Chapter 843 Spirit Burial

Twenty million Genesis Qi stars lit up the void, and the Genesis Qi between heaven and earth seemed to bubble. An unparalleled pressure enveloped them all, which not only made Ye Bingling’s and the others’ expressions change but also Fang Ao’s, whose face contorted with fear.

“20 million Genesis Qi stars?! How is that possible!” Fang Ao roared out loud. The impact of this scene on him could be said to be unimaginable.

After all, when Zhou Yuan had battled Chen Beifeng a month ago, he had only possessed 15 million Genesis Qi stars after exhausting all his trump cards. So how could there be such a huge improvement in one month?

How does he cultivate?!

Twenty million Genesis Qi stars in the intermediate Divine Dwelling stage? Who would believe it?

Among the four pavilions, only the three other pavilion masters could reach the foundation level of more than 20 million Genesis Qi stars! 

But those three were long established heaven prides at the Divine Dwelling stage. What about Zhou Yuan? Before coming to the Tianyuan Region, there was most likely no one who had heard of him before!

But now, this unknown person had begun to catch up to the highest echelons belonging to people like Lu Xiao!

Fang Ao had greatly looked down on Zhou Yuan before, and even if Zhou Yuan had defeated Chen Beifeng, in his eyes, Zhou Yuan was still not qualified to be the master of a pavilion. It was only that day that he finally realised that his actions and attitude towards Zhou Yuan were undoubtedly as funny as a clown’s.

And towards Fang Ao’s uncontrollable roar, Zhou Yuan simply paid no attention to it. Instead, he stared at him with a murderous glint in his eyes.

Seeing the look in Zhou Yuan’s eyes, Fang Ao felt greatly insulted, and he roared out loud, “Zhou Yuan, stop pretending! I know you’re just bluffing! You really think I would be afraid of you?”


He folded his hands together, and a gush of Genesis Qi immediately condensed. A silver needle that looked as if it was formed from fragments of light rose from the top of his head.

“Silver needle of sky fragments!”

Fang Ao roared and directly activated his trump card.


The silver needle shot up, but just when everyone thought Fang Ao was going to launch an attack on Zhou Yuan, the silver light needle suddenly appeared at Fang Ao’s foot. The next moment, it sped away carrying him.


The silver needle struck the boundary and, this time, tore it apart.

The silver light needle escaped with Fang Ao like a bolt of lightning.

Ye Bingling and the others stared dumbstruck at the scene. Fang Ao had actually fled without a fight!

Zhou Yuan was a little surprised. Fang Ao was sometimes stupid, but when it came to escaping with his life, he was more decisive than anyone else.

The remaining two advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts also dared not stay any longer and desperately turned to flee.

“Zhou Yuan, don’t be so proud. I won’t rest until you’re dead!” Fang Ao’s furious roar sounded from a distance. Evidently, his dignity had been greatly insulted.

“What do we do?” Ye Bingling hurriedly asked. Given Fang Ao’s strength, if he really wanted to flee, there was no way they could stop him.

Zhou Yuan emotionlessly watched Fang Ao swiftly whizz through the air to escape.

“Since they ruthlessly plotted against me, why should I have mercy on them?

“All of them have to die.”

Zhou Yuan stretched out his hand, revealing a black light in the palm of his hand. His entire palm was dyed a strange black color, and beneath it seemed to be an extremely terrifying power surging.

But Zhou Yuan knew that this was because he had activated the Heavenly Yuan Brush’s sixth rune, Spirit Devour.

Today, let’s use Fang Ao as a testing stone to try the power of the sixth rune. 


Zhou Yuan flicked his finger.

“Spirit Burial,” he muttered in his heart.

The moment his voice faded, Zhou Yuan’s head suddenly shook, and a violent roar of a beast echoed in his head. Vaguely, the spirit of the Sky Obscurer Beast turned to bite him, but soon the Spirit between Zhou Yuan’s eyebrows shot out a ray of light. With the power of the Spirit of the Transformative stage, he was able to forcibly withstand the Sky Obscurer Beast’s counterattack.


A jet-black ray of light whizzed out from Zhou Yuan’s hand, growing stronger and brighter. In a flash, it transformed into a black crescent moon hundreds of meters long.

As the crescent moon streaked across the air, a sharp roar of a beast echoed between heaven and the earth.


The black crescent moon was unbelievably fast, and it appeared behind Fang Ao in the blink of an eye.

