Chapter 866 Prize

In the Heaven Flame Cauldron, when all the members of the Mountain Pavilion turned to sparks and disappeared, the Wind and Forest pavilions erupted into deafening and excited cheers.

Mu Qingyan’s pretty little face was lit up with joy. Even she didn’t expect this situation to happen. After all, who could have imagined that the strongest, the Fire Pavilion, would lose to the Wind Pavilion?

Mu Liu smiled somewhat smugly. “So? My cooperation was not a failure, right?”

Mu Qingyan pursed her lips, but didn’t deny it. “Zhou Yuan is indeed surprising.”

Eyes flashing, she whispered, “The Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion have been eliminated now, so do we need to be careful?”

According to the agreement between Zhou Yuan and Mu Liu, if they could defeat the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion, the two pavilions would evenly divide the Heavenly Sun Flames. Mu Qingyan had never thought that they could succeed, so she hadn’t thought too deeply about it. But now that the fruits of victory were really in front of her, she could finally think clearly.

It should be said that, in terms of fire lotuses, the number of Heavenly Sun Flames born in the Heaven Flame Ritual nearly every time was more than one million.

That was a pretty scary amount.

In the face of such a prize, anyone would be filled with greedy and covetous thoughts, so Mu Qingyan wasn’t certain that Zhou Yuan would split the prize according to the original agreement because it would entail the loss of at least hundreds of thousands of fire lotuses formed from Heavenly Sun Flames.

If so many Heavenly Sun Flames were available for their cultivation, it would certainly enhance the Wind Pavilion’s strength significantly.

Wealth could stir up the will of people, not to mention that the Heavenly Sun Flames had more appeal. Heavenly Sun Flames could only be refined by experts of the Heavenly Sun stage, but the quantity and quality were not as pure and great as the Heavenly Sun Flames in the Heaven Flame Cauldron.

Judging from the means and power that Zhou Yuan had shown, it was clear that, under his control, the overall Spirit power of the Wind Pavilion was much stronger than that of the Forest Pavilion. Therefore Zhou Yuan had the ability to destroy the agreement.

When Mu Liu heard this, he simply smiled and didn’t seem to care much. “If it was Lu Xiao, then I would have been secretly on guard, but with Zhou Yuan I don’t feel that there’s a need.”

Mu Qingyan didn’t say anything, but her beautiful eyes flickered, and she evidently still remained vigilant.

Zhou Yuan came over with Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui. He looked at Mu Liu, smiled and stretched out his hand, “It seems that the result of our first cooperation isn’t bad.”

Mu Liu also stretched out his hand to shake his, asking directly, “Now is the time to enjoy the prize of the battle. Do you still plan to keep to the original agreement? You have contributed more this time, so if you were to take a greater share, we will understand.”

Zhou Yuan waved his hand, saying, “We will keep to what we agreed on. Without you blocking the Mountain Pavilion, there was no way I could have dealt with the Fire Pavilion.”

Mu Liu gazed at Zhou Yuan’s handsome face and his kind and gentle smile, which was completely different from the fierce and ruthless face Zhou Yuan wore when facing the Fire Pavilion. From his expression, Mu Liu knew that he didn’t just say that to be polite.

Zhou Yuan really did think so.

A smile crossed Mu Liu’s clean and handsome face. “You’ve made a friend.”

“When you agreed to work with me, we were already friends.”

Zhou Yuan smiled, but didn’t say much. “Let’s not waste time, and go collect the Heavenly Sun Flames. Here will be the dividing line, and we will each have half of the area. What do you think?”

Mu Liu naturally had no objection.

Zhou Yuan turned around and left with the people of the Wind Pavilion to collect the Heavenly Sun Flames as they retreated.

“Yes, I was too skeptical of his sincerity.”

Mu Qingyan gave him an angry stare, but she was surprised by Zhou Yuan’s action. It was no wonder that even Mu Liu, so proud and almost reclusive, would choose to take such a huge risk to cooperate with Zhou Yuan despite only meeting him a few times.

“Let’s start too. Although Zhou Yuan doesn’t mind, I don’t like to take advantage of people. So, after we have collected all the Heavenly Sun Flames, we will take out another 100,000 fire lotuses for the Wind Pavilion,” Mu Liu ordered.

