Chapter 865 The Final Winner

Outside the Heaven Flame Cauldron.

Countless eyes were fixed on the giant transparent glazed cauldron, intently watching the earthshaking collision happening inside. They were completely shocked by the final result....

Who would have thought that the Fire Pavilion, which had the strongest overall Spirit strength, would lose to the Wind Pavilion, the weakest, in the Heaven Flame Ritual.

“How did this happen?”

“The last flame that the Wind Pavilion displayed was a Spirit Flame, wasn’t it? Isn’t it too powerful? Ordinary Spirits of the Transformative stage can’t reach this level.”

“The key question is why Zhou Yuan could turn the Spirits of the Wind Pavilion members into Spirit Flame...Spirit Flame is a sign of the Transformative stage and can’t be produced no matter how strong one’s Spirit power is.”

“Haha, the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion isn’t simple.”

“No wonder Lady Chi Jing asked for the Heaven Flame Ritual to be changed into a free-for-all. The Wind Pavilion profited a lot this time...”


Countless whispers spread, and in the end some people cast strange looks to the highest place outside the Great Flame Mountain. The Heaven Flame Ritual seemed to be a battle between the four pavilions, but it was actually a game between two grand elders. It was just that no one expected the Fire Pavilion, which should have had an absolute advantage, to lose in the end.

Sect master Xuan Kun must be a little angry at this moment.

Under countless gazes, on the lava lotus, Chi Jing and sect master Xuan Kun slowly retracted their gazes from the Heaven Flame Cauldron.

A smile bloomed across Chi Jing’s face as she turned her head to say to sect master Xuan Kun, “It seems that I have to thank sect master Xuan Kun for this year’s Heaven Flame Ritual.”

There wasn’t a ripple of emotion on sect master Xuan Kun’s face. “It seems that grand elder Chi Jing really has found a good seedling.

“But what is Zhou Yuan’s background exactly? The Genesis techniques he has aren’t ordinary. Also, his method of transforming the Spirit power of so many people into a Spirit flame must be an extremely powerful Genesis technique. This Genesis technique can be considered one of the top in the Tianyuan Region.

“Since he has such a background, he shouldn’t be an ordinary cultivator. I suggest grand elder Chi Jing investigate him.”

Chi Jing said nonchalantly, “My Tianyuan accepts heaven prides from everywhere and never cares about one’s background. This is a rule set by my master. As long as Zhou Yuan has the ability, I will continue to employ him. As long as we treat each other with sincerity, no matter what identity he has, he will still be part of my Tianyuan Region in the future.”

“Since grand elder Chi Jing is so broad-minded, I don’t have much to say anymore. Although the defeat in the Heaven Flame Ritual is embarrassing, it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It will perhaps make Lu Xiao more vigilant. What’s most important is the chief pavilion master battle,” the sect master said indifferently.

He turned his head and took a deep look at grand elder Chi Jing. “The chief pavilion master battle depends on one’s own strength, which is completely different from the Heaven Flame Ritual.”

Chi Jing chuckled, “I believe Zhou Yuan isn’t weaker than anyone else.”

Their eyes collided, and they no longer uttered a word, slowly withdrawing their gazes. 

They had become accustomed to this kind of constant strife. Over the years, no matter whether it was an important position like a position on the elder committee, there was always scheming and fighting involved.


Inside the Heaven Flame Cauldron.

Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, seeing that everyone from the Fire Pavilion had disappeared. He had already used up all his trump cards, so if the Fire Pavilion managed to survive, there was nothing else he could do. After all, no matter how powerful his methods were, the overall gap between the Wind Pavilion and the Fire Pavilion was still huge.

Zhou Yuan was also a little glad that he had prepared the Spirit Devour Genesis Rune as one of his trump cards. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to turn the tides with just the Spirit Lantern Art alone.

After all, the Fire Pavilion had also been extremely well prepared.

When Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief, a deafening cheer erupted from the Wind Pavilion army below. 

“Pavilion master is invincible!”

“Pavilion master is invincible!”

All members of the Wind Pavilion were looking at Zhou Yuan with their faces flushed with excitement.

The Fire Pavilion had suppressed the Wind Pavilion for too many years. It was unknown how many times the Wind Pavilion was unable to release their grievance. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to vent their grievance, but that they weren’t qualified to do so. 

