Chapter 848 Heaven Flame Ritual

When sect master Xuan Kun uttered these words, Xi Guang’s expression changed drastically, because it meant that sect master Xuan Kuan was pushing all the blame onto Fang Ao alone. In other words, Fang Ao had died in vain!

“Sect master!” hall master Xi Guang couldn’t help interrupting.

However, when he met his sect master’s indifferent gaze, he trembled and bowed his head in fear.

Sect master Xuan Kun was undoubtedly a little disappointed with Xi Guang’s performance. Of course, he wasn’t disappointed that Xi Guang had tried to assassinate Zhou Yuan but that Xi Guang had failed to immediately kill Zhou Yuan and had instead attracted Chi Jing’s attention, thereby making this matter more serious.

If Xi Guang had succeeded, Zhou Yuan would have been dead, which would mean that even if Chi Jing reprimanded him, he could just give Xi Guang a somewhat serious punishment. Presumably, Chi Jing wouldn’t want to create a big scene because of a dead person.

But unfortunately Xi Guang had failed to do things cleanly.

Surprised, Zhou Yuan shot a glance at sect master Xuan Kun. He hadn’t expected the old man to be so decisive. He knew that Xuan Kun didn’t want to make this matter a big deal so as to not involve more people.

And one of those people was most likely Lu Xiao.

After all, Zhou Yuan believed the assassination wasn’t plotted by a brainless person like Fang Ao.

But Zhou Yuan also knew that it was impossible to drag Lu Xiao into the matter since he had Xuan Kun’s protection. No matter what, the reason for Fang Ao’s death was now cleared up and had nothing to do with him.

Having lost Fang Ao and several elites, the Fire Pavilion could be said to be severely wounded.

In the end their conflict ended with the Fire Pavilion’s defeat. Zhou Yuan didn’t suffer any losses, and with Fang Ao’s help, he had successfully killed the Sky Obscurer Beast. If his group had faced the Sky Obscurer Beast alone, it would have been inevitable that one of them would be seriously wounded.

Chi Jing watched this scene with an indifferent look on her face. “Since Fang Ao’s death has been cleared up, it is time to talk about Xi Guang. He attempted to assassinate the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master in the street. If this matter isn’t dealt with, I am afraid it will be hard to convince the masses.

“I suggest stripping him of his status as one of the elders of the Elder Committee.”

Xi Guang paled. If he were stripped of his status as an elder of the Elder Committee, he would no longer have any power in the Tianyuan Utopia, and he would have to return to the Heavenly Spirit Sect.

More importantly, the position of elder in the Elder Committee was extremely important, and each place was only obtained after the Heavenly Spirit Sect put in great effort and thought. Every elder of the Elder Committee represented a power to influence and make decisions. If he were stripped off this status because of some personal reasons, it would undoubtedly greatly impact the Heavenly Spirit Sect.

Sect master Xuan Kun argued, “Grand elder Chi Jing, I know you have always wanted to reduce the strength of my Heavenly Spirit Sect, but although what Xi Guang has done is wrong, the punishment is too severe. I can’t accept it. Please change this punishment to another.” 

Zhou Yuan bowed his head and didn’t interject, because he knew that his senior sister Chi Jing was taking advantage of the chance to get more benefits and he wasn’t qualified to speak.

Chi Jing wasn’t surprised by sect master Xuan Kun’s opposition because she knew she was making a huge demand. It would be best to strip away his status, but if not, she would settle for second best.

“Since sect master Xuan Kun is against it, I will give you face this time.”

A smile tugged at her lips as she said, “Next month is the Heaven Flame Ritual, and isn’t this year’s Heaven Flame Ritual presided over by your Heavenly Spirit Sect?”

Sect master Xuan Kun wrinkled his brows and nodded. The so-called Heaven Flame Ritual was an annual event in the Tianyuan Region. But although it was called a ritual, it was actually a kind of cultivation benefit for the heaven prides below the Heavenly Sun stage. It was also used to attract talents from other regions.

Many of the newcomers who entered the Four Pavilions at the Newcomer Ceremony also came because of the Heaven Flame Ritual.

To host the Heaven Flame Ritual, it required 99 Heavenly Sun stage experts to instill Heavenly Sun Flame, which was unique to the Heavenly Sun stage, into the Heavenly Sun Cauldron personally refined by Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan.

The Heavenly Sun Flame was extremely mysterious and had the mysterious effects of strengthening bodily strength and burning Genesis Qi.

If an expert of the Divine Dwelling stage absorbed and refined the flame, it would greatly benefit both their bodily strength and Genesis Qi.

It was just that the Heavenly Sun Flame was quite valuable for Heavenly Sun stage experts. There were few Heavenly Sun experts who would be willing to exhaust their Heavenly Sun Flame to help others. Therefore, the Heaven Flame Ritual of the Tianyuan Region was a grand event that cost a lot.

The five grand elders took turns annually hosting the Heaven Flame Ritual, and this year, it was the Heavenly Spirit Sect’s turn.

