Chapter 851 Spirit Training

The next day, at the training ground next to Mirror Lake.

All members of the Wind Pavilion were gathered together. The endless crowds filled the area. Although the Wind Pavilion was deteriorating before Zhou Yuan came, a broken ship still had some uses. They still had an extraordinary foundation.

At this moment, countless gazes were fixed on a slender and tall figure standing on the bluestone platform in front, with awe and respect.

“Pay respect to the pavilion master!”

Thousands of people bowed simultaneously. It was a spectacular sight.

Zhou Yuan gave a wave of his hand and sat down cross-legged. That day he needed to prepare for the coming Heaven Flame Ritual by training the Spirit of everyone in Wind Pavilion.

“Bring out your Spirit.” Zhou Yuan’s voice rang in everyone’s ears.

Hearing Zhou Yuan’s command, everybody sat down cross-legged, and the space between their brows glowed. The next moment, thousands of Spirits rose from the top of their heads, floating above them.

The scene of thousands of Spirits appearing at the same time was so incredibly spectacular that even Zhou Yuan couldn’t help but smack his tongue. He ran his eyes across the thousands of Spirits and saw that the two hundred at the front appeared extraordinarily solid, like real people.

They were Spirits of the Corporeal stage!

And behind them, all other Spirits felt unreal, which showed that those Spirits were only at the Illusory stage. But from the brilliance that they emitted, they should be at the advanced illusory stage.

The gathering of thousands of Spirits together seemed particularly messy, and adding to this the wind that roared around Wind Island all year round caused the Spirits of the Illusory stage to sway as if they would be swept away.

It was clear that the people of the Wind Pavilion were extremely confident in their bodily strength and Genesis Qi but paid very little attention to their Spirit. This was normal. Besides people like Zhou Yuan, who cultivated both Genesis Qi and Spirit, people who solely cultivated Genesis Qi rarely put their minds on their Spirit. In their opinion, if there was time, it would be better to absorb and refine more Genesis Qi.

Zhou Yuan stared helplessly at the chaotic scene. He flicked his sleeve, and dozens of beast spirit crystals shot out.


The spirit crystal shattered, and dozens of beast spirits immediately roared out. These beast spirits were all previously grade-5 Genesis beasts.

“Destroy these beast spirits,” Zhou Yuan roared.

Dozens of beast spirits rushed out baring their fangs towards everyone’s Spirits. Immediately everyone revealed panicked looks because, as spirits, they couldn’t mobilise their Genesis Qi and they weren’t proficient in the control of their Spirits. So very quickly, the dozens of grade-5 Genesis beast spirits broke the battle formation of the thousands of Spirits.

But fortunately not everyone was useless. In the end, some people had control over their Spirit power, and numerous spirit needles gathered together to fight against the beast spirits.

After half an hour, the beast spirits were finally eliminated.

Zhou Yuan’s face darkened. If the thousands of spirits knew how to operate their Spirit power, the beast spirits could have been easily wiped out. From this it was clear how bad the members of the Wind Pavilion’s control of Spirit power was.

What qualifications did they have to compete against the other three pavilions in the Heaven Flame Ritual?

The chaos on the battlefield calmed down, and when the people of the Wind Pavilion saw the Zhou Yuan’s darkened face, they knew that their performance was extremely poor. They didn’t dare to utter a word and held their breath in fear.

Ye Bingling was also a little embarrassed. In the past, it was Chen Beifeng and her who were in charge of the Wind Pavilion, but neither of them agreed with the other, which led to the Wind Pavilion becoming a mess. As for why the members had such poor control of their Spirits, it was because in the Heaven Flame Ritual of previous years, they all only thought to eat scraps.

And seeing that the Wind Pavilion was so tactful, the other three pavilions didn’t mind leaving some leftovers for them.

Zhou Yuan sighed. He felt somewhat suffocated. He didn’t have expectations for their Spirit power to be good, but he did not expect it to be so bad.