Mu Qingyan nodded. In the past, 100,000 fire lotuses would have been almost all their harvest, but this time it was different. After driving away the Fire and Mountain Pavilions, their harvest was significantly more than before, and they could easily take out 100,000 fire lotuses.

Therefore, she didn’t object. With a wave of her small hand, she led the members of the Forest Pavilion to collect Heavenly Sun Flames.

It was very peaceful inside the Heaven Flame Cauldron. The Wind and Forest Pavilions swept across it, and wherever they passed, no matter whether it was at a mountain stream or mountain range, all flames were collected.

Half a day later.

The people from the two pavilions once again met in the center of the Heaven Flame Cauldron.

Everyone’s faces were filled with excitement because behind them were two red spheres filled with mighty golden flames, blazing and majestic.

“How was the harvest?” Mu Liu asked with a smile.

“700,000 Heavenly Sun Flames.” There was an unconcealable glint of excitement in Zhou Yuan’s eyes. Given the total number of Heavenly Sun Flames collected, the amount he would receive once it was divided in the end wouldn’t be small. He could even go into closed-door training for the following month and perhaps break through to the advanced Divine Dwelling stage before the chief pavilion master battle.

“We have 650,000 on our side.” Mu Liu smacked his lips in amazement. In the past, the Forest Pavilion would at most receive 200,000 flames at the Heaven Flame Ritual. The harvest this time was beyond his imagination.

“That’s right.”

Mu Liu raised his chin to Mu Qingyan, who was next to him. She immediately activated her Spirit power and took out a raging fire from the Forest Pavilion’s fire-gathering stage.

“There are 100,000 Heavenly Sun Flames inside. Don’t refuse. You are the main reason for our victory in the Heaven Flame Ritual. I have always believed that whoever puts in the most effort should get the most reward.

“If you don’t accept it, it would mean you look down on me and we won’t have a chance to cooperate in the future.”

Before Zhou Yuan could refuse, Mu Liu had pushed the words back into his mouth. He smiled helplessly and then nodded. He received the raging fire and tossed it onto the Wind Pavilion’s fire-gathering stage.

“Happy cooperating with you.” He smiled at Mu Liu. Because the Heavenly Sun Flames were all collected and distributed, Zhou Yuan knew that the Heaven Flame Ritual was coming to an end.

“Happy cooperation.” Mu Liu also revealed a bright smile.

It was at this moment that a majestic light poured down from above the Heaven Flame Cauldron and engulfed the Spirits of everyone of the two pavilions.

Outside the Great Flame Mountain.

The moment his Spirit returned to his body, Zhou Yuan opened his eyes and felt an indescribable sense of fulfillment. He slowly breathed a sigh of relief. This was the first time he had left his body for so long.

And evidently, even if his Spirit had reached the Transformative stage, he realised it was only when living inside a body that the Spirit could feel completely secure. It was difficult to feel at ease drifting in the outside world.

Behind Zhou Yuan, Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and many other members of the Wind Pavilion also returned to their bodies. They all looked worse than Zhou Yuan. All of them lay down on their backs, their hands and feet trembling. 

Zhou Yuan smiled and peered ahead with a blazing look in his eyes. There, the fire-gathering stage stood quietly, and the dazzling Heavenly Sun Flames attracted countless covetous gazes.

In the face of such pure and majestic Heavenly Sun Flames, the heartbeats of even ordinary Heavenly Sun stage experts would quicken.

“The Wind Pavilion received a total of 800,000 flames from the Heaven Flame Ritual. According to the rules, the pavilion master can take 30%, which means I can get 240,000 Heavenly Sun Flames.”

Zhou Yuan’s eyes blazed. With 240,000 Heavenly Sun Flames, I can surely break through to the advanced Divine Dwelling stage, right?

Zhou Yuan stretched his body, as though a weight lifted off his mind.

He knew it was time to go into secluded cultivation for the next month.

He knew in his heart that all his previous successes were just fighting for the qualification for the chief pavilion master battle. Now that he had achieved the qualification, if he lost in the end, his previous successes, like a castle on a beach, would be crushed in an instant under a huge wave. 

So he had to be fully prepared.

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