But now, under Zhou Yuan’s leadership, they were able to defeat the Fire Pavilion at the Heaven Flame Ritual with true strength!

Although everyone knew in their hearts that the reason they could win was because of the trump cards Zhou Yuan had prepared, so what? Zhou Yuan was now the pavilion master of their Wind Pavilion, and glory to the Wind Pavilion meant glory to all.

Therefore, Zhou Yuan’s status in their hearts simply soared to a level of near-fanatical worship.

Zhou Yuan felt a little helpless when he saw their excited and emotional faces. He had to ignore them and turn his attention to where the Mountain Pavilion army was situated.

At this moment, Han Yuan was staring at him with a frown, and there was still a trace of shocked disbelief in his eyes. It seemed that he still hadn’t recovered from the shock of the Fire Pavilion being defeated.

“Pavilion master Han Yuan, let all the people of the Forest Pavilion out,” Zhou Yuan said with a smile.

Han Yuan raised both his hands. “Pavilion master Zhou Yuan, the grudges between your Wind Pavilion and the Fire Pavilion have been resolved, and they had nothing to do with our Mountain Pavilion, right?”

The Fire Pavilion had been defeated, and if the Wind and Forest Pavilions joined forces, the Mountain Pavilion’s ending wouldn’t be any better than the Fire Pavilion’s.

So the master of the Mountain Pavilion raised his hands and surrendered without hesitation.

“We will let the Forest Pavilion go, and everyone will mind their own business and collect Heaven Sun Flames, what do you say?”

Zhou Yuan gazed at Han Yuan. He was a little surprised by his direct surrender. He is indeed tactful. It was no wonder that he would abandon senior sister Chi Jing and join the Mountain Pavilion.

In the end, Zhou Yuan shook his head, saying in a serious tone, “Pavilion master Han Yuan, this is the path you chose, so you have to pay the price of it.”

Now that the situation was under his control, how could he let the Mountain Pavilion stay and take a share of the Heaven Sun Flames?

After all, Zhou Yuan also didn’t believe Han Yuan would let the Forest Pavilion go if the Fire Pavilion had won…

The corners of Han Yuan’s mouth twitched, and his face darkened.


Before he could respond, the defensive barrier atop the mountain where the Forest Pavilion was located was suddenly withdrawn. A mighty torrent of Spirits burst out, rushing towards the Mountain Pavilion like a raging dragon.

“Mu Qingyan!”

Eyes filled with killing intent, Han Yuan coldly stared behind him at the girl’s Spirit. She was slowly rising.

Behind Mu Qingyan, many Spirits of the Forest Pavilion were staring fiercely at the Mountain Pavilion.

“Don’t talk nonsense. Didn’t you want to fight? We will accompany you!” Mu Qingyan sneered, mobilising the tremendous Spirit power of the Forest Pavilion, preparing to launch an attack at the Mountain Pavilion.

With a wave of his hand, Han Yuan signaled to Zhao Yin, who immediately controlled the Spirit power of the Mountain Pavilion to strike back.


The two sides clashed, quaking the world.

The entanglement didn’t last long; Zhou Yuan didn’t have the patience to watch them fight like this, so he directly intervened using the Wind Pavilion’s Spirit power. With Mu Qingyan, he directly started attacking Han Yuan.

Facing the joint attacks of both the Wind Pavilion and the Forest Pavilion, the Mountain Pavilion was utterly defeated.

In less than half an hour, the Mountain Pavilion army collapsed.

“Zhou Yuan, Mu Liu, I hope you can still laugh at the upcoming chief pavilion master battle!” Han Yuan’s angry voice rang out as he turned into a spark and shot into the sky.

Neither Zhou Yuan nor Mu Liu paid him heed. With wide smiles, they each raised a hand and waved at his Spirit.

Once both the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion were utterly defeated, deafening cheers from Wind Pavilion and Forest Pavilion resounded in the Heaven Flame Cauldron.

They knew that the Wind Pavilion and the Forest Pavilion would equally divide all the Heavenly Sun Flames in the Heaven Flame Cauldron…

They had become the final winners of the Heaven Flame Ritual.

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