Chapter 856 Prepared for Anything

Dong! Dong!

All of the Wind Pavilion members were gathered on the training grounds around the Wind Island’s mirror lake, the black sea of people fully covering the training grounds. At this current moment, everyone was looking with feverish eyes at a certain figure on the stage.

It was Zhou Yuan, who had finally emerged from his secluded cultivation.

“Everyone, today is the Heaven Flame Ritual, and it's finally time for us to see the fruits of our labors over the past few months.” Zhou Yuan’s gaze swept across the crowd, his voice akin to thunder.

“In the past, everyone said that our Wind Pavilion was last among the pavilions and that it was the dumping grounds of the four pavilions. But I do not feel this is true. I’ve seen how hard everyone has worked for the past few months. Our Wind Pavilion is not as weak as people say; we were merely limited by circumstance!

“I firmly believe that if our Wind Pavilion has the same benefits as the Fire Pavilion, we will not be inferior to any of the pavilions!”

Emotions flooded the faces of countless Wind Pavilion members, and their eyes turned red at Zhou Yuan’s roar. They came from various places in the Tianyuan Region and were once considered proud geniuses. However, due to the decline of the Wind Pavilion, they had suffered humiliation for the past few years.

But in the few months after Zhou Yuan was promoted to the pavilion master, an earth-shaking transformation had begun to occur within the Wind Pavilion. The benefits they received were now the best of the four pavilions, and they understood that all of it originated from Zhou Yuan.

Hence, every single person in the Wind Pavilion was extremely grateful and respectful towards Zhou Yuan.

“I made our Wind Pavilion benefits the best among the four pavilions. Although we struggled for these benefits ourselves, people still say that we do not deserve such treatment!” roared Zhou Yuan.

“During the Heaven Flame Ritual today, I want all of you to show them whether or not you deserve such treatment!”

“We will!”

Thunderous roars immediately boomed, rippling even the mirror lake.

Every member of the Wind Pavilion could no longer hold themselves back, their eyes rapidly filling with scarlet-red battle intent.

They knew that their Wind Pavilion’s foundations were weak and that it would be an uphill task to catch up to the Fire Pavilion within a short period of time. But it was no reason to give up. The intensity of their Spirit practice drills for the past few months had been the greatest among the four pavilions!

They also wanted to prove to Zhou Yuan that the benefits he gave them were not wasted on a bunch of useless people!

Zhou Yuan nodded in satisfaction at the high morale. He could use the frustration within the hearts of the Wind Pavilion members to raise their determination, and it made Zhou Yuan just a slight bit more confident in the Heaven Flame Ritual.

“I know that everyone has given their all for today’s battle, but our Wind Pavilion’s foundations are indeed worse than the others, and there is no shame in admitting it. We only need to do our best in today’s fight.

“On another note, I’ve prepared something for everyone.”

Zhou Yuan revealed a smile as he waved his sleeve. Innumerable jade pieces immediately flew out from his spatial bag. At a glance, it appeared that there were several thousand of them.

These jade pieces shot towards every Wind Pavilion member present under Zhou Yuan’s control.

The crowd curiously caught the jade pieces. Mystical runes seemed to be caved into the jade, but no one could tell what function they possessed.

These were the fruits of Zhou Yuan’s secluded cultivation. He had sealed the Heavenly Yuan Brush hairs in each jade piece so no one would be able to find out what was inside. One only needed to break the jade piece to use the Spirit Devour Genesis mark within the brush hair.

Once the Genesis mark was used, the jade piece and brush hair would disappear, making it clean and tidy.

Zhou Yuan did not go into detail and only said, “Wait for my command during the Heaven Flame Ritual. I will tell you guys when to break it. It will definitely have a huge impact.”

Zhou Yuan’s influence in the Wind Pavilion had reached its peak, and he had won over even the most proud member. Hence, although Zhou Yuan had been very vague, everyone respectfully acknowledged his words.

Once this was done, Zhou Yuan took a deep breath, his eyes slowly burning with anticipation. He turned his head towards Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui and said, “Lets’ go!”


His figure had already soared into the sky by the time his voice rang out.

Swish! Swish!

Behind him, Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and the others also circulated their Genesis Qi and followed. The sight of several thousand figures flying together was rather impressive.

The Great Flame Mountain was located in the northeast corner of the Tianyuan Region.

A giant scarlet-red mountain towered over the land. Magma flowed like rivers on the mountain, making the surrounding land extremely hot.

In the past, the Great Flame Mountain seldom had visitors besides a few individuals who cultivated fire-type Genesis Qi. However, when the yearly Heaven Flame Ritual arrived, it would become one of the most popular locations in the entire Tianyuan Region.

