Chapter 845 Assassination

Tianyuan Utopia, Little Yuan Island.

Little Yuan Island was one of the main islands in the Tianyuan Region. It covered a large area and had an extremely high population. In the middle of the island was a huge teleportation boundary. It was glowing brightly, and every flash of light indicated that someone had entered Tianyuan Utopia.

In a tall building not far from the teleportation boundary, Xi Guang was sitting expressionlessly with Lu Xiao.

“I have arranged people to be ready at the teleportation boundary. The moment Zhou Yuan appears, we can capture and take him away at the quickest speed possible. It’s best to keep this matter quiet and not cause too great of a scene.” Xi Guang stared intently at the revolving teleportation boundary with his silver eyes.

He added, “The moment I take him away from here, I’m going to kill him to avoid any further trouble.

“If someone wants somebody to be held accountable for this, you can push the matter to my head. Since Zhou Yuan is such a threat to the Fire Pavilion, even if I get rid of him, the sect master will agree with my actions.

“You just need to say that Zhou Yuan murdered his fellow colleagues, and I at most would be reprimanded by the sect master.

“No one within the entire Tianyuan Region will want to make things difficult for the Heavenly Spirit Sect just because of the death of the Wind Pavilion’s pavilion master.”

Lu Xiao nodded. “If you, hall master Xi Guang, can get rid of that boy, it will be a great contribution to the Heavenly Spirit Sect, and the sect master will surely be happy. After all, that kid had disrupted his plan last time, and he was furious about it.”

“If you weren’t so useless, would there have been a need for me to come here and do such a shameless thing?” Xi Guang coldly grunted.

Given his status and identity, for him to lower himself to deal with the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion, it would surely lead to rumours even if he succeeded. Despite that, he didn’t care. After all, he had to avenge Fang Ao.

Lu Xiao didn’t dare to argue. He had to be respectful. After all, he was indeed the mastermind in the plot to assassinate Zhou Yuan, and Fang Ao was the one killed. If not for the fact that Xi Guang was giving face to Lu Xiao’s master, Xi Guang would not let him off lightly.

“By the way, are you sure everyone’s dead?” Xi Guang suddenly asked.

If Fang Ao and the others were all confirmed dead, and there wasn’t anyone in Zhou Yuan’s hands, they could fabricate the facts as they wished. No matter what, they couldn’t admit that Fang Ao and the others had secretly plotted to assassinate Zhou Yuan.

“From what I heard from Zhu Lian, they should have all died. There were five people who followed Fang Ao to assassinate Zhou Yuan, and among them, two were disciples of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. I have confirmed that their spirit jade tablets have both cracked, and I believe the other three have also suffered the same ending.

“Also, if they are alive, Zhou Yuan will certainly bring them back. At that time we can find a chance to kill them ourselves before they open their mouths. No matter how smart Zhou Yuan might be, there is no way he would know we would be waiting for him outside the teleportation boundary.”

Xi Guang nodded, a sinister, cold light flickering in his eyes.

As Xi Guang stopped speaking, Lu Xiao also fell silent, but his eyes were fixed in the direction of the teleportation boundary.

Time passed gradually, but neither of them was impatient. They waited quietly, like wolves waiting for prey.

The teleportation boundary flashed brightly in front of Zhou Yuan’s eyes, and the majestic and pure Genesis Qi of the Tianyuan Region poured in from their surroundings.

“We’re finally going back,” Ye Bingling’s relieved voice sounded in his ears.

Zhou Yuan nodded with a smile. He glanced at Ye Bingling, Shang Xiaoling and the others who were beside him, then lifted his foot and stepped into the teleportation boundary. “Let’s return to the Wind Pavilion first.”

Ye Bingling, Shang Xiaoling and the others nodded and followed after him.

Around the teleportation boundary, people were coming and going in an endless stream. 

Two figures quietly blended into the stream of people and rapidly approached Zhou Yuan. Their footwork techniques were extremely mysterious, and with just a few steps they were already a few feet from Zhou Yuan. Genesis Qi pulsed in the palm of their hands, aiming for Zhou Yuan’s body.