“Then I hope that this year’s Heaven Flame Ritual will take a free approach. There is no need to allocate a share,” Chi Jing said with a smile.

According to the previous rules, the party presiding over the Heaven Flame Ritual would receive 40% of the share, and the remaining 60% would be distributed among the other parties. Chi Jing obviously wanted to break this rule.

Sect master Xuan Kun naturally understood Chi Jing’s purpose. “It seems that grand elder Chi Jing won’t leave this matter without digging out a piece of flesh from our Heavenly Spirit Sect.”

It wasn’t a small matter to ask 99 Heavenly Sun stage experts to activate the Heavenly Sun Flame with all their strength. Afterwards, in order to compensate them, the Heavenly Spirit Sect would no doubt have to use up huge resources. In order to make up for these losses, generally, according to the rules, the host had a fixed 40% share of the Heavenly Sun Flame.

“Grand elder Chi Jing indeed attaches a lot of importance to Wind Pavilion.”

Chi Jing smiled. “They can be regarded as my people, so I have to fight for some benefits for them. I hope that in the future I can cultivate strong talents.”

Xuan Kun said, “Even if it is a free fight, the Fire Pavilion is far stronger than the Wind Pavilion, so in the end, it will just be a waste of effort.”

“How do you know if you don’t try?”

“You really insist?”

Chi Jing smiled and said nothing.

Xuan Kun went silent for a moment, then nodded. “Fine, grand elder Chi Jing. In this year’s Heaven Flame Ritual, it will depend on one’s own ability.”

Seeing that sect master Xuan Kun had compromised, Chi Jing also smiled.

Sect master Xuan Kun glanced at Zhou Yuan on the side and then said to Chi Jing with a ruminative smile, “Grand elder Chi Jing seems to think unusually highly of the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master.”

In the depths of his eyes there seemed to be a little teasing, and he said in a strange tone of voice, “If supreme sovereign Cang Yuan saw this, he might be very happy.”

With that, he flung his robe and disappeared with Xi Guang.

Zhou Yuan and Chi Jing looked at each other because sect master Xuan Kun’s words seemed to carry an ambiguous meaning.

“What did he misunderstand us as?” Zhou Yuan gave an embarrassed smile.

Veins bulging, Chi Jing gritted her teeth and hissed, “Shameless old thing!”

But sect master Xuan Kun was indeed extremely sharp to have noticed that Zhou Yuan and Chi Jing had some sort of relationship. But he never would have thought or dared to think that the two would be senior sister and junior brother, so in the end, after many speculations, he felt that Chi Jing might have fallen for Zhou Yuan.

This wasn’t surprising since that, given Chi Jing’s status and identity, she could keep any handsome male companion she wanted. However, he couldn’t understand what part of Zhou Yuan was worthy of Chi Jing’s attention.

He also hoped that this was the case because if Chi Jing’s taste was that bad, it could be good news to the Heavenly Spirit Sect. After all, given Chi Jing’s appearance, there were many existences in the Hunyuan Heaven who made sect master Xuan Kun fearful and who had feelings for her.

“He didn’t even confirm whether I really had someone in my hands who could be used as evidence.” Zhou Yuan quickly changed the topic when he sensed a dangerous look in Chi Jing’s eyes.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not. What’s important now is that he’s already compromised,” Chi Jing said snappily.

Zhou Yuan nodded thoughtfully and immediately smiled: “In truth, I do have someone in my hands, but I have wounded his Spirit and he is no different from dead. Even if he searched his Spirit, he wouldn’t find anything.”

Chi Jing clicked her tongue “Your guts…”  “But fortunately you’re here. Otherwise it would have been hard to squeeze any benefit out of that old cunning thing.”

“So that Heaven Flame Ritual?” Zhou Yuan asked curiously.

He didn’t know much about the Heaven Flame Ritual other than it being a major cultivation benefit for young heaven prides in the Tianyuan Region. It happened once a year and was considered a grand event.

“In the past, unless it was my turn to preside over the Heaven Flame Ritual, the share that the Wind Pavilion would receive was simply very little. You also know that the Wind Pavilion is very weak.”

Chi Jing glanced at Zhou Yuan and remarked, “Although you are progressing very quickly, if you want to compete with Lu Xiao for the chief pavilion master position, you are still lacking, so the Heaven Flame Ritual is a great opportunity for you.”

Zhou Yuan nodded and didn’t find Chi Jing’s bluntless difficult to take. After all, it was indeed the truth, and he had never underestimated Lu Xiao.

“Learn more about the Heaven Flame Ritual in the next few days. Make good use of the opportunity you exchanged your life for.” Chi Jing smiled and then vanished with a wave of her hand.

Zhou Yuan nodded. Strictly speaking, sect master Xuan Kun had only compromised to stop them from removing Xi Guang from the position of elder of the Elder Committee, and Xi Guang was being punished because he had tried to assassinate Zhou Yuan. Therefore, it was true that it was an opportunity Zhou Yuan had exchanged his life for.

“In that case…

“I have to eat more from the Heaven Flame Ritual so I don’t lose out….”

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