingly set off some heated discussion in the Tianyuan Utopia. The outcome was after all too unexpected. Who would have thought that the Fire Pavilion, which had the absolute advantage, would lose to the Wind Pavilion in the end?

And Zhou Yuan’s fame rose once again.

Anyone who saw the Heaven Flame Ritual would know that the reason the Wind Pavilion could turn the tide and defeat the Fire Pavilion, which was the strongest pavilion, was because of Zhou Yuan.

This made many people, even the higher-ups of the Tianyuan Utopia, cast their eyes onto the new star that had risen to fame in the Tianyuan Utopia within a few months.

Although Zhou Yuan had made extraordinary achievements in the past, the higher-ups still didn’t pay too much attention to him because he was just the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion and wasn’t quite qualified—unless he was the chief pavilion master of the four pavilions.

But in the views of many higher-ups, the position of chief pavilion master should belong to Lu Xiao of the Fire Pavilion.

Although Zhou Yuan was a dark horse, he originally didn’t have the qualifications to compete for the position of chief pavilion master. This was what everyone thought. But who would have thought that Zhou Yuan would progress step by step and, under his leadership, the Wind Pavilion would gradually show signs of rejuvenation.

On the same day of Zhou Yuan’s victory in the Heaven Flame Ritual, many people began to pay attention to the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master. They had to admit that the dark horse now seemed to truly have the qualifications to compete with the other three pavilion masters, Lu Xiao, Han Yuan and Mu Liu, for the chief pavilion master position.

His progress was quite remarkable.

Therefore, many people had to consider whether Zhou Yuan would create another miracle in the chief pavilion master battle and win the title.

A pavilion master couldn’t be considered a high position in the Tianyuan Utopia, but the chief pavilion master was comparable to an elder of the elder committee. As long as one held the post, one would undoubtedly rise to a higher class of the Tianyuan Region, and the influential power one would possess couldn’t be ignored.

Of course, this thought only flashed across many people’s minds because although they knew that Zhou Yuan was qualified to compete with Lu Xiao, it was only a qualification. Ever since Zhou Yuan entered the Wind Pavilion, the Wind Pavilion had repeatedly defeated the Fire Pavilion, but Lu Xiao didn’t personally participate in any of the battles.

Whether it was the incident of the Mark Capturing Rune, the four mother runes or the competition in the Heaven Flame Ritual, it all had nothing to do with Lu Xiao, strictly speaking.

Perhaps it was because of this that Zhou Yuan was able to repeatedly win so many battles. But the upcoming chief pavilion master battle was different. This time, Lu Xiao, the most outstanding heaven pride of the Tianyuan Region, would reveal his fierce fangs and face Zhou Yuan.

No one was sure whether Zhou Yuan could still create miracles when facing Lu Xiao.

In addition, although Zhou Yuan had risen to fame and shocked everyone, he had also angered Lu Xiao. If Zhao Yuan were utterly defeated by Lu Xiao during the chief pavilion master battle, all his victories and achievements would become stepping stones for Lu Xiao and add to his dazzling prestige.


Therefore, although Zhou Yuan had risen to become the most dazzling new star among the young Divine Dwelling experts of the Tianyuan Region, whether that rising trajectory would end or not would depend on the result of the chief pavilion master battle, which the entire Tianyuan Region would watch.

On a high platform shrouded in clouds and mist.

Sect master Xuan Kun stood with his hands clasped behind his back and an indifferent expression on his face. His eyes were as deep as an abyss, and there wasn’t the slightest Genesis Qi pulsing around him, but by just standing there, he exuded terrifying pressure. 

Under that force, even the space around them was slightly distorted.

Behind sect master Xuan Kun was a figure kneeling on one knee. It was Lu Xiao.

He hung his head low, beads of cold sweat dripping down his forehead, his face very pale. Although sect master Xuan Kun didn’t display any anger, Lu Xiao still felt a sense of fear. The seemingly thin and weak old man in front of him was one of the top existences in the Tianyuan Region and had the right and strength to control his life.

“Lu Xiao, I’m a little disappointed with your achievements over the past few months,” sect master Xuan Kun’s indifferent voice finally sounded.

Lu Xiao dared not argue back and lowered his head even more.