Their attacks were so bizarre that they didn’t even cause the slightest fluctuation of Genesis Qi between heaven and earth.

But when they neared him, the Spirit between Zhou Yuan’s eyebrows suddenly quivered, and in the next instant, a sharp and hoarse voice rang out.

"Be careful, pavilion master!"

A petite figure flashed out from Zhou Yuan’s side, thrusting her palm towards the mysterious figures.

The petite figure was Shang Xiaoling!

Although she didn’t have powerful Spirit perception like Zhou Yuan, she was used to drifting between life and death and possessed a beast-like intuition towards danger. Therefore, she charged out instinctively the moment Zhou Yuan detected something with his Spirit.


Shang Xiaoling’s complexion changed greatly during the collision. That mighty and violent Genesis Qi had directly shattered the Genesis Qi within her body. A jet of blood spurted from her mouth, and her petite figure blasted back, slamming into a stone pillar on the street. 


The sudden change made Ye Bingling and the others recover from the shock, and they immediately yelled out.

“Who are you? How dare you attack someone of our Wind Pavilion in the Tianyuan Utopia!” Ye Bingling thundered.

But the two figures simply frowned slightly. They hadn’t expected that the task they viewed as very easy would be thwarted by an ordinary girl. They looked at each other, didn’t speak, and then shot out toward Zhou Yuan like ghosts.

They needed to capture Zhou Yuan before information regarding the matter was made known!

Like an icehouse, the powerful fluctuation of Genesis Qi within their bodies made Ye Bingling, Xiao Hong and the others freeze, because the group found that the two people were experts of the Heavenly Sun stage!

Why would there be experts of the Heavenly Sun stage attacking them in the Tianyuan Utopia?  

“Zhou Yuan quickly leave, they’re coming for you!” Ye Bingling yelled anxiously. “Stop them, they won’t dare to kill here!” This sentence was directed at Xiao Hong and the others.

When her voice faded, she charged out first to try to stop the opponent. Xiao Hong and the others also gritted their teeth and rushed over.

“Get lost!”

The two Heavenly Sun experts seemed irritated. Terrifying Genesis Qi erupted from their bodies and blasted Ye Bingling and the others away.

At this moment, a commotion also broke out around the teleportation boundary, which was obviously caused by their movements.

Zhou Yuan’s face darkened when he saw what was happening. A thought flashed to his mind, and he immediately understood their purpose. He slammed his feet against the ground and shot skywards like a bolt of lightning.

The two Heavenly Sun experts quickly chased after him.

Zhou Yuan rushed across the void, a cold light flashing in his eyes. He drew a deep breath. Then, a thunderous voice resounded throughout the world, “The Heavenly Spirit Sect has rebelled!

“The Heavenly Spirit Sect wants to kill the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion!

“The Heavenly Spirit Sect is going to betray the Tianyuan Region!”

The thunderous voice rang across the world, spreading everywhere, and everyone who heard it wore a blank look on their faces. They were evidently frightened by what was happening.

The two Heavenly Sun experts were equally shocked, and they almost spurted out a mouthful of blood. 

How dare that bastard spread nonsense! 

Every sentence he said was more vicious and cruel than the last!

However, no matter how enraged they were, when Zhou Yuan’s terrified voice spread out, countless people looked in his direction. From the looks of it, even the Tianyuan Region’s law enforcement would soon arrive.


On a tall building, Xi Guang’s face turned livid with rage. He slapped the railing in front of him to smithereens. “Those two trash, they created such a huge commotion from just trying to kill a little boy of the Divine Dwelling stage!”

Lu Xiao’s face also darkened. “Zhou Yuan is really cunning. Half the Tianyuan Utopia heard his cry!”

“Hmph, the ant is just struggling. When he dies, everything will settle!”

“Do you really think I would afraid to do anything after you make a scene? You really underestimate me, Xi Guang!”

Xi Guang’s eyes glinted with malice, and he instantly vanished.

This expert of the Nascent Source stage had been forced to take action himself!

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