Sensing the wave of energy behind him, Fang Ao turned his head and was almost shocked to death. He felt a strong aura of death from the black crescent moon. He didn’t dare to be careless. The silver light needle at his feet hurtled towards the black crescent moon.


The two violently collided, whipping up a storm between heaven and earth.

Fang Ao’s pupils abruptly shrank, as he was aghast to find that the silver needle had cracked.

“How is this possible?!” He knew the strenght of his silver needle of sky fragments. How could it be so fragile in front of the black crescent moon?

Before he could further analyse the situation, the black crescent moon roared towards him.

“Zhou Yuan, you dare try to kill me?! My master won’t let you go!” Fang Ao screamed in horror.


But even with his threat, the black crescent moon didn’t pause once. It skimmed across his body.

The black crescent moon darted away and eventually vanished into the void.

But in the void, Fang Ao’s escaping figure froze. His eyes were empty, and tiny black cracks were emerging on the surface of his body, soon spreading to cover him entirely.


Fang Ao’s body shattered into black pieces and dropped from the sky. Even his spirit was annihilated.

The other two advanced Divine Dwelling experts were also impacted. They vomited blood and plunged from the sky.

It was utterly silent.

Zhou Yuan’s dark palm gradually restored its original appearance, and the sixth rune of the Heavenly Yuan Brush faded. The power of the spirit of the Sky Obscurer Beast had been completely exhausted.

Zhou Yuan felt no sympathy. Instead, he gazed into the distance with a blazing look.

The power of Spirit Burial was greater than he had imagined, and it was almost stronger than a full-strength attack from his Devil Sweeping Sword Orb technique.

The only flaw was that to use this technique, he needed to endure the counterattack of the spirit. If his Spirit wasn’t strong enough, he would have been swallowed.

While Zhou Yuan was analysing the pros and cons of the Spirit Burial technique, Ye Bingling, Xiao Hong and the others were still staring blankly at the void where Fang Ao had disappeared. The power of the black crescent moon had made them feel real fear.

Even someone like Fang Ao was instantly killed?

Even if Zhou Yuan’s Genesis Qi foundation was more than a million stars stronger than Fang Ao’s, that still shouldn’t have happened, right?

How much stronger had Zhou Yuan become compared to one month ago?! 

Given his present strength, he could probably catch up to the other three pavilion masters soon, right?

Zhou Yuan dusted his hands, and the oppressive aura his body was emitting instantly vanished. He turned around and smiled at Ye Bingling and the others. “Our task is complete, so let’s call it a day.”

Ye Bingling and the others stared at one another because they realised that they didn’t seem to have done much this time.

They thought they would have to go through a fierce battle, but who would have thought that Fang Ao and the others would appear suddenly, sacrifice two people, and help them create an excellent opportunity to kill the Sky Obscurer Beast.

No matter how they looked at this mission, there were some parts that they didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about.

But the good news was that their mission had been completed.

However, Ye Bingling knew that this matter would inevitably shock the Tianyuan Utopia.

She didn’t know whether it was good or bad for Zhou Yuan. After all, this matter was much more serious than when he had defeated Mo Yuan in Xiaoxuan Prefecture.

While Zhou Yuan and the others were about to return, Zhu Lian was trembling as he watched the scene from a huge tree in the distance. He had witnessed the black crescent moon destroy Fang Ao.

“Fang Ao died?”

Zhu Lian was trembling incessantly, and his eyes were filled with horror. He hurriedly took out a Genesis Rune scroll and tore it to shreds with trembling hands.

A gush of Genesis Rune light rushed out, shrouding his figure, and the next moment he vanished.

Even Fang Ao had died. If he didn’t flee now, he wouldn’t be able to escape death if Zhou Yuan caught him.

The moment Zhu Lian’s figure disappeared, Zhou Yuan cast his gaze toward Zhu Lian’s original location. Narrowing his eyes slightly, he said, “Genesis Rune teleportation? I didn’t expect someone to be hiding in the dark. It was most likely Zhu Lian, wasn’t it?”

He thought for a moment but soon lost interest.

If Lu Xiao knew that Fang Ao had died here, he would no doubt be enraged. After all, a right-hand man of his level wasn’t easy to cultivate.

Zhou Yuan smiled when he felt the presence of the Heavenly Yuan Brush in his Divine Dwelling. No matter what, he had successfully achieved his goal this time.

As for the trouble that would come next, if he didn’t have his senior sister Chi Jing as his backer, he would have most likely planned to escape from the Tianyuan Region. But fortunately, his supporter was also super tough.

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