Sect master Xuan Kun turned around, his abyss-like eyes staring at Lu Xiao. “Fortunately, your losses in the past few months don’t have too serious consequences, but you should know how important the chief pavilion master battle is. 

“The Heavenly Spirit Sect has been preparing for this for many years. We have done our best to cultivate you to become the strongest person of the Divine Dwelling stage in the Tianyuan Region. All this was for you to win the chief pavilion master position.

“If you lose, you should know the consequences.”

Lu Xiao trembled slightly, hearing his sect master’s indifferent voice. He said, “Sect master, don’t worry. For our previous defeats, I couldn’t take part personally, which led to Zhou Yuan’s victories, but this time I will personally get back at him.”

Sect master Xuan Kun nodded. “Confidence is a good thing.

“But it is indeed a bit strange that Zhou Yuan’s background is unknown. He is clearly only at the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage, but his Genesis Qi foundation is surprisingly powerful. If I’m not mistaken, he should possess a variant nine upper Divine Dwellings.”

A hint of jealousy flashed through Lu Xiao’s eyes. “So it’s a variant nine upper Divine Dwelling!”

He had previously speculated that Zhou Yuan’s Divine Dwelling might be a variant nine Divine Dwellings but at most nine lower Divine Dwellings.

Although there was only a single word of difference, the gap between them was extremely large.

Lu Xiao possessed nine upper Divine Dwellings, but he understood that a variant upper Divine Dwelling were far more powerful than ordinary upper Divine Dwelling. It was no wonder that Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation was so strong.

But even if Zhou Yuan possessed a variant nine upper Divine Dwelling, Lu Xiao didn’t reveal the slightest fear. After all, his present strength was far superior to Zhou Yuan’s, and his nine upper Divine Dwellings had already been polished and connected. If Zhou Yuan wanted to achieve this step, it would take him a significant period of time.

“That boy won a lot of Heavenly Sun Flames in the Heaven Flame Ritual. I believe his strength will advance further before the arrival of the chief pavilion master battle. Perhaps he will step into the advanced Divine Dwelling stage.”

Lu Xiao narrowed his eyes. “Even if he breaks through to the advanced Divine Dwelling stage, it can’t make up for the gap between us.”

Sect master Xuan Kun nodded. Logically speaking, Zhou Yuan was unlikely to be a match for Lu Xiao. Although Zhou Yuan possessed a variant nine upper Divine Dwelling, Lu Xiao wasn’t someone easy to deal with. He possessed nine upper Divine Dwellings and had extraordinary talent. Otherwise it would have been impossible for him to become the strongest person among the young generation of the Tianyuan Region.

“If no unexpected events occur, he is indeed no match for you, but that kid is too strange, and I don’t want to see something unexpected happen again.” Sect master Xuan Kun waved his hand dismissively to stop Lu Xiao, who was about to say something, and continued, “Otherwise you can’t bear the consequences.”

Lu Xiao hesitated for a moment and said, “Sect master, you mean—”

Sect master Xuan Kun flicked his sleeve, and a black crystal ball appeared in front of him. The inside of the crystal ball seemed to be filled with a black, viscous, cold liquid.

As the black liquid roiled, a vertical eye appeared, icy cold and ruthless.

“This is a bloodline of the nine-headed abyssal python. If you integrate it into your body during this period of time, you can consider it as an additional trump card.”

Lu Xiao trembled. The nine-headed abyssal python was a grade-7 Genesis Beast comparable to a powerful expert of the Nascent Source stage. Its bloodline was naturally extremely domineering, and if he, who was only at the Divine Dwelling stage, refined it, it might affect his mental state.

But Lu Xiao didn’t foolishly refuse. He stared at the black crystal ball with a resolute expression in his eyes. It was indeed dangerous to refine the nine-headed abyssal python, but if he succeeded, it would be a great opportunity for him.

Although he believed that he could defeat Zhou Yuan, as sect master Xuan Kun had said, it was always good to be prepared. He could evade the blame of the previous losses, but this time he absolutely couldn’t fail. 

Lu Xiao gritted his teeth, stretched out his hands and respectfully received the black crystal ball. He stared at the icy cold and ruthless vertical eye with a glint of malice in his eyes.

Zhou Yuan, this time, I will crush you so that you can’t turn over again!

I will make you know how ridiculous your previous victories were and that you are far from qualified from replacing my position in the Tianyuan Region!

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