Everyone knew of the two things that attracted the many heaven prides of the Tianyuan Region. One was the Four Spirits Origin Tower while the other was the Heaven Flame Ritual.

The Heaven Flame Ritual required ninety-nine Heavenly Sun stage experts to pour out all of their Heavenly Sun Fire. Although it was not an easy condition to fulfil, it wasn't overly difficult for some of the top-tier factions in Hunyuan Heaven. The reason why the Heaven Flame Ritual was unique to the Tianyuan Region was mainly because of the crystal cauldron known as the Heaven Flame Cauldron atop the Great Flame Mountain.

Supreme sovereign Cang Yuan had personally ventured deep underground to extract numerous precious resources and flame essence that was several tens of thousands of years old to craft the Heaven Flame Cauldron. The cauldron was capable of purifying and amplifying the wonders of Heavenly Sun Fire. 

The purification function was especially important.

After all, the Heaven Sun Fire provided by the Heavenly Sun stage experts was cultivated by themselves and was mixed with their wills. Such energy would only be detrimental if absorbed by the young Divine Dwelling stage geniuses in this form. Hence, it needed to be purified before it could be absorbed.

This was how the Heaven Flame Ritual became one of the two great trump cards to recruit the various young talents to the Tianyuan Region.

Swish! Swish!

Glowing figures continuously arrived in the vicinity of the Great Flame Mountain.

Three groups were the most prominent among them, the Fire Pavilion, the Mountain Pavilion and the Forest Pavilion.

Out of the three, the Fire Pavilion was the most impressive, boasting over ten thousand strong. Lu Xiao stood at the very front, his expression indifferent as an astonishing presence pulsed from his body. Others could not help but secretly praise his presence.

“As expected of the strongest, the Fire Pavilion. With such a strong presence, they will likely perform the most marvelously again this year.”

“I’ve heard that this year’s ritual is going to be a free-for-all.”

“Some time ago, the Heavenly Spirit Sect’s hall master, Xi Guang, attacked the wind pavilion master Zhou Yuan on a public street. Lady Chi Jing made use of this chance to make sect master Xuan Kun concede a step and requested to change this year’s Heaven Flame Ritual to a free-for-all.”

“Lady Chi Jing may have good intentions, but she might be a little too optimistic. A free-for-all may not be advantageous for the Wind Pavilion.”

“Yeah, from previous years’ results, although the Fire Pavilion usually secures a 40% share, the Wind Pavilion would at least be guaranteed a certain minimum amount. But if it's a free-for-all, the angry Fire Pavilion may not give face and may decide to deny the Wind Pavilion even a single morsel. The Wind Pavilion will then become a laughing stock.”

“Though the Wind Pavilion has been growing stronger, their foundations are still too weak.”


Numerous whispers spread. The majority clearly felt that this format was not good for the Wind Pavilion.

Lady Chi Jing’s good intentions were likely going to be wasted.

While various voices gossiped and discussed, the sound of rushing wind was suddenly heard. Countless individuals watched as a group several thousand members strong approached from the sky and landed in the four pavilions gathering area. The Wind Pavilion had arrived.

Lu Xiao’s slightly shut eyes slowly opened. He cast an indifferent glance at the nearby Wind Pavilion before his gaze turned towards Zhou Yuan, the expression in his eyes turning as cold as a blade.

Zhou Yuan felt the gaze and immediately turned his head. Their gazes clashed for a moment, and Zhou Yuan revealed a faint smile.

“Pavilion master Zhou Yuan, is the Wind Pavilion ready?” asked Lu Xiao in a nonchalant manner.

Zhou Yuan chuckled. “Pavilion master Lu Xiao will know once you come and test us later.”

Lu Xiao did not intend to waste time exchanging words with Zhou Yuan. “Talk is useless. I hope that pavilion master Zhou Yuan won’t lose too badly when the time comes because you will let Lady Chi Jing’s efforts down.”

Zhou Yuan shook his head and replied, “I feel pavilion master Lu Xiao should think about how to explain everything to sect master Xuan Kun if the Fire Pavilion loses instead.”

“Shameless boasting.” Lu Xiao was expressionless.

“Just wait and see.” Zhou Yuan displayed a faint smile.

Their gazes continued to clash, icy light flashing between them.

The surrounding Genesis Qi suddenly rippled as two streaks of light descended from the sky. They landed on the peak of the Great Flame Mountain as lava flowed towards them, turning into two lotus seats. As the light finally faded, two figures were revealed.

It was the two grand elders, Chi Jing and Xuan Kun

Chi Jing’s bright eyes scanned the area. Her fine black hair swayed in the air, giving her an indescribable heroic and valiant aura. Her clear voice rang out across the area.

“Since everyone is here, let’s open the cauldron!”

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