If their Genesis Qi cultivation levels were passable, then their spirit level could only be described with the word bad. The number of times they had used their Spirit in battle had to have been very few. 

Zhou Yuan felt he would rather face the Fire Pavilion alone than to expect their unsteady Spirits to withstand the Fire Pavilion’s.

Shaking his head helplessly, Zhou Yuan said in a serious voice, “Starting from today, we will practice for three hours a day. Two people will form a group and use their Spirit power to attack each other.

“I’m not asking you to operate your Spirit power to an extraordinary level, but you should at least be able to control your Spirit! Otherwise, it will be better if you don’t show up at the Heaven Flame Ritual so as to not embarrass yourself!”

Everybody felt embarrassed when they heard that Zhou Yuan was exasperated that they didn’t meet his expectations.

“Each pavilion leader will manage their subordinates. After ten days, I will do the test again. If the result is the same as today, I will deduct this month’s salary of origin coins!”

Hearing Zhou Yuan’s words, everybody trembled inwardly. This punishment wasn’t light at all. After all, each member of the Wind Pavilion received 70 origin coins each month, and it would be a huge loss if one month’s salary was deducted.

The pavilion leaders immediately commanded their people to form groups of two and to spread across the training grounds around the Mirror Lake to start training their spirit.

Seeing the buzzing scene, Zhou Yuan’s expression eased a little. He also knew that he couldn’t blame them since the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master position had been left vacant for many years and there wasn’t anybody to guide them.

“It seems that I have overestimated their abilities a little.” Yi Qiushui sighed. She had previously refuted Ye Bingling, but now it seemed she would need to take back her words.

Zhou Yuan also sighed inwardly. Although he had intensified the training time, one’s control of one’s Spirit power wasn’t something that could be improved overnight. He felt that it would be too much to count on them to withstand the Fire Pavilion during the Heaven Flame Ritual.

At this moment, there were some waves of Spirit power spreading from all directions of the world.

Zhou Yuan flicked his fingers, and several sparks shot out to eliminate those waves.

Those sparks were naturally formed from Spirit Flames.

Zhou Yuan stared at the sparks that disappeared. “In a fight between Spirits, the Spirit Flame has the most destructive power.

“If I can gather the Spirit power of everybody in the Wind Pavilion into Spirit Flames, then that would be amazing.” Zhou Yuan pondered for a while, before a wry smile curved his lips. He was being too unrealistic.

Spirit Flames could only be derived from the Spirit of the Transformative stage, so even if there were numerous people gathered, it would be impossible to refine a wisp of Spirit Flame.

He shook his head and got up.

But it was at this moment that his body stiffened, as though he seemed to have thought of something. There was a strange light flickering in his eyes.

This was because a Genesis technique had flashed to his mind.

“Spirit Lantern Art.”

One of the Seven Cangxuan arts, the secret art of the Spirit Rune Peak!

Back then at the Chosen challenge, Zhou Yuan clearly saw that Ye Ge was able to refine a Spirit Flame with his Spirit by using the technique even though he hadn’t reached the Transformative stage!

Zhou Yuan’s eyes flashed with a hint of excitement. He took out a jade slip and drew something with his Spirit Power.

Underground spirit bone, underworld sunflower tree, netherworld ox blood…

There were hundreds of materials, and they were all necessary for practicing the Spirit Lantern Art.

“Qiu Shui, can you gather these materials as quickly as possible at any cost.” Zhou Yuan handed the jade slip to Yi Qiushui.

When Yi Qiushui saw Zhou Yuan’s solemn expression, although she didn’t know what he wanted to do, she took the slip and nodded seriously.

Zhou Yuan let out a deep sigh. The next Genesis technique he was originally going to practice was the Celestial Shadow Art, but who would have thought that the Heaven Flame Ritual would come so soon and that in order to deal with it he had to push the Celestial Shadow Art to the